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Abagail Aukes Pieterse (van Nuys) MP (c.1651 - 1748)

A passing mention is made to Abigail in "A record of the family of Isaac Van Nuys (or Vannice) of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, son of Isaac Van Nuys of Millstone, New Jersey" by Carrie E. Allen. Published 19...

Abraham van Nuys MP (1718 - d.)

Abraham Jans Ouke (van Nuys) MP (1699 - 1750)

Twin of William, baptized 5 February 1699 in Brooklyn Dutch Church, witnesses Theo and Aertje Polomus, Jan Willemse, Magdalen Wynants. ABRAHAM JANSE OUKE son of Jan Ouke and Eva Janse, twin of Willia...

Adriaentje van Nuys (Wyckoff) MP (deceased)

Adriantje Jansz Bodine (van Nuys) MP (c.1700 - 1735)

Anna van Nuys (Verkerk) MP (deceased)

Anne van Nuys MP (deceased)

Anneken Aukes Waertman (van Nuys) MP (1646 - 1694)

Another possible addition to data available from Amsterdam on the family of Auke Jans van Nuys may be the baptism of Auke's daughter Annetje, who was married in the colonies in December 1661, and recor...

Aucke van Nuys MP (1693 - 1694)

Aucke Jansz van Nuys MP (1677 - 1752)

He was a deacon in Flatlands DC in 1725. He removed to Raritan, N.J. where his children were baptized in the Raritan DC. In New Jersey he assumed the name of Oake Van Nuyse.

Aucke van Nuys MP (1710 - d.)

Aucke Janse van Nuys MP (1622 - 1698)

AUCKE JANSZ was probably born 1622 in Nuys, Groningen Province, Netnerlands, the son of Jan Goosens and Ebelken Hermans. Jan Goossens was born about 1581 in Dokkum, Friesland and was a cloth shearer wh...

Barbara van Nuys MP (1702 - d.)

Barbara Jans Dortlandt (van Nuys) MP (1685 - 1746)

1685 Apr 12; Jan Aukes, Evertje Jans; Barbara; Hendrick Willemsz, Frederik Simonsz, Abigail Aukes. She was baptized 12 April 1685 in New Utrecht DC with witnesses Hendrik Willems, Abigail Ouke and Vr...

Catarina van Nuys (Vanderveer) MP (1696 - 1741)

Catherine van Nuys (Sebring) MP (1682 - 1752)

Cornelius van Nuys MP (1735 - 1736)

Elizabeth van Nuys MP (1701 - 1702)

Elizabeth van Nuys (Emmans) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth van Nuys MP (deceased)

Evertje (Eva) Janse van Nuys (van Rheenen) MP (1645 - d.)

“…Barbara (first wife) died 19 January 1678/9 and Jan married 4 April 1680 Eva Janse , daughter of Jan Jacobse of Brooklyn”. Children of Jan and Eva Janse : v. Barbara bp 12 April 1685 in New Utrec...

Femmetje Aukes Van Voorhees (Van Nuys) MP (1662 - 1735) ;

Flora van Nuys (Quick) MP (b. - 1829)

Geertje Janse van Nuys MP (1682 - c.1735)

Geertie Jans Van Nuys, b. 1683* Father: Jan Aukesz Van Nuys, Mother: Eva Janse Geertie Jans Van Nuys was baptized in 1683* at Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Flatbush, Kings Co., Long Island, New Yor...

George van Nuys MP (1716 - d.)

Gertrude Aukes van Nuys MP (1647 - c.1691)

Geertruy Aukes (Auckerts) van Nuyse ( bapt. 9 June 1647-bef. 1692) is named in her father's will ("Anke Jans van Huys. names all children from 1st wife (Magdalena Pieters)..also 2 children of Geertje A...

Goosen Jansz van Nuys MP (1614 - 1689)

Goosen's marriage intention was recorded in Amsterdam on March 30, 1644. Goosen Janss vande Nus goutdraettrecker woon inde Lelydwarstraet out 30 jaer, geassist~ met syn oom Benning Wyma & Susanna van...

Helena van Nuys (Duryea) MP (deceased)

Ida van Nuys MP (1715 - d.)

Isaac van Nuys MP (1739 - 1804)

Isaac van Nuys MP (1695 - d.)

Baptized 20 October 1695 in Brooklyn DC: "Ysaak Jan Auke, Eesje Jans, parents; witnesses Jakop Remsen and Geertruyt Dircks" (Holland Yerbook 1877).

Isaac Janse van Nuys MP (1708 - d.)

Issac Jacobus van Nuys MP (1695 - 1741)

Jacobus Auckes van Nuys MP (c.1654 - 1710)

1685 26 Apr; Jacobus Aukoosz VanNuyse, ym of Bkln liv Midwood; Maria Willems, yd of Midwood from "(A)UCKE Janse Van Nuys was the common ancestor of the Van Nuys family in America, In 1651 he with h...

Jacobus van Nuys MP (1722 - 1723)

Jacobus van Nuys MP (1705 - 1706)

Jacobus Janse van Nuys MP (1725 - d.)

Jacobus van Nuys MP (deceased)

Jacobus van Nuys MP (deceased)

James Janse van Nuys MP (deceased)

Jan Aukes Ouke (van Nuys) MP (c.1650 - 1710)

JAN OUKE , son of Aucke Jansz and Magdalena Pieterse was baptised in Noordeskerk (North Church), Amsterdam 18 December 1650. He died after 1710 since his name appears on the Jamaica Assessment Rolls of...

Jan van Nuys MP (1706 - d.)

Jan Janse van Nuys MP (1681 - c.1725)

From "Register . . . of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y." by Teunis G. Bergen Jan Janse Jr., bp. July 17,1681; m Lena or Helena (sup.) Duryea. Resided in Flatlands, and deacon of...

Jantien van Nuys MP (1704 - d.)

Johannes Jacobse van Nuys MP (1691 - 1747)

From "Register . . . of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y." by Teunis G. Bergen Jan Jacobse of New Utrecht and New Jersey, m. Mar. 17, 1716, Adriaentje Wyckoff. Removed to New Brun...

Lena van Nuys MP (deceased)

Magdalen van Nuys MP (1697 - 1698)

Magdalena Hendrickson (van Nuys) MP (1715 - 1749)

Alternate birth and death dates 1710-1738 ( see: ) Children of Magdalena Van Nuys and Daniel Hendrickson are: +Okie Hendrickson, b. 1734, New Brunswick, NJ, d. 01 Mar 1830, Poplar Flat, KY. Jannetje ...

Magdalena van Nuys MP (deceased)

Margarite van Nuys MP (1699 - 1700)

Margrietje van Nuys MP (1725 - d.)

Maria Willemse van Nuys (Cornell) MP (1672 - 1708)

Maria Van Nuys MP (1558 - c.1590)

Maria van Nuys MP (1687 - c.1740)

Baptized 31 July 1687 in New Utrecht DC with witnesses Dirck Sutphin and Maria Willems.

Maria van Sicklen (van Nuys) MP (deceased)

Marie van Nuys MP (1703 - 1704)

Mary van Nuys MP (1737 - 1738)

Pieter Aukes van Nuys MP (1652 - d.)

baptism 1652 Oct 13; Auke Jans; Pieter ; Adolph Pieterszen, Jacomyntie Frans --- From "Register . . . of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y." by Teunis G. Bergen

Sarah van Nuys (Rapalje) MP (deceased)

Vroutie van Nuys (Quick) MP (1739 - 1755)

Willem Janse van Nuys MP (1699 - 1778)

Willem , twin of Abraham, bp 5 February 1699 in Brooklyn DC, witnesses Theo and Aertje Polemus, Jan Willemse, Magdalen Wynants. His will dated 19 September 1778 proved 23 January 1779 (N. J. Wil1s Li...

William Jacobse van Nuys MP (1689 - 1771)

From "Register . . . of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y." by Teunis G. Bergen William Jacobse of New Utrecht, m. Magdalena; d. Sept. 16, 1771. Issue:

William van Nuys MP (1708 - d.)

William van Nuys MP (1679 - d.)

1679 Sep 28; Jan Aukesz, Barbara Provost; Willem; Jacob Aukesz van Nuys, Reinier Arendsz, and his wife. He was baptized on 28 September 1679 at New Utrecht DC with his uncle Jacob as witness, He wa...

William van Nuys MP (deceased)

Abigail Aukes Leffert (Van Nuys) MP (deceased)

Abraham Van Nuys MP (1780 - 1831)

Abraham Van Nuys MP (1791 - d.)

Ann Morton (Van Nuys) MP (1807 - 1840)

Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via sibling Henry Isaac Van Nice by SmartCopy : Jul 19 2015, 23:05:50 UTC

Ann Helen Van Nuys (Duginski) MP (1934 - 1999)

Anna van Nuys MP (deceased)

Anne Sinclair (Van Nuys) MP (deceased)

Anneke Auckes van Nuys MP (c.1646 - d.)

Iam I missing something - I do not see a van devneter connection listed in the children given AUCKE JANSEN VAN NUYSE MAGDALENA PIETERSE In December 1666 Aucke married as his second wife and as he...

Aucke Jans Van Nuys MP (1622 - 1694)

Aucke Janse Van Nuys MP (1621 - 1698)

Auckey Janse Van Nuys MP (1621 - 1698)

Barbara Janse Van Nuys MP (deceased)

Birdie Van Nuys (Odom) MP (1896 - d.)

Catherine Van Nuys (Demaree) MP (1785 - 1844)

Catherine Van Nuys (Quick) MP (1795 - 1885)

Catherine Van Nuys (Ditmars) MP (1761 - 1840)

Catherine Van Nuys MP (1761 - 1833)

Catrina Van Nuys (Vanderveer) MP (deceased)

Charity Gertie Van Nuys MP (1783 - 1849)

Charles Franklin Van Nuys MP (1858 - c.1939)

Note: buried 22 Feb 1939 Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Feb 16 2017, 14:45:39 UTC

Charlotte Earhart (Van Nuys) MP (1806 - 1888)

Cornelius Van Nuys MP (deceased)

David Van Nuys MP (1834 - 1915)

Donna Irene Fernander, Van Nuys (Beavin) MP (1928 - d.)

Edith Sophronia Moorhead (Van Nuys) MP (1846 - 1917)

WifeNote: bur 17 Mar 1917,* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via mother Elizabeth VanNice (born Elston) by SmartCopy : Jul 9 2015, 18:24:55 UTC

Edna Probasco (Van Nuys) MP (1887 - 1971)

Elisabeth van Nuys MP (b. - 1574)

Elizabeth Van Nuys MP (c.1658 - 1699)

Ella Van Nuys MP (1871 - 1956)

Esther B. Silvers (Van Nuys) MP (deceased)

Euretta Van Nuys MP (1855 - 1857)

Van Nice Euretta 23 Jun 1857 1y 11m 19d Daughters of William S. & Elizabeth Elston Van Nice. Euretta was bitten by a rattlesnake.Van Nice Mary C. 8 Nov 1853 3m* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via m...

Eva van Nuys/Ouke MP (1721 - d.)

Femmetie Van Arsdalen (Van Nuys) MP (1723 - c.1761)


Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys MP (deceased)

Frederick Van Nuys, U.S. Senator MP (1874 - 1954)

Frederick Van Nuys (April 16, 1874 – January 25, 1944) was a United States Senator from Indiana. Born in Falmouth, he attended the public schools and graduated from Earlham College (Richmond, Indiana...