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Jane Delano

On March 13, 1862 Jane Delano, founder of the American Red Cross Nursing Service was born in Montour Falls, New York. She is a descendant of one of the first settlers to America, Philippe de la Noye (Delano) and 11th cousin with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Jane was a leading pioneer of the modern nursing profession and almost single-handedly created American Red Cross Nursing when she united the work of the American Nurse Association, the Army Nurse Corps, and the American Red Cross. Emergency response teams were organized for disaster relief and over 8,000 registered nurses were trained and ready for duty by the time the United States entered World War I. She died in France while on a Red Cross mission, her remains were brought back to the United States and re-interred in the nurses section at Arlington National Cemetery. She was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal posthumously.

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