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10/15/2013 10/15/2013

John Balfour (1750 - 1842)

BALFOUR, John (1750-1842), of Trenabie, Orkney; Charlton Grove, Blackheath, Kent, and 18 Curzon Street, Mayfair, Mdx Full artlicle Family and Education b. 6 Nov. 1750, 1st s. of William Balfour o...

12/13/2008 10/15/2013

MAJOR-GENERAL THOMAS DUNDAS OF FINGASK (1750-94) Member of Parliament for Orkney and Shetland, 1771-89, and 1784-90 is the son of Thomas Dundas of Fingask and Lady Janet Maitland. He was born on 30...

4/15/2011 10/15/2013

Håkon IV Håkonsson MP (1204 - 1263)

"Håkon den Gamle", "Haakon Haakonsson", "Haakon the Old", "Haakon IV Haakonson", "Haquinus", "Haco"

(complete English text at bottom) English King Håkon IV of Norway lived from 1204 to 16 December 1263. He is also referred to as Haakon or Haco or Haquinus, or Håkon the Old...

6/23/2008 10/14/2013

Haraldr Maddadson, Earl of Caithness & Orkney MP (c.1134 - c.1206)

"Harald", "Harold", "Maddadson"

Harald Maddadsson From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Lewis chessmen an iconic image of Scandinavian Scotland in Harald Maddadsson's time.Harald Maddadsson (Old Norse Haraldr Maddaða...

12/10/2007 10/14/2013

Sigurd "the Stout" Hlodvesson, earl of Orkney MP (960 - 1014)

"Sigurd the Stout", "Sigurd Digre", "Sigurd Digri", "Sigurd Driga"

There's a song about him, written by Debra Doyle (aka "Malkin Grey") and Melissa Williamson (aka "Peregrynne Windryder") - this is probably the best version you're going to find on Youtube: ---------...

7/25/2007 10/14/2013

Olaf I Tryggvason, Konge av Norge MP (c.963 - 1000)

"Óláfr Tryggvason", "Olaf I of Norway", "Olav Tryggvason"

Olav Tryggvesson, King of Norway (1) M, #42895, b. 968, d. 999 Last Edited=13 Jul 2005 Olav Tryggvesson, King of Norway was born in 968. He was the son of Tryggve Olavsson, King in Vigen and Ro...

6/10/2007 10/14/2013

Bror til Ragnvald Mørejarl, som ga han jarledømmet på Orkney. Brother of Ragnvald Mørajarl Oversikt over Orkneyjarlene (Earls of Orkney): Orkneysagaen (Jarlesoga) p&#x...

12/20/2007 10/14/2013

Ragnvald Eysteinsson, Earl of Møre MP 100 (825 - 894)

"Røgnvald", "Rǫgnvaldr Mœrajarl", "son Eysteins glumru", "den Rådsnare", "Ragnvald Øysteinsson", "Rognvald I Eysteinsson", "Rognvald the Mighty", "The Wise", "Rögnvaldr Mœrajarl", ""The Wise"", "Ragnvald I", "the Wise", "Jarl of North and South More", "and of Ramsdal in Norway", "..."

Rǫgnvaldr Mörejarl, son Eysteins glumru. Earl of Møre and father of Gange-Hrolf Rollo of Normandie. Basics Father: Eystein "Glumra" Ivarsson Mother: Asdis (Ascrida) (undocu...

1/25/2007 10/14/2013

Harald I Halvdansson «Fairhair» Hårfagre MP 100 (c.850 - c.932)

"Harald Hårfager", "Fairhair", "Finehair", "Haraldr Hárfagri", "Lufa", "Haraldur Hálfdanarson", "Haraldur hinn hárfagri", "Veelhaar", "Mooihaar", "Hårfagre", "/Fairhair/", "Norse", "Harold I "Thick Hair" of Norway", "Harald Hårfagre"

. Молодые годы Харальд, сын коC...

2/2/2007 10/14/2013

Sverre I, King of Norway MP (c.1152 - 1202)

Biography Sverre Sigurdsson (Old Norse: Sverrir Sigurðarson, c. 1145/1151 – 9 March 1202) was king of Norway from 1184 to 1202. He married Margareta Eriksdotter, the daughter of the Swe...

6/23/2008 10/14/2013

Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney MP (c.1568 - 1615)

"Black Patie"

Patrick Stewart, Earl of Orkney , Lord of Zetland[nb 1] (c. 1566[1] – 6 February 1615) was a Scottish nobleman, the son of Robert, Earl of Orkney, a bastard son of King James V. Infamous for his...

7/31/2008 10/14/2013

7/29/2007 10/14/2013

Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney MP (1533 - 1593)

"Lord Kincleven", "illigitimate child of James V of Scotland", "1st Earl of Orkney"

Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney Robert Stewart, Knt., 1st Earl of Orkney and Lord of Zetland (Shetland) (1533–4 February 1593) was a recognized illegitimate son of James V, King of Scotland...

8/12/2007 10/14/2013