ATTENTION Curators, please assist

Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, February 23, 2018
Problem with this page?


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Curators, please make public the following profile of a famous living person:

* Cardinal Justin Francis Rigali

Dear curators,

Please remove a person Ghost person Cannot delete This will split two not related trees - of Unknown Sverlova (second great grandmother) and Mikhail (Movsha) Sverdlov (a person not in our family).

Thank you very much,

Private User
Pls check

Angus Wood-Salomon

Thank you!!

Can someone help me with this abandoned tree - Fabian Veve

I've stacked several merges that can't be completed.

Thank you!

It has been drawn to my attention that I made an incorrect merge on Canon James Drummond back in \august 2016 which seems to have made his father-in-law into his father!
Is it possible to undo the damage?
With my thanks and profuse apologies!

Private User

Private User thank you for the explanations which explain why this is not something solvable via Geni Create A Document. One can always PDF the page and load that PDF into the desired profile. I was looking to automate that to eliminate effort, but with the logins holding sway, it's probably not going to happen. This isn't something I do often, but this particular record is going to be of note to another cousin who is trying to direct a new connection on both the Ancestry and Geni ends. The new connection may be a fourth cousin to both of us ... something fairly rare to "bourgeois" Ashkenazim.

How can i continue with my research without a credit card. i click on free family search. with the |FREE in mind. now i must pay. Why? who is going to pay me for my info i put on the site?

The site familysearch are still free, but require registration and login from now. You are not going to be asked for a credit-card when registering.

Hello Rina Britz,

I have been on sinse 2013 and have NOT paid anything, you can go as far as 5,000 ancestors, family ect without paying, if you want to SEE more you have to pay. Just click on geni pro for free.... hope you can figure it out. I have been able to add more than 4,000 profiles myself (from other sites) and still going strong. Good luck!


A relative of mine (Miriam Rudnick) currently is a sibling of herself (Miriam Rudnick). I have requested that these profiles be merged, but no one has responded. Can someone help me complete the merge? They also have a duplicative child, and a duplicative spouse.

Thanks so much!

Anna Glenn Her parents are virtually UNKNOWN but there are 3 sets of parents in the tree for her. Please split.

Hello, I would like some help with disconnecting the parents of Mary Bryan Vanhoose, listed at this link Mary B. VanHoose (Bryan)

A group of about 200 descendants have been working in a Facebook group for about 3 years trying both paper trail and DNA to confirm her parents but we have not yet found them. The Boone Society does not recognize Mary Bryan Vanhoose as the daughter of Mary Boone & William Christopher Bryan. The reason so many people have them listed as her parents in their trees is due to it being published in a book that had no sources. Per the Boone Society, the Mary Bryan that is the daughter of Mary Boone and William Christopher Bryan married Joseph Ingels. I am still working on using DNA to find her parents and having Geni showing William Bryan as her parent is impacting my ability to use Geni to validate other Bryans. Would you please help? Thank you so much!

Need some help with a merge. This should not of happened and I'm not sure how to undo someone elses work.

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Thank you so much for all the help Angus Wood-Salomon

Looks good. Thank you Angus!

Please complete the merge.

David Knauer

Private User

Thank you Angus Wood-Salomon - I have now given Canon James Drummond his correct father as per the message recently sent to me, and as per the information given in the Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886.

need unmerged - not comfort able with it

going back to top of long's work down - been arouund the barnyard in Greene county Indiana with them

ATTENTION Curators, please assist

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This family is in Private mode and now another Branáa Formento is died
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