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  • William III, Marquess of Montferrat (c.970 - 1042)
    William III (c. 970 – 1042) was the Margrave of Montferrat and Count of Vado from 991 to his death. He was the eldest son and successor of Otto I. William I and II were the father and son respec...
  • Geoffroi de Villehardouin (1150 - 1213)
    Geoffroi de Villehardouin est un chroniqueur et chevalier croisé du Moyen Âge. Il est né au château de Villehardouin (dans l'Aube), situé à 30 kilomètre...
  • Jean "Boutefeux" de Joinville, Sénéchal de Champagne (c.1225 - 1317)
    Jean de Joinville (v. 1224 - 24 décembre 1317) est un noble champenois et biographe de saint Louis. Joinville (Jean, sire de), chroniqueur français, né vers 1224, peut-êtr...
  • Thibaud Gaudin, 22nd Templar Grand Master (c.1229 - 1292)
    Thibaud Gaudin (1229? – April 16, 1292) was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from August 1291 until his death in April 1292. The history of Thibaud Gaudin within the Order is rather...
  • Guillaume de Beaujeu, 21st Templar Grand Master (b. - 1291)
    Guillaume de Beaujeu, aka William of Beaujeu, was the 21st Grand Master of the Knights Templar, from 1273 until his death during the siege of Acre in 1291. He was the last Grand Master to preside in ...

The Crusades were a series of religious expeditionary wars blessed by the Pope and the Catholic Church, with the main goal of restoring Christian access to the holy places in and near Jerusalem. The Crusades were originally launched in response to a call from the leaders of the Byzantine Empire for help to fight the expansion into Anatolia of Muslim Seljuk Turks who had cut off access to Jerusalem. The crusaders comprised military units of Roman Catholics from all over western Europe, and were not under unified command. The main series of Crusades, primarily against Muslims, occurred between 1095 and 1291. Historians have given many of the earlier crusades numbers. After some early successes, the later crusades failed and the crusaders were defeated and forced to return home.

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