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Rabbi Abraham Zak (Z'K) MP (deceased)

הג"ר אברהם ז"ק אב"ד אוסטראה

Freye Worms (Zak) MP (1431 - 1497)

morte après 1505?

Gershon Zak MP (1909 - 1989)

Gershon Zak (Hebrew: גרשון זק‎, 1913–1989) was the head of the Sea service which became the Israeli Navy, at that time there was no commander till Paul Shulman came and both Paul Shulman and Zak were i...

Mrs. R'Shmuel Zak [of Ostroh] (Ashkenazi Ish-Zvi) MP (c.1610 - d.)

Roosje Zak (Waag) MP (1902 - 1942)

Seligmann Zak MP (b. - 1497)

Shimon Zak MP (b. - 1444)

ou Symon Source : Olivier CAHEN

R' Shmuel "Shmeilke" Zak (Zera Kodesh) MP (c.1620 - 1687)

according to the introduction in the SMICHATCHACHAMIM he was niftar on tuesday, י ניסן תמ"ז.this date fell on monday so there is a discrepency.

Rabbi Yaackov ben Binyamin Zak Ashkenazi, [of Vilna] MP (1630 - c.1692)

Was seen having his head cut off by massacres, wife refused to remarry feeling he was still alive even though witnesses testified they saw him being killed, and the Rabbi permitted her to remarry, she ...

Żak MP (deceased)

Glickman (Zak) MP (deceased)

ZAK MP (deceased)

Żak MP (deceased)

Żak MP (deceased)

Zak Aleksandr MP (deceased)

Zak Dmitry MP (deceased)

Fanija Shnaiderman (Zak) MP (1922 - 2001)

Golda Zak (Stotland) MP (c.1899 - 1964)

(first wife) Zak MP (deceased)

(first wife) Zak MP (deceased)

(unknown) Zak MP (deceased)

. Bielski (Zak) MP (deceased)

9 children Zak MP (deceased)

? Zak MP (deceased)

? Żak MP (deceased)

? Żak MP (deceased)

? Zak (Ruzicka) MP (deceased)

? Rheinbach (Zak) MP (deceased)

?? Zak MP (deceased)

?? Zak MP (deceased)

?? Zak MP (deceased)

??? Žák MP (deceased)

[Unknown] Zak MP (deceased)

Aaltje Jacobs Zak MP (c.1711 - d.)

Aaltje Jacobs Zak MP (1717 - d.)

Aaron Zak MP (deceased)

Aaron Zak MP (deceased)

Abraham Zak of Bielitz MP (deceased)

Abel Ovsei Zak MP (deceased)

Abel Govsei ZAK MP (1862 - d.)

Abraham Zak MP (deceased)

Abraham Zak MP (deceased)

Abraham Zak MP (deceased)

Abraham Zak MP (1800 - d.)

Abraham Zak MP (1907 - 1942)

Abraham Zak MP (1819 - 1901)

Abraham Zak MP (c.1915 - d.)

Abraham (Avraham) Zak MP (1889 - 1943)

Abraham Abel Zak MP (c.1814 - d.)

Rabbi Abraham Zak (Zera Kodesh) Zak MP (c.1665 - d.)

Rabbi Abraham Zak was a direct descendant of Asher ben Jehiel (1250 or 1259 – 1327), an eminent rabbi and Talmudist best known for his abstract of Talmudic law. He is often referred to as Rabbenu Asher...

Abram Zak MP (deceased)

Abram Zak MP (1852 - d.)

Abram Ber Zak MP (deceased)

Abram Shimen Zak MP (1908 - d.)

Abram Shimon Zak MP (deceased)

Abram Vulf Zak MP (deceased)

Abram Yankel Zak MP (1869 - d.)

Ada Zak (Kupstein) MP (1883 - 1965)

Adam Zak MP (deceased)

Adam Zak MP (deceased)

Adam Żak MP (1952 - 2011)

Adam ZAK MP (deceased)

Adamus Žák MP (1834 - d.)

Adamus Žák MP (1883 - d.)

Adamus Žák MP (1892 - d.)

Adeline Zak (Brzozka) MP (1916 - 2003)

Adolf Žák MP (deceased)

ADOLF ZAK MP (1925 - d.)

Adolf Žák MP (deceased)

Adolph Robert Zak, Sr. MP (c.1873 - c.1942)

Agata Żak MP (deceased)

Agata Żak (Łakomczyk) MP (deceased)

Agata ZAK MP (1876 - d.)

Agnes Caroline Neie (Zak) MP (1859 - 1939)

Agnes Buchwałd (Żak) MP (deceased)

Agnieszka Żak (NN) MP (deceased)

Agnieszka Tyszper (Żak) MP (deceased)


Agnieszka Geszczyk (Żak) MP (deceased)

Agnieszka Matysik (Żak) MP (1733 - 1805)

Agnieszka Żak (Karczewska) MP (deceased)

Agnieszka Morawiecki MP (1839 - d.)

Agnieszka Żak MP (deceased)

Agnieszka Marianna Wilczyńska (Zaczek/Żach/Żak) MP (c.1773 - 1827)

Aharon Meir Zak MP (deceased)

Aizek Zak MP (deceased)

Alajos Zák MP (1870 - 1933)

Albert Zak MP (c.1891 - d.)

Albin Zak MP (c.1915 - c.2000)

Albin "Jr" Zak MP (c.1947 - c.2007)

Albina Zak (Woytek) MP (deceased)

Aleksandra Kaniszewska (Żak) MP (deceased)

Aleksandra Żak MP (1899 - d.)

Alfred Žák MP (deceased)

Alfreda Borucka (Żak) MP (1930 - 2003)

Alice R Zak MP (1928 - 2000)

Alice Zak (Tatera) MP (c.1919 - d.)

Aliza Zak MP (deceased)

Alois Žák MP (c.1915 - 1979)