Look Who’s Related: Joss Whedon and Johnny Depp

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Joss Whedon‘s highly anticipated superhero film, The Avengers, has broken domestic and international box office records this weekend. Are you excited to watch Joss’s take on the multi-superhero movie?

Joss began his career as a sitcom writer and before long began writing screenplays for feature films. It was through his success in television that he amassed a fervent and devoted cult following. As the mastermind behind television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, Whedon created his heroes in what fans have dubbed the ‘Whedonverse.’ Now Marvel’s world of superheroes will get it’s “Whedonesque” spin in what is predicted to be one of the most successful franchises in movie history.

Soon Joss’s film will compete at the box office against his cousin, Johnny Depp‘s latest movie Dark Shadows. That’s right – Johnny Depp is Joss Whedon’s 11th cousin! Do you think Johnny’s latest will be able to hold its own against Joss’s Avengers?

Johnny Depp is not the only star Joss is related to. Below you’ll find how he’s related to some of his past stars.

In 2009, Joss Whedon created the television series Dollhouse starring Eliza Dushku. Did you know that Eliza is Joss Whedon’s 10th cousin once removed?

Before he found success in television, Joss had a hand in writing the screenplay for Toy Story. Little did he know that he is related to Woody! Tom Hanks is Joss Whedon’s 14th cousin twice removed!

In 1997, Joss wrote the script for the fourth Aliens movie, Alien: Resurrection. It turns out star Sigourney Weaver is his 14th cousin five times removed!

Are you a Joss Whedon fan? Let us know how you’re related in the comments below!


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