Geni is Joining the MyHeritage Family!

Posted November 28, 2012 by Amanda | 10 Comments

We’re happy to announce some exciting news for our community: Geni is joining the MyHeritage family! Geni will continue as a separate product, focused on collaborative genealogy, but with some great new resources and features we’ll be rolling out to users in the coming months.

Geni launched in 2007 with a big idea: working together with other people is a better way to discover your family history. Over the last five years our amazing community of users has worked together to build the World Family Tree, connecting over 65 million relatives, and to create a rich collection of family history data – and we’re just getting started! CEO, Noah Tutak (L) celebrating with MyHeritage CEO, Gilad Japhet (R)

Here are a few of the great changes we’re making right away:

  • No more tree limits – all users can now add unlimited profiles for free! Discovering relationships to historical figures and merging duplicates in your tree are also now free to help you grow your family tree faster.
  • We’re increasing privacy – all profiles of your living relatives will now be private.
  • Free family tree chart downloads – All users can now download a high quality chart of their family tree to their computer at no charge. These are great for sending to relatives or for printing at home as beautiful tree posters.
  • No more ads – by providing an ad-free environment, everyone will have cleaner and friendlier experience on Geni.

Over the coming months, you’ll see more exciting features added to Geni. For example, we will be adding MyHeritage’s Smart Matching technology which will automatically search over 1 billion MyHeritage profiles to help you add new branches to your tree and discover new relatives.

And with MyHeritage’s new Record Matching technology, profiles in your family tree will be automatically compared to over 4 billion historical records, including birth, marriage, death, census and newspapers. It’ll be as if you have your own personal genealogist doing the work for you!

The Geni team raises a toast with Yuval Ben-Galim and Gilad

We admire MyHeritage’s passion for genealogy and their vision to enable people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover and share their legacy. We truly believe this change will be a great benefit to not only Geni members, but the entire genealogical community.

The Geni Team

For more information, please review the FAQ about this announcement.

Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Marketing Communications Manager at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • LilMoby said:

    Me too. I want to be able to connect my tree with others. And I do wish it were free. I added a bunch of (very) great grandparents recently and I realize they must be on many peoples’ trees.

  • geniblog said:

    The living profiles will be made private, but you will still have the option to switch them back to public.

  • Freeloader said:

    Spoke too soon. Clicking through to search results is apparently still a “Pro” feature. Ah, well. Wake me up again when you guys mean it.

  • cogmios said:

    I predicted this more then 1.5 years ago : – pretty cool 🙂

  • Eagleman said:

    Is there a time line when all the indivdual changes will take place….

  • Nicholas J Vetrovec said:

    Awesome, I was deferentially a complainer when my 1000+ adds, 300 family invites hit a brick wall with the restrictions placed on free users. One thing I recommended was to charge for research tools (documents, image uploads, tree matches), but let us build our trees for free. Let us add and invite as many relatives we can, and in turn some of them might just subscribe to the pro features. Thank you myheritage/geni for now making this possible. I can now get back in the game of adding profiles, collaborating, and sharing my tree with family without hitting that brick wall.

  • mike said:

    genstorygirl & aolf- “so what happened to the lifetime” i would also like to know why our lifetime subscription is no longer lifetime…

  • Mariano López Astrada said:

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    Solo llegaba a ver a Juan Arias de Cabrera.

    Me comunique con el, y le comente lo que pasó.

    No se como lo arreglo, pero lo arreglo enseguida, y puedo ver otra vez mi arbol completo.

  • user said:

    Is there a benefit to being a Pro member? Feel a bit like we were sold up the river… my account is supposed to renew on Dec 3. I dislike not knowing what I’m paying for….

  • AllynT said:

    So if one still does not have a paid membership how do they see other profiles so they know if it is someone to collabarate with?