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1/11/2011 в 3:50 до полудня

Private User is researching the names:

Healy -from county Cork
Dingley - from Dublin and maybe Scotland
Breen - from Dublin
O'Connell - from Cork
Millard - from Cork

*[Robert Millard Robert Millard and Judith Buckley]
*[Joseph Dingley Joseph Dingley]
*[Martin Breen Thomas Breen]
*[Cornelius Healy Cornelius Healy]

Private User
1/11/2011 в 4:08 до полудня

Patterson-from Dublin and Kent United Kingdom (Royal Artillery )
Cronin -from Limerick

Private User
1/11/2011 в 4:10 до полудня

@ --jMVu-- just trying to find out who is researching who for Irish families so that we can collaborate , this is an easy way to find eachother.

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1/11/2011 в 4:42 до полудня

There is not mucht to help here, hoping that the members of the Irish portal will participate in this and add their names to this discussion.
If you have Scottish familymembers see [ UK Portal-Scotland]

1/11/2011 в 5:35 до полудня

My IRish ancestors:
Jacob Switzer (or Schweitzer)almost certainly a Palatine refugee
&Possible Wife Mary Ruckle / Ruttle
His sons inlcuding my 2nd great grandfather Benjamin Switzer who emigrated to Canada
& his wife Mary Leonard
& her brother James Leonard & Wife Catherine Helmuth (irish?)

Private User
1/11/2011 в 5:49 до полудня

My closest Irish ancestor is William Darling, born in Ireland but immigrated to this country. I can't find anything about his life or family in Ireland.

1/11/2011 в 6:28 до полудня

I am researching the names :
From Castlecomer, County Kilkenny. 1) RYAN 2) SHORTALL 3) DORMER 4) CLOSE.
From Leighlinbridge, County Carlow. 1) WALSH 2) CLARKE.
From Ratoath, County Meath. 1) ELLIOTT.
From County Kildare 1) MONAHAN. 2) DEMPSEY 3) BYRNE.
From County Wicklow 1) KELLY 2) PLANT 3) KILFOYLE.
From County Westmeath 1) SALMON
Also O'BRIEN from County Carlow but originally from Limerick city, ENGLISH from Waterford and WEBB from County Meath.

1/11/2011 в 6:42 до полудня

Rachel Ramstorf is looking for information on Charles Rogers from Londonderry.

Private User
1/11/2011 в 7:33 до полудня

I am researching the names:-
King from Roscommon and Tyrone
Morrison from Mayo and Sligo
Archey lived in Mayo at one stage
Halliday from Down

Private User
1/11/2011 в 8:07 до полудня

Gurly or Gurley family from Carlow and Dublin
Chaworth Musters from Dublin and county Kerry and England

Private User
1/11/2011 в 9:02 до полудня

Edward Boyle, born in Ireland c.1810, shows up in Cincinnati in 1830's. We only know that he is Irish by US census data and that is how we are estimating his year of birth.

Margaret Boyle, wife of Edward above. Again, all we have on her is US census data.

Annemarie is already looking at these two. The possible Edward is too young, but I have family looking at what she gave me for Margaret.

1/11/2011 в 10:44 до полудня

Irish Ancestors from the other side of my tree;
Christopher McDonnell & his son Patrick McDonnell born somewhere in Ireland circa 1816.

1/11/2011 в 10:53 до полудня

--jMVu--, you usually do not need projects for individual names. You can just use the surname pages to locate all profiles with that last name. Here's an example: So unless there's another specific objective, there's no need to have both a project and a surname page; the surname page is usually sufficient.

1/11/2011 в 11:32 до полудня

yes, thanks you, i did that during the time I was learning how to use geni for my genealogy, but thought it was not what GENI-staff wanted with this, for later you had to pay to look for all the ones with a certain surname. Now I know how to find them all by using Google, but I do not like that, for it means that also all my own profiles older than -lets say, dont know the law about that to good in the Netherlands, hundred years, some even less, can be found by others. And that means that others can use my very unusual fathersname to search for family-members abroad.

1/11/2011 в 12:58 после полудня

Researching wife's Rawlings from Ulster.

Researching Welsh/Welch/Walsh originally from Ireland, my own family. A source I read years ago, said that they are of Norman origins.

Can anyone help with both families?

Private User
1/11/2011 в 2:11 после полудня

Kenneth Kwame Welsh...... Do you know where they landed....origin is nice but I seem to make out better with a destination and go from there... happy to help if you have that info. Maybe a first name and rough date too.

1/11/2011 в 7:47 после полудня

I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help with this, but I've been trying for a while to get Denis Leary and Conan O'Brien into the big tree.

I have quite a bit of Conan's family into his tree, but I still can't connect him in. I'm currently trying to find the parents of James F. Reardon and Thomas O'Brien, Sr., since the parents were all born in Ireland. I'm also trying to find James Gavin and Bridget Gavin, but I don't know anything about them, just what shows up on the U.S. Census.

For Leary, he has a fairly close cousin on Geni who has a private tree, but it also doesn't go far back enough to connect. I believe their relationship -- they're known to be third cousins -- is through the Gavins.

1/11/2011 в 8:47 после полудня

Oh, and in my own tree, I have a dead end with Jessima Knowles, who arrived in the Bahamas in c. 1850. Jessima is an odd name to say the least, so I'm hoping to somehow find her in Irish records based on that. Unfortunately, we have no clue about her birth date.

2/11/2011 в 5:08 после полудня

I am researching SHEA from Cummers East, Kerry, SULLIVAN from Glanmore, County Kerry, and HEALY from Clogherane, in Kerry. I have gone as far as I can.

Private User
3/11/2011 в 5:39 после полудня

Is there room here for Scotch - Irish ? My Kelly's and Stirling's were from County Antrim but my aunt told me that her father allways said "we are Scotts not Irish.

3/11/2011 в 5:46 после полудня

Eldon, I think you answered your own question. :) While I can't speak for anyone, you might want to do a separate project for Scots-Irish ancestry since it's pretty different, including in records. And it will help avoid diplomacy headaches. I don't say it to say "Go away," but rather to say something focused on Scots-Irish might be a lot more useful for you.

Private User
4/11/2011 в 4:43 до полудня

Private User there is going to be a project for the Scotch -Irish on the Northern Ireland project, most Scottish lived in Northern Ireland. Will also create a more extensive project about the plantation of Ulster, the history of the Scottish in Ulster[ Northern Ireland portal]

Private User
4/11/2011 в 4:47 до полудня

@Sean Sherwin maybe we should create a project with the Irish versions of the surnames , so that people can check the original names.

Aine Máire Ó hÉalaithe

Private User
4/11/2011 в 9:00 до полудня

Sean that would be great, thanks very much !

4/11/2011 в 9:10 до полудня

I can't wait! "Eldon Clark there is going to be a project for the Scotch -Irish on the Northern Ireland project, most Scottish lived in Northern Ireland. Will also create a more extensive project about the plantation of Ulster, the history of the Scottish in Ulster"

Private User
4/11/2011 в 10:01 до полудня

i am researching LEWIS from laois, aswell as LABAN.
HUTTON from Berwickshire, Dublin and Dumfries(came over to ireland with cromwell and settled in Dublin)
SHEANE(pronounced shane or shehan, mostly shane today) from Carlow some went over to Canada and USA.
TYNER from Cork MELLIFONT, from cork, GOOD from Cork, RICE from cork

Private User
4/11/2011 в 11:28 до полудня

Kenneth Kwame Welsh Sounds great I don't think mine were involved in the plantation but they were Presbyterians in County Antrim

4/11/2011 в 2:52 после полудня

Private User, do people in Ireland really say "Scotch-Irish" instead of "Scots-Irish"? I thought "Scotch-Irish" faded out long ago. I usually see "Scots-Irish" in academic writing. Interesting to see the variation. :) I was always taught that Scots are a people and Scotch is a drink. ;)

Though I believe that the term in Ireland is actually "Ulster Scots," and that "Scotch/Scots-Irish" is an Americanism only. Maybe the Scotch/Scots-Irish -- meaning the ones who settled in the U.S. -- would be a sub-project for the Ulster Scots project?

Oh, and I guess I should add that my partner is a Shaughnessy (Ó Seachnasaigh) from Clarinbridge, County Galway. He has no interest in genealogy at all, but I'd be curious enough to collaborate with anyone working in that area. I believe the Galway Shaughnessys branched off from the Limerick ones?

Private User
4/11/2011 в 3:14 после полудня

I believe the latest from academia is to go with the US Scotch-Irish to describe those migrants from Scotland to Ulster Plantation to the Americas (includes Carribbean, correct?). And migrations from Scotland directly as Scots.

4/11/2011 в 4:31 после полудня

I know that the Scots get annoyed at being referred to as Scotch. As Ashley put it, Scotch is a drink and Scots are people.

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