Zombies please

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Zombies please.
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A "zombie" is a profile of a deceased person that is incorrectly marked as living. The purpose of this thread is to help get "zombies" marked deceased.

Case A. A Geni user passes away

If a Geni user passes away, use the Report function on their profile to notify Geni Customer Services that the profile is now deceased. Only Geni Customer Services can mark deceased any profile that was a Geni user, no matter how recently or otherwise the person actually logged in to Geni.

Case B. A profile of a person who was never a Geni user is incorrectly marked living, when they are in fact deceased

If you see such a profile on Geni, see if you can mark the profile deceased yourself. If you can't, contact the profile manager(s) and ask them to mark the profile deceased. Alternatively, you can contact users in the family of the profile that is deceased.

Give people a reasonable time to respond to messages - a week or two is reasonable. Not everyone is online every day.

If you have tried these options and failed, then consider posting the profile URL in this discussion.

If you can't get to the exact profile URL, be specific - e.g. "the partner of [partner's URL]"

Curators are generally able to mark deceased any profile on Geni that is incorrectly marked as living if the profile was not a Geni user.

If the profile was born more than 150 years ago, curators can generally also mark the profile public.

Please be prepared to provide evidence of the age of the profile and that the person is indeed deceased if that is not obvious.

If you have details of date / place of death and / or burial, please provide those details too.

Please note that the above mechanisms are intended to be used for profiles that were deceased some time ago. If the profile is of someone very recently deceased, give the family time to grieve, and let them decide when they are ready to mark their family member deceased.

Above all, be courteous and patient.

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