ATTENTION Curators, please assist

Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, February 23, 2018
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Just a reminder while Geni has some perdormance issues.
You can use Google to search for a public profile on Geni by adding to your search,

Example to search on Google for wilhelmus zoutenbier on Geni use

wilhelmus zoutenbier

ATTENTION Curators, please assist

Falleció el día 28 de Diciembre de 2017
This family is in Private mode
the son is dead 02/27/2018

Angus Wood-Salomon you are a star! Thank you so much for all the help! Ah, and with a little more thought I could have figured out for myself that the line from my father up would be direct, sorry about that. Thank you for all the patient help! Have a great week!

Could someone please complete the mergers for these profiles:


Rosa Rehbock


Hugo Rehbock

Hugo Rehbock

Thank you!

This is an old problem, but in the process of reviewing some information and tidying it up, I thought I'd post this one again in case anyone is now able to do something about it.

Angus (@Angus is not working for me, sorry!) kindly made them master profiles to prevent further errors, but it would be really nice if all of those MyHeritage Smart Matches could either be unhitched or their owners informed. MH will not allow me to contact them as I only have a free account.

Is there any new functionality which would allow this, and/or is there someone who is a member of MH who is game to take on messaging all of the owners of the matches to inform them that they're wrong?

This Thomas Marsham is not the father of this Col. Richard Marsham. (It's correct on Geni except for those pesky linked Smart Matches!)

Hi Melanie, there is no functionality that I know of that will do that for you.

Unfortunately it is the downside of internet trees - once someone gets the wrong information it spawns across internet trees and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only way to get rid of it, that I know of, is to manually contact everyone who has it wrong and detail the evidence to show that it is wrong. Even this may not work for a multitude of reasons
1) they may have left the site
2) they may be unwilling to change their data
3) they may disagree with your findings and hopefully have a debate with you about it.

I have tried this for many years for sites that say my mother died in 1970 when she is still very much alive today.

My suggestion is to write a report outlining all of your research and why Geni is correct (and the others wrong) and including that in the overview of the profile. (Also attach it as a document). A well written report might, over time, make the others change their trees.


The more detailed and sourced we make our Geni profiles, the more they will copy from us instead of the other way around.

Alex Moes my point is that any changes in order to improve something can be done step by step, that's why I wrote "or similar", so to replace that bad Google translation is just one step, the final result will eventually come when people reacts on other words in the meaning, that could be replaced with a better or more suiting one. It hasn't have to be perfect at once.

Thanks, Leanne M (Volunteer Curator - Australia) 🇦🇺 and Erica Howton.

That must be frustrating that other sites have actually recorded your mother's death, Leanne!

Yes, I would go about contacting them had I access, but unfortunately cannot. I don't know how MH works - whether they get Smart Match prompts and look at Geni profiles as well?

True, Erica, and I try to always post links to sources or at least show where I've sourced my info, and don't take much at face value these days. (This has been a learning process of course and we all get better at sourcing good info!) I'm currently a short-term member of Ancestry and have managed to convince a couple of people of their errors by showing them my Geni profiles with the sources.

I did write fairly clear notes on all of the Geni profiles concerned but perhaps I'll go back to it and add more when I have time to dig up my old notes. (I'm now in the middle of another muddle on the different branch I've been working on, which I'll probably have to post on shortly...)

Now this is my current issue.

I started merging this and associated profiles because I noticed that someone had created a Martha Hart who married a Thomas Pankhurst, and my Martha Hart married a Thomas Penkhurst. However as I get more deeply into it, I suspect that the other tree may be in error with assuming this marriage and there may be two Thomases, so I think that the best thing to do for now is to unmerge them all and try to clarify who is who in the whole scenario before attempting to fix it all up.

So would someone be able to look at the merge done on Martha Pankhurst and also check her husband Thomas and two children Martha and Thomas? If you could revert all of the profiles to their earlier state (of about 2-3 hours ago), that would be ideal.

(And btw, what is the "recent publicity" which is to blame for slowing Geni down, can someone tell me?)

Melanie, I’ve unmerged the two families.

Dear Sirs,
first - excuse my english please, my german seems to be much better - but I 've a question:
I worked on a family tree and I got wrong information. So
- how can I delate wrong parents
- how can I split a familiy tree and
- how can I link another familiy tree to the splittet one?

Best regards
Erich scz

this one is the tree to be splittet
(Jan's Parent's ar not Michael and Elsbietha) is the one to be linked with Jan's Family tree ...

Private User
Please advise name of son who died 02/27/2018

Daniel or Marcel

I need some help and Geni's having problems. It keeps saying that the session has timed out.

I need someone moved on the tree as I found a bit of a tangle. It was difficult to load as geni is having a bit of a nutty on my end.

Let's see if I can break it down. Marie Charlotte's tree has a few things wrong:

Jacques Blouin: Jacques Blouin is married to two women. That is true as per Nos origines and wikitree:

However, Augustin's mother was NOT Marie Genieve Plante (Don't know why Racine is there as that's not her last name).

Augustin's mother was this lady who is already attached to the right father. He just needs to be moved around:

Here's the right mom:

Marie-Genevieve Blouin

Please put the guy with the right mother. I know geni is being a pain right now. Dunno what's up with that. Please fix this tree. Use Wikitree to compare and Nos Origines. All you need to do is move the kid to the right mother.

What happened was someone made two Racines and put the guy into that one you see. It's easy to get confused since they were both named Genevieve.

Falleció el día 02/27/2018
He had 1 brother Marcel and a sister Noemi

Sorry, I'm not the sharpest knife in the block - especially using Geni. I have had a computer for 18 months & I've got a lot to learn. I just received an email from Geni about how to contact a Curator which totally confused me.I thought that after I posted my query that I would me contacted. You should take into account that not all people are Eiensteins when it comes to computers. Saying that I do like Geni & I think your search option is brilliant. Also I am considering joining Geni Pro but as you give the fee in American dollars I have to find out the equivalent Australian Dollars.

Jennifer Margaret Spellacy You came to the right place. Just post any request for help here We have several curators in Australia.

Thanks very much Anne Brannen.

I have now tidied up my Martha and her family, but I believe that there are still problems in this family: - whom I suspect to be a Kent family, unrelated to the Framfield/Mayfield Harts and Penkhursts/Pankhursts (the spelling varied from parish to parish, it seems).

I'll message the managers of individual profiles (of which you seem to be one) about specific matters, but I see that there's still a duplicate Richard which I don't really want to touch as I don't know enough about the family. My feeling is that the wife and mother Martha and the child Martha need to be removed completely from that family, and that their Thomases (father and son) are different Pankhursts from mine.

I need help breaking the link between [Karl Johan Johansson] to Tobias Eliasson [Tobias Eliasson] and Johanna Olivia Tobiasson [Johanna Olivia Eliasson].

There are two Karl Johan Tobiasson and the source for [Karl Johan Johansson] is []

Private User, the link has been broken now.


Dear curators,
could you please consider merging these pairs of duplicate profiles? Each would connect a disjoint tree, so your help is needed.

Saul S. Shafritz
Saul S. Shafritz

Rose Abramowitz
Rose Abramowitz

Harold Bloomberg
Harold Bloomberg


Thanks a lot Private User !!

Dimitri Vulis,
I completed the merges.

Could Someone please merge the following profiles:

Capitán Hernán Martín Serrano, II


Capitán Hernán Martín Serrano, II

It appear (if I am not mistaken) I am the 3rd person to have requested the merge from the managers. They are definitely the same person and I would be grateful for any help I might receive merging into the tree. Thanks again.


Marcella Nichole Hoff

Please check that tree carefully, some of the dates seem questionable

Hello, Could someone please unmerge the following profile: Jonas Jansson . Thank you in advance.

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