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Clevus Walcott (Langley) MP (1924 - d.)

Dereck Alton Walcott, Nobel Prize for Literature 1992 MP

Derek Alton Walcott , OBE OCC (born 23 January 1930) is a Saint Lucian poet, playwright, writer and visual artist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992 and the T. S. Eliot Prize in 201...

Ivy Eulalee Walcott (Langley) MP (1907 - 1987)

Jennifer Walcott MP

Jennifer Walcott (born May 8, 1977 in Youngstown, Ohio) is an American glamour model and actress best known as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for August 2001. Early life Walcott was bor...

Jerusha Elliott (Walcott) MP (1696 - d.)

Joanna Hamilton (Walcott) MP (1732 - c.1813)

John Walcott MP (c.1480 - 1563)

See Darrell Wolcott, , "The Shropshire Wolcot Family," for the untangling of these lines. (April 21, 2016, Anne Brannen, curator)

John Walcot (Walcott) MP (c.1515 - 1557)

See Darrell Wolcott, , "The Shropshire Wolcot Family," for the untangling of these lines. (April 21, 2016, Anne Brannen, curator)

Jonathan Walcott MP (1710 - 1788)

Jonathan Walcott married Mary Jackso n on 11 November 1742 in Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut.

Lena Maud Ford (Walcott / Langley) MP (1926 - d.)

Mary Walcott (Jackson) MP (1717 - 1800)

Jonathan Walcott married Mary Jackso n on 11 November 1742 in Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut. Ancestral File Number: 8KK6-9K

Capt. Nathaniel Walcott MP (c.1700 - c.1771)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson: Capt. Nathaniel Woolcott, b. c.1700 Brookfield MA, d. 1771 Brookfield; Action Fort William Henry- granted 60 acres of land at Brookfield in 1718 and received additional gra...

Noel Walcott, Sr. MP (deceased)

Noel Walcott, Jr. MP (1928 - 1929)

Polly Durkee (Walcott) MP (1765 - 1844)

This Profile is going to take some facts; ie they have his Mary associated with a Polly who Married Andrew Durkee. Neither birth is recorded and on they just merge the two into one; as M...

Roger Walcott MP (c.1455 - d.)

See Darrell Wolcott, the Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam, for the untangling of these lines: (April 11, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator).

Susanna Perrin (Walcott) MP (c.1749 - d.)

Thomas Walcott MP (deceased)

Velores / Delores Walcott / Walcot MP (1929 - 1930)

Walcott (deceased)

"Nickibus" Walcott (deceased)

"Nickibus" was known for minting coins (making money) and passing them as legal tender even before the metal was cool.

(Daughter) WALCOTT (1694 - 1694)

(unk) walcott (deceased)

********/******* Hilton/ Walcott (deceased)

? Walcott (deceased)

? Walcott (deceased)

? WALCOTT (deceased)

? WALCOTT (deceased)

? WALCOTT (deceased)

? WALCOTT (deceased)

A Walcott (Brereton) (deceased)

Abigail Walcott (Briggs) (c.1646 - d.)

Abigail Gylette (Walcott) (deceased)

Abigail Walcott (deceased)

Abigail Walcott (deceased)

Abigail Walcott (Brownell) (c.1810 - 1897)

Rev. Cornelius preached the funeral sermon of Grandma Wolcott last Saturday. Marcellus and Warren Wolcott and family were here to attend their mother's funeral. Again, we are called upon to mourn t...

Abraham Walcott (Woolcott) (c.1640 - 1699)

Ada Camilla Seaton (Walcott) (1880 - 1971)

Ada Dennis (Walcott) (deceased)

Adabelle WALCOTT (1894 - d.)

Adrienne Walcott (Jones) (deceased)

Agnes Walcott (deceased)

Agnes Walcott (deceased)

Albert Henry Walcott (1835 - 1894)

Albert D Walcott (deceased)

Albert Greagory Walcott (1902 - d.)

Albert Truman Walcott (deceased)

Alberta Richardson (Walcott) (deceased)

Alexander Walcott (deceased)

Sir Alexander Walcott (1235 - 1310)

Alfa Walcott (deceased)

Alfred Whitmore Walcott (deceased)

Alfred Foster Walcott (1840 - d.)

Alice Walcott (deceased)

Alice Walcott (Dawe) (c.1515 - d.)

Alice Bennett Hutchinson (Walcott) (c.1636 - 1714)

Francis Bennet-Inventory, 4 Dec 1655. Prized by John Lewis and Ralph Sames, of Boston, ye 15th; 11 mo; 1655. Amt. 40.08 pounds. Debts due Sampson Shoare, Mathew Barnet; Good Walker, brick maker, ...

Alice Louisa Walcott (1880 - 1957)

Alice M Walcott (1868 - 1869)

Alice Walcott (Walla Walla Washingtion) (deceased)

Alice Bright (WALCOTT) (c.1550 - d.)

Alice Walcott (Mitchell) (1565 - d.)

Alice Hutchinson (Walcott) (1630 - 1714)

Alice Charles (Walcott) (deceased)

Alix Walcott (deceased)

allan walcott (deceased)

Almira Drew Walcott (Spaulding) (b. - 1868)

Alonzo Walcott (deceased)

Alyne (none) Walcott (Finley) (1912 - 1991)

Amah Louise Bartlett (Walcott) (deceased)

Daughters of American Member: Amah Louise Walcott Bartlett Nat'l #: 117828 Chapter: 1119 NY Ancestor: DOOLITTLE, GEORGE (A032934) Ancestor: HUBBARD, HEZEKIAH (A059243) Ancestor: MILLER, ISA...

ambroise keith Walcott (deceased)

Ambrose Walcott (deceased)

Ambrose Walcott (deceased)

Ambrose Keith (Dick) Walcott (deceased)

Ambrose Keith Walcott MA (Cantab) Penbroke College, Barrister-at-law (Middle Temple), Magistrate and J.P. was born on the 20th April, 1933 at Holland Park, London, England, UK. Whist his father Hon. Ed...

Amelia Jane WALCOTT (1883 - d.)

Amelia Ames Peck (Walcott) (deceased)

Amelia Jane WALCOTT, a1b2 (1883 - 1968)

Andrew WALCOTT (c.1819 - d.)

Andrew Phillips Walcott (1823 - 1900)

Andrew Walcott married Sarah Folsom in Vermont in 1846. By 1850, they had relocated to Essex County, Massachusetts when the census records indicates that he worked as a peddler. 1860 finds them in Fran...

Ann Pile (Walcott) (1720 - c.1783)

Ann Felt (Walcott) (1686 - 1736)

Ann Walcott (Pollst) (c.1689 - d.)

Anna Gibbons (Walcott) (deceased)

Anna Morrogh Walcott (deceased)

Anna Walcott (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth Perkins (Walcott) (1822 - 1854)

Anna Marie Walcott (NN) (deceased)

Anna Marie Walcott (de Jong) (1889 - 1978)

Annetta E. Purdy (Walcott) (1887 - d.)

Annie Walcott (1924 - 2008)

Annis Cox (Walcott) (deceased)

Annis Mowen Walcott (Lick) (1904 - 1971)

Anstiss Pickman Walcott (1831 - 1833)

Arthur LeRoy Walcott (1896 - 1947)

Arthur Walcott (deceased)

Arthur Joseph Walcott (deceased)

Arthur B. Walcott (deceased)

Atalanta Andromeda Walcott (David) (1931 - 2006)

Augustina Ivers Walcott (deceased)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol. II. page 1670

Augustina Ivers Mary Wilder (Walcott) (1794 - 1871)

Barbra Walcott (deceased)

The only daughter of William Hollingsed Walcott and Laura Alleyne (nee Layne). Born 15th February, 1891, at the Pine Plantation, St. Michael. Married on the 16th January, 1923 to Cuthbert Lisle Walco...