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Started by David Embrey on Friday, August 20, 2010
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The new Merge Center functionality is GREAT! I would expect that merge issues will start decreasing dramatically with the new rules that are applied to this functionality, as I am finally able to merge profiles that were once hanging with uncooperative managers.

I am, however, concerned that the rule changes will make it much easier for bad merges to be completed. I am making a plea to my fellow collaborators to please walk through information provided on pending merges and eliminate any doubt in your mind to merge BEFORE committing the merge. Primary examples I have run across are merges on children profiles based on the same given name, when there were actually 2 children with the same given name, where the first died as a young child, and a second had the same name as the first.

Thanks for reading, and happy merging!


I'm afraid I can't quite figure out what the ability to check multiple boxes is supposed to do. If I go to the pending merges page, pick multiple things and then click to view, it shows me only the first one and then never brings to to the next. Nor does it bring me back to the main pending merges page.

Another thing: if I click on No they're different, the merge doesn't happen, but the wrong profiles never get unstacked.

I agree. I merged a few profiles today and hope that I didn't make that mistake! It's amazing how often names were reused after the death of a child.

One concern that I had with the new merge is with data that you know is incorrect. If someone was born on July 7, 1650 (example) and 10 collaborators have agreed to that and you are merging with someone that has that same person listed as c. 1650 or worse, a bad date like July 17, 1650, then you can't change the other profile before the merge. I wonder what Geni does with that. Do they ask the other person to verify which one is correct still?


One problem I've also noticed is that the same name in multiple generations often leads to mistaken merges.

If everyone kindly provided their information source f.x. a copy of the register record, it would be easier to avoid mistakes, as we say in Denmark facts are able to kill any good discussion.

Yes Anders, putting a source or a bit of the family tree in the "overview' tab makes:

- the merge more accurate
- the merge more timely
- saves lookup time
- saves lookup of BAD sources
- therefore, stops the proliferation of BAD data on the internet

Horrah David !

I second & third his lines of -

"I am making a plea to my fellow collaborators to PLEASE walk through information provided on pending merges and eliminate any doubt in your mind to merge BEFORE committing the merge. Primary examples I have run across are merges on children profiles based on the same given name, when there were actually 2 children with the same given name, where the first died as a young child, and a second had the same name as the first."

Also I keep getting the following message "We are experiencing technical difficulties" which is a real pain.

Alice Zoe Marie Knapp we just released a fix for this issue. Can you try again and let me know how it goes?

It is a bit of an issue if dates are wildly varying. I make the assumption that if a large number of people agree that "A" was born in say 1750, and one person says they were born in c.1780, the majority must have it right. Unless they have proven otherwise, of course. I'm snowed under here at the moment, with work commitments, but shall try to take a day soon, to upload documents backing my own data.

David K, agreed. There doesn't seem to be a way to unstack improperly stacked profiles anymore. This needs to be fixed.

I have always had a problem unstacking using the error wizard. That is, I will un-merge, but the bad profile keeps coming back and trying to be merged.) To me, it's the hot match algorithm at fault, not the merge center.

Has anyone tried UNmatching the profile and seeing if that cleans up the stack better?

Noah, I have the same Issue as Alice. It has been this way all weekend except for a few minutes. If i check the collaborators box it goes away but as soon as I unchecked the box, it came back. This happens only on the profile merges. Help request sent but of course no help on the weekends!

It looks like the first half of my earlier complaint is browser-dependent. It doesn't work properly with IE7, but it does with IE8.

We're working on the issue that is preventing you from loading new pages of your profile merges tab in the merge center.

Can someone give me an example of not being able to remove a profile from a stack? I haven't been able to reproduce that one.

Noah, removing profiles from the stack wasn't working for me on Friday, but for some reason, it is working for me today. I cannot reproduce it, either...

When I try to go to my merge center I can get into the main part of it but then if I click on "profile merges" I get a message that "we are experiencing technical difficulties".

I've gotten this message every time I click on there -- since early Sunday morning.

I CAN get into the "Tree Matches", the "Tree Conflicts" and "Data Conflicts".

BUT NOT >> the "Profile Merges"


- Thanks

P.S. The first few days of the new merge center I was able to get in there fine.

And btw >> I LOVE the new merge center (as long as it works). :D :D

Kim, I have had the same problem since since Friday. No response from Geni help.

We're aware of the problem and have an engineer working on it. Sorry for the difficulties!

Michael, good, I'm glad that you're aware of it and that an engineer is working on it.


Eldon, as a temporary work around until the above issue gets fixed (and also in order to give myself something to do) if i go to the merge center I am able to click on the "Tree Conflicts" tab and then I can check the box that includes collaborators -- then the tab for collaborator merge issues appears and by going there i can work on my collaborator merge issues so I still have lots to keep me occupied.


I can give you projects to work on if you want.

I am currently figuring out and relating up:

- Cherokee Indian "big chiefs" from 1650-1850 and American trader intermarriages (de-tangling / adding / connecting)

- just getting started on Shawnee and Creek, same time period / geography / scope

- Mayflower-immigrants (de-tangling)

- Norman-Anglo knights (de-tangling)

I think others could use help in other areas.

Kim, I know that will work but That takes me from 300+ merges and growing, to 24000+ You would think that 4 or 5 days would be long enough. No response from Geni help yet or on my other problems yet. I am about to give up on Geni. It is not ready for prime time. They should just label it as a pre beta and call the users testers

We've fixed the issue that prevented some users from viewing some pages of their merge center profile merges tab.

Thanks Noah. It's fixed now for my "Profile Merges" tab, but I still can't get past page 1 of my "Tree Conflicts".

Noah: There's also a bug where if I go to the profile of a collaborator and look at their "nearby merge issues", and go to page 2 of their issues, it takes me to page 2 of my issues instead, though the heading still says I am looking at the other person's merge issues.

Thanks Noah, mine is working now.

Okay Erika, you can send me some and I'll see if I can help in some of those areas (but the de-tangling confuses me a bit -- I don't want to tangle anything up worse! lol).

I don't understand
What is actually happening when I request a merge? The merge dissapear from my merge center but I can't find it anywhere else - I can't see my pending merges and can't find out who is irresponsive and who actually is merging the requested merge. Earlier I had a "list" of pending merges in my merge issues as well as in the sent requestions, now they just dissapear - or what!!

Earlier you had an opinion of who of your collaborators have put you on auto-accept.
Now you only can see "strange no auto" but you dont have a meaning of why!!

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