Look Who’s Related: Tony Blair and the Royal Family

Posted March 1, 2011 by Geni | 2 Comments

The best part of having a World Family Tree with over 53 million profiles is the ability to find out how all of those people are related. Last week, we showcased how the US Presidents are related. Today, I want to show how Tony Blair, famed former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is related to Prince Charles and the royal family.

As you can see from the relationship path pictured above, Tony Blair and Prince Charles are 12th cousins once removed. That means that Mr. Blair and Queen Elizabeth II are 12th cousins. Also, Prince William and Prince Harry are Mr. Blair’s 12th cousins twice removed. Interestingly, Princess Diana was also Mr. Blair’s 12th cousin once removed. That means that Princes William and Harry are related to Mr. Blair on both sides of their family at the same distance. Pretty neat, eh?

If you want to see how certain public figures are related, feel free to suggest paring in the comment section. They might just be the next entry in “Look Who’s Related.”