Five Famous Connections to Abraham Lincoln

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This week, the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens nationwide. Based on the fictional novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, the story follows the life of President Abraham Lincoln but with a twist – he was secretly a vampire hunter! In honor of the movie’s release, check out how these five famous faces are related to the real Abraham Lincoln.

1. Starring as the vampire hunting President is actor Benjamin Walker, who’s married to Mamie Gummer, daughter of actress Meryl Streep. Who knew he had a familial connection to Honest Abe? His mother-in-law Meryl Streep is Abraham Lincoln’s 9th cousin five times removed!

2. No stranger to the world of vampires is Brad Pitt, who portrayed a vampire himself in the film Interview with a Vampire. Brad is Abraham Lincoln’s 8th cousin 5 times removed!

3. Director Spike Lee is Abraham Lincoln’s 10th cousin 6 times removed!

4. Clint Eastwood is Abraham Lincoln’s 6th cousin five times removed!

5. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is also a distant relative of Abraham Lincoln. Romney is his 11th cousin thrice removed!

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