Adam / אדם / آدم . is my 131st great grandfather.

Started by Cynthia Sue Braxton on Monday, December 12, 2011


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12/12/2011 at 10:41 PM

Adam / אדם / آدم . is my 105th great grandfather.

12/13/2011 at 2:06 AM

Adam / אדם / آدم . is my 105th great grandfather

12/13/2011 at 7:39 AM

Hi, I just wonder about the timeline. I have Adam listed as my 143rd great grandfather, but understand someone have him as 105th? Is that possible?

My line goes also in a direct succession from Charlemagne, then the kings of franks/ Sciambri/ Troys and Dardania....then Zerah, son of Judah - down to Shem, son of Noah - and then Seth, son of Adam. I have another line going through Japeth as well.

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12/13/2011 at 1:40 PM

Adam is my 140th great grandfather.....I think it is cool going back 4000 BC...

12/13/2011 at 2:06 PM

Hi are my cousin thrice removed :)

My 26th (I think) great grandfather is also your 25th ? great grandfather : Afonso I 'o Conquistador' Henriques, rei de Portugal.

12/13/2011 at 2:27 PM

Hi all, Adam is my 84th great grandfather. I wonder what the differences mean between the extremes of 143rd to 84th. Longer lifes in generations or ?..

12/13/2011 at 2:33 PM

i checked the 143 generation path between cynthia and adam, there was a wrong parent connection (a roman being the son of a jew) which is now removed

12/13/2011 at 3:23 PM

Oh, my! I checked and it says I have no path to Adam........Ok, I'm an alien!

Hello all, glad you're enjoying this part of the Biblical Tree. The number of generations between Adam and the present should be around 150 (+-10). The way I figure this, is that we have a date for the END of the Biblical period, for example with Zerubbabel 3rd Exilarch / זרובבל, who's about 50 generations from Adam and dividing the remaining years by 25 (a reasonable AVERAGE length for a generation). So any number between 140 to 160 is about right.

Sadly, trying to keep this tree in order is not easy (which is why much of it is locked-down). Let alone the connections in later generations TO it. So many of the multiple copies of those "royal" lines are missing a LOT of generations.

12/13/2011 at 4:15 PM

You know I was only joking. I want to thank you for all the work you and other curators do. I can only imagine the complexities of tracing any line back to Adam. If I can be of any assistance, let me know. I love a good puzzle. Kat

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12/14/2011 at 3:54 AM

King David / דוד המלך . is my 70th great grandfather.


1. Iisai, =>

2. Obed, =>

3. Boas, =>

4. Salma, => J

5. Nahson, =>

6. Amminadab, =>

7. Admin, =>

8. Arni, =>

9. Hesron, =>

10. Peres, =>

11. Juuda, =>

12. Jaakob, =>

13. Iisak, =>

13. Abraham, =>

15. Terah, =>

16. Nahor, =>

17. Serug, =>

18. Reu, =>

19. Peleg, =>

20. Eber, =>

21. Salma, =>

22. Kenan, =>

23. Arpaksad, =>

24. Seem, =>

25. Nooa, =>

26. Lemek, =>

27. Metuselah, =>

28. Henok, =>

29. Jered, =>

30. Mahalalel, =>

31. Kenan, =>

32. Enos, =>

33. Set, =>

34. Aadam, /, Eve

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12/14/2011 at 8:45 AM

Zerubbabel / זרובבל . is my 66th great grandfather.

12/14/2011 at 10:00 AM

Zerubbabel / זרובבל . is listed as my 66th great grandfather too, Eero.
And King David is listed as my 70th great grandfather...... but as i´ve learned to understand (from Shmuel-Aharon Kam), it has to be missing alot of generations. If it has to be at least 140-160 generations between us and adam....and its about 50 generations between Adam and Zerubbabel, - then you know it has to be about 100-110 generations between Zerubbabel and us. :(

12/14/2011 at 11:04 AM

Dear Schmuel,
I dont know how you count but Zerubbabel is closer to me than Adam: 66th great grandfather. Looks like a lot of work ahead of you...

12/14/2011 at 2:03 PM

People have a lot still to study ... just to conclude that the burial place of father Adam is not in Hebron but in the sunken continent now in the South China Sea where the real Garden of Eden was being in the east of the temple of Jerusalem but not in the middle east per se. The creation date of father Adam of 4004 BC can still be corrected.

12/14/2011 at 2:08 PM

The 200 generations from father ADAM

ADAM , Founder of the Adamic Cycle = Eve (Hawah, Avâ, Nin-khâwa) 4100 BC in El Nido, Philippines

Seth (Sat-nâal / Set / Sed / Sheth) = Kalîmath

Enosh (Anosh) = Neôm

Kenan (Kainân) = Muâlet

Mahalaleel (Mahlâlâil) = Sîna

Jared (Yared) = Barâka

Enoch (Henoch) = Ednâ

Methuselah (Matûshlah) = Ednâ

Lamech = Bilânos

NOAH (Nûr ), Prophet of the LORD = Naamah

Ham = Ne’elatama’uk (Na’eltama’uk / Nahalath / Noella / Olliva)

Kush (Cush)

Nimrod, King of Babel, great grandson of Noah (passenger of the Ark)

Hotepsekhemwi (Boethos / Belus), Founding King of Egypt

Raneb (Nebra), King of Egypt, brother of King Aegyptus

Nynetier (Nynetjer), King of Egypt

Sekhemib-Perenmaat (Sesokhris), King of Egypt

Khasekhemwy, King of Egypt = Nimaethap

Netjerikhet Djoser (Zoser / Tesorthos), King of Egypt

Huni, King of Egypt = Meresankh I

Snofru, King of Egypt = Heterephes (half-sister of Snofru)

Kheops, King of Egypt

Djedefre, King of Egypt

Princess Neferhetepes of Egypt = Priest of Ra in Sakhbu

Userkaf, King of Egypt = Khentkaus I, dau. King Mykerinos from King Kheops

Nefirkare Kakai, King of Egypt = Khentkaus II

Nyuserre (Niuserre) Ini, King of Egypt

Menkauhor Kaiu, King of Egypt

Djedkare Isesi, King of Egypt

Unas (Wenis / Oenas), King of Egypt

Princess Iput of Egypt = Teti (Othoes), King of Egypt

Pepi I, King of Egypt

Pepi II, King of Egypt

Merenenre II, King of Egypt

Ankhfn-Khonsu, Prince of Egypt

Inyotef I “the Great”, King of Egypt

Inyotef II, King of Egypt

Inyotef III Nakhtnebtepnefer, King of Egypt = Aoh

Mentuhotep I (II) Nebhepetra, King of Egypt = Neferu (full-sister)

Mentuhotep III (IV), King of Egypt

Princess Nfry-Ta-Tjenen of Egypt = Amenemhat I Sehetepibre of Egypt

Sensusret I Kheperkare, King of Egypt = Nefrusheri

Amenemhat II Nubkaure, King of Egypt = Keminnub

Sesostris II Khakheperre, King of Egypt = Nofret (full sister)

Sesostris III Khakaure, King of Egypt = Sebekshedty-Neferu

Amenemhat III Nemare, King of Egypt (1900 BC) Pyramid builder

Princess Kemi = Ha-ankhef, son of Nehi and Senebtisi

Khaneferre Sebekhotep IV, King of Egypt = Tjani

Princess Sebekhotep of Egypt = Senebhanef, Vizier of Egypt

Sekhemre-sementawi Djehuti, King of Egypt = Mentuhotep

Sekhemre-se’ankhtawi Neferhotep III, King of Egypt

Sekhemre-shedtawi Sebekemsaf I, King of Egypt = Nubkhas

Nubkheperre Inyotef VII (V), of Egypt = Sebekemsaf, g-dau. Mentuhotep VII

Sekhenre-wahkhau Rahotep, King of Egypt = Tetisheri (Great Wife)

Seqenenre Tao II “the Brave”, King of Egypt = Ahhotpe

Ahmes-Sapair, Prince of Egypt = Sensenb

Akheperkare Tuthmosis I, King of Egypt

Akheperenre Thutmose II, King of Egypt = Isis

Menkheperre Thutmose III, of Egypt = Maritre Hatshepset, dau. Huy-Votaress

Aakheperure Amenhotep II, King of Egypt (d. 1400 BC) = Tiy

Menkheprure Thutmose (Djehutymes) IV, King of Egypt = Mutemwia

Nebmare Amenhotep III, Egypt = Tiye-Nefertari, dau. Yuya from Amenhotep III

Queen Sitre of Egypt = Ramses (the Pharaoh) I Menpehtyre, King of Egypt

(in about 1481 BC, Moses led the Hebrews)

Sety Meryenptah, King of Egypt = Tuya, dau. Reya, lieutenant of chariotry

Usirmare Setepenre Ramses II, of Egypt (1314-1224 BC)

Usirkha’ure Meryamun Seknakht, King of Egypt = Tiye-Merenese

Usimare Meryamun Ramses III, King of Egypt

Sethirkhopsef Usirmare Ramses, King of Egypt (d. 1126 BC)

Khaemwaset Neferkare Ramses IX, King of Egypt (d. 1108 BC)

Amenhirkhopsef Khepermarc Ramses X, King of Egypt (d. 1098 BC) = Tyti

Khaemwaset Menmare Ramses XI, King of Egypt (d. 1070 BC)

Henuttawy of Egypt = Hedjkheperre Setepenre, King of Egypt

Akheperre Psibkha’emne, King of Egypt = Wiay

Princess Istemkheb of Egypt = Menkheperre, High Priest of Amun at Thebes

Pinudjem II Titkheperre, High Priest of Egypt

Princess Maatkare of Egypt = Sekhempkheperre Setepenre Osorkon of Egypt

Heqakheperre Setepenre Shoshenk, King of Egypt

Hedjkheperre Setepenamun Harsiese King of Egypt

Princess Karoma = Usermare Setepenamun Ozorkon II, King of Egypt

Shoshenk, High Priest of Ptah at Memphis

Takelot, High Priest of Ptah at Memphis = Djedbastesankh

Djedbastesankh of Memphis = Usermare Setepenre Shoshen III, King of Egypt

Usermare Setepenre Pimay, King of Egypt (d. 773 BC)

Osorkon, Great Chief of Ma

Shepsesre Tefnakhte I of Sais, King of Egypt

Wahkare Bekenranef of Sais, King of Egypt (d. 712 BC)

Prince Ibre Nakauba

Menkheperre Necho I of Sais and Memphis

Wahibre Psamtek I, King of Egypt

Wehimbre Necho, King of Egypt

Princess Scota = Prince Galamh (Milidh) of Greater Scythia(Black Sea)

Prince Eirhe Ahmon (Djer Amon or Heremon)

Eochaid I (c. 600 B.C.) 1st High King of Ireland = Tamar Tephi

Irial Faidh






Fiachach Labhruine

Aongus Oilbhuagah




Siorna Saoghalach

Oiliolla Olchaoin

Nuadha Fionn Fail


Simon Breac

Muiriadhach Bolgrach

Fiathadh Tolgrach

Duach Laighrach

Eochaidh Buillaig

Ugaine Mòr (Hugune-Mor) 4th c. B.C.

Cobhtach Coalbreag


Jaran Gleofathach

Conla Cruaich


Oiliolla Caisfhiaclach

Eochaid Foltleathan

Aonghus Tuirimheach



Fergus I






Conaire Mor


Corbred I



Modha Lamha

Conaire II

Corbred of Dal Riata







Eochaid Muin-remor

Erc of Dal n’Araide

Fergus Mor (d. 501)

Domangart (501-506)

Gabràn Dal Riata (537-559)

Aedàn Mac Gabràn of Scots (574-608) (d. 608)

King Eochaid of ALBA (608-630)

King Donald Brecc of ALBA (630-643)

King Domangart II of ALBA (659-673)

King Eochaid II of ALBA (695-696)

King Eochaid III of ALBA (726-733)

King Aed Find of ALBA (748-778)

King Eochaid IV of ALBA (748-778) (d. 781) = Unuisticc of Fortrenn

King Alpin of ALBA, King of Kintyre (d. 834)

King Coinneach (Kenneth) I of Scotland (d. 859)

King Constantin (Constantine) II of Scotland (d. 877)

King Dòmhnall (Donald) II of Scotland, “Ban” (d. 900)

King Maolchaluim (Malcolm) I of Scotland (d. 954)

King Coinneach II of Scotland (d. 995) = an Irish Princess of Leinster

King Maolchaluin (Malcolm) II of Scotland (d. 1034) = Aelfgifu of Ossory

Princess Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland = Crinan (Grimus), Thane of Atholl, Abbot of Dunkeld

King Donnchadh (Duncan) I of Scotland “the Gracious” (d. 1040) = Aelflaed

King Maolchaluim (Malcolm) III of Scotland, “Canmore” (d. 1093) = Saint Margaret of England, descendant of Alfred

Edith of Scotland = King Henry I of England

Princess Matilda of England

King Henry II of England

King John of England

King Henry III of England

King Edward I of England

King Edward II of England

King Edward III of England

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, England

Queen Catherine of Castile

King Juan of II Castile

Queen Isabella I of Spain

Queen Juana of Spain

Emperor Charles V of Holy Roman Empire

February 24, 1500

King Philip II of Spain, Portugal and the Philippines

King Philip III of Spain and the Philippines

Queen Anne de Austria of France

King Louis XIV of France

Dauphine Louis de France

King Philip V de Bourbon of Spain

Luisa de Bourbon - Ponce de Leon

Pablo Ponce de Leon of Cuyo

Isidro Ponce de Leon

Fernando Ponce de Leon

Genara Reinoso

Eusebio Reinoso

Pedro Rienoso

Bruna Acosta

Restituto Acosta

Sabas Cristobal Robles Acosta born in 1935 in El Nido, Philippines

Raymund Ustares Acosta, born in 1976 in Roxas, Palawan, The Philippines

Raymund Cristobal Arroyo Acosta, born on Sept 23, 2011 in Puerto Princesa City

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