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Conrad IV Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily MP (1228 - 1254)

Conrad IV Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily ▼1 M, #114033, b. 1228, d. 1254 Last Edited=6 Mar 2007 Consanguinity Index=0.0% Conrad IV Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily was born in 1228.1 He was the son o...

Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor MP (990 - 1039)

"Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor" WaymarkFeatured Waymark in Grave of a Famous Person View waymark gallery Download this waymark: .LOC File .KML File (Google Earth) Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor in...

Conradin von Hohenstaufen, Duke of Swabia, King of Jerusalem and Sicily MP (1252 - 1268)

Conrad (25 March 1252 – 29 October 1268), called the Younger or the Boy, but usually known by the diminutive Conradin (German: Konradin, Italian: Corradino), was the Duke of Swabia (1254–1268, as Con...

Beatriz de Suabia, reina consorte de Castilla y León MP (1205 - 1235)

Elisabeth of Hohenstaufen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Elisabeth of Hohenstaufen (called Beatriz de Suabia in Spanish) (1203 – 5 November 1235 in Toro, Spain), Queen of Castile 1219-1235...

Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1122 - 1190)

The Peerage Geneall Rootsweb Find a grave Holy Roman Emperor: Reign 1155-1190 Coronation 18 June 1155, Rome

Konstanze "Anna" von Hohenstaufen (von Hohenstauffen) MP (1230 - 1307)

Links: Geneall Wikipedia

Maria von Hohenstaufen MP (1201 - 1235)

Marie of Hohenstaufen, Duchess of Brabant (3 April 1201 – 29 March 1235) was a member of the powerful Hohenstaufen dynasty. She is also known as Maria of Swabia. She was the third daughter of Philip of...

Philip von Hohenstaufen, duke of Swabia MP (aft.1177 - 1208)

Philipp von Schwaben Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Germany(formally King of the Romans): Reign: 1198–1208 (contested by Otto IV) Predecessor: Henry VI Successor: Otto IV

Adelheid NN von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Adelheid NN von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Agnes von Hohenstaufen MP (1237 - 1237)

Agnes Von Hohenstaufen MP (1181 - 1184)

Agnes von Hohenstaufen (von Salien) MP (1072 - 1143)

Beatrice II, countess of Burgundy MP (1191 - 1231)

Beatrice II, Countess of Burgundy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beatrice II, Countess of Burgundy, was Countess of Burgundy, Duchess of Andechs and Moravia, daughter of Otto I, Count of Burgu...

Conrad Frederick VI von Hohenstaufen MP (1167 - 1191)

5. Conrad (Modigliana, February 1167 – Acre, 20 January 1191), later renamed Frederick VI, Duke of Swabia after the death of his older brother. Frederick VI, Duke of Swabia Frederick VI of ...

Constance von Hohenstaufen MP (1249 - 1302)

Frances Françoise von von Hohenstaufen MP (1137 - d.)

parents Friedrich II von Hohenstauffen (also married Judith Princess Of Bavaria) Agnes of Saarbrucken paternal grandparents Frederick I von Hohenstauffen 1050 -- 20 JAN 1105 Agnes of ...

Frederick IV Duke Of Rothenburg & Franconia & Swabia (von Hohenstaufen), Herzog zu Swaben MP (1145 - 1167)

Friedrich von Rothenburg Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Duke of Swabia: Reign 1152–1167 Predecessor Frederick III Barbarossa Successor [ Frederick V

Frederick V, Duke of Swabia MP (1164 - 1191)

Frederick VI of Hohenstaufen (1167 – 20 January 1191) was duke of Swabia from 1170 to his death at the siege of Acre. He was the third son of Frederick I Barbarossa) and Beatrice I, Countess of Burgund...

Frederick von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Frederick Von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Friedrich von Hohenstaufen (von Staufen) MP (1020 - 1053)

Friedrich I., Herzog von Hohenstaufen MP (1050 - 1105)

Gerberge NN von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Hedwig von Hohenstaufen MP (c.1087 - d.)

Heinrich von Hohenstaufen, Prinz MP (1234 - bef.1245)

Countess Joan von Hohenstaufen MP (1191 - 1205)

Koenraad Von Hohenstaufen MP (1135 - 1195)

Konrad von Hohenstaufen, Duke of Swabia & Rothenburg MP (1172 - 1196)

Konrad III., König von Hohenstaufen , von Hohenstaufen MP (1093 - d.)

Margaretha von Hohenstaufen MP (c.1195 - d.)

Margaret Hohenstaufen d' Aquino MP (c.1226 - 1298)

Otto von Hohenstaufen, Pfalzgraf in Burgund MP (1170 - 1200)

Otto I. (Burgund) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Otto I. von Burgund, Gemälde in der Kathedrale von Besançon Otto I., Pfalzgraf von Burgund (* wohl Juni...

Philip Von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Reinald von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Richilde von Hohenstaufen MP (1098 - d.)

Sophia von Hohenstaufen MP (deceased)

Sophie VON HOHENLOHE (von Hohenstaufen) MP (1091 - 1135)