Zombies please

Started by Mike Stangel on Thursday, August 11, 2016
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Hanna Logan has several zombie children.

Karl David Wright They are now public.

Thank you!

Please make this husband and wife public.
Gyula Hausz

Hi Roy, the profiles are in the sweet spot that curators can't make public. The profile manager is active so perhaps a messge to them woukd work. Leanne

I thought the cut off point was 150 years, so anyone born before 1869 should no longer be private. Their daughter was born 1880, so I cant believe she was conceived when the couple were 11 years old.

That specific profile and the wife is without any dates, not even estimated, marked private even if marked as deceased.

However, as you tell, and which Leanne probably did not check, you are correct about the daughter, which by the way is a public profile, so keeping the parents private makes no sense anyhow, except if it is because the manager are uncertain about them, so if you could help adding dates or correcting to the profile that would be of big help.

The profile manager has now buried them (in the positive sense) so its Onward and backward once again. Roy

Showing 2791-2799 of 2799 posts

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