Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day! Each year on April 22, the world marks the anniversary of what many consider to be the birth of the modern environmental movement. Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries, making it the largest and most celebrated environmental event worldwide. Together more than a billion people around the world are working to build a cleaner and healthier world for generations to come. 

Happy Earth Day!

You can celebrate Earth Day here on Geni by checking out the Environmentalist project to explore the genealogies of some the world’s most notable environmentalists. See how you’re related to some of the early pioneers of the environmental movement and learn more about their work to protect the planet for future generations.

Some of these notable figures include marine biologist and conservationist Rachel Carson, who made significant strides in advancing the global environmental movement. Her book, Silent Spring, brought to light the dangers of using synthetic pesticides and ultimately, spawned the grassroots environmental movement that led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Also in the project is Scottish-American naturalist John Muir, who was an early advocate of wilderness preservation in the United States. Known as the “Father of National Parks,” he devoted much of his time to the preservation of the Western forests, helping to preserve the Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park. In 1892, he founded the Sierra Club, which is now one of the most important conservation organizations in the U.S.

Are you doing your part to preserve the world for future generations? How will you be observing this Earth Day?

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