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Adelaida Mallari Tamayo Yabut (deceased)

Adonita Yabut (deceased)

Alejandro S Yabut, Sr. (deceased)

Alfredo Yabut (deceased)

Alfredo Yabut (deceased)

Alodia Quizon Yabut, Mrs (deceased)

Amado Yabut (deceased)

Amelia Castro Yabut (Castro) (deceased)


angela ramirez- yabut (deceased)

Liling Yabut (deceased)

Angelina Yabut (Grimaldo) (deceased)

Angelo (tata ilo) Yabut (deceased)

Armando Yabut (c.1946 - d.)

Arnold Yabut (deceased)

Arturo "Toro" Yabut (1962 - 2002)

Arturo "Toro" Siddons Yabut served as the Vice-Mayor of Makati City from 1992- 1998.

Baldomera Yabut (Magat) (deceased)

Benjamin Yabut (b. - 1973)

Benjamin Yabut (deceased)

BIENIDO yabut (deceased)

BIENIDO YABUT (deceased)

Camila "Nanang" Tablante (Yabut) (deceased)

Carmelita Jorge Yabut (c.1940 - 1985)

conrado yabut (deceased)

CONRADO JR YABUT (b. - c.1997)

Consuela "Connie" Ramirez Canlas (Consuela Yabut Ramirez) (1918 - d.)

Danilo Yabut (c.1950 - d.)

Dorotea Magat Bituin (Yabut) (c.1905 - 1971)

Edwin Yabut (deceased)

Edwin died at a very young age of nine months. We have no more info or photo of Edwin.

Elmer Magdangal Yabut (deceased)

Emmanuel Yabut (1930 - 2010)

Engracia Yabut (deceased)

Ernesto Yabut (deceased)

Ernesto Yabut (deceased)

Estela "Tely" Ramirez Mateo (Estela Yabut Ramirez) (1928 - d.)

Eufemia Yabut (deceased)

Fabian Yabut (deceased)

Felipe Sunga Yabut (1925 - 2002)

Felisa Yabut (deceased)

Felix Yabut (deceased)

Fidel Ysip Yabut (1912 - 1974)

Fulgencio Yabut (deceased)

Geronimo Lacap Yabut (deceased)

gregorio yabut (deceased)

Hermogenes Yabut (deceased)

Hilaria Ramirez (Hilaria Zablan Yabut) (1895 - 1975)

JEREMIAS yabut (deceased)

Jeremias YABUT (deceased)

Joe Yabut (deceased)

jose yabut (deceased)

Jose Yabut (deceased)


Juana Yabut (deceased)

Juliet Yabut (deceased)

LEONOR yabut (NIDOY) (deceased)

Leonora YABUT (deceased)

Loreta Yabut (Balingit) (deceased)

Macaria Tablante (Yabut) (deceased)

Macaria Yabut (Mendiola) (deceased)

Manuela Yabut (deceased)

Maria Yabut (deceased)

Melvin Yabut (c.1940 - 2003)

Moises Yabut (deceased)

Nemesio Isip Yabut, Sr. (1925 - 1986)

Nemesio Isip Yabut attended the National University as a collegiate athlete in basketball and baseball. He then joined the Makati Police force as sergeant; and rose to become a lieutenant and eventuall...

Nemesio Yabut (deceased)

Nemesio Yabut (deceased)

NIcolas Yabut (deceased)

Nicolas Yabut (deceased)

Nicolasa Yabut (Nicolasa Sunga) (deceased)

Pacencia Chaneco Yabut (1916 - 1996)

Pilar Santos (Yabut) (deceased)

Primitiva/ Bebang Yabut (deceased)

Racelie Yabut Bermudez (Yabut) (deceased)

Ramon Yabut (deceased)

Reynaldo Grimaldo Yabut (1948 - 2008)

Roberta Duenas (Yabut) (b. - 1987)

Rodolfo Yabut (deceased)

Rodolfo Yabut (deceased)

Rosario Catacutan Yabut (Catacutan) (deceased)

Rosario "Charing" Caguin (Rosario Yabut Ramirez) (1914 - d.)

rufino Yabut (1925 - 2003)

Rufino V Yabut (deceased)

Santiago Yabut (deceased)

shierly canlas (deceased)

SHIERLY (deceased)

SHIERLY (deceased)

Sotero Yabut (deceased)

Sotero Rodriguez Yabut (deceased)

Teddy Yabut (deceased)

Victoria Yabut (deceased)

Virginia Ramirez Agbulos (Virginia Yabut Ramirez) (1926 - 2013)