Bernard II, duke of Saxony

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Bernard II Billung, Duke of Saxony

English (default): Bernard II, Duke of Saxony, German: Bernhard II, Herzog von Sachsen, Danish: Hertug Bernhard II Billung, af Sachsen, Swedish: Bernhard Ii Billung av Sachsen, Duke of Saxony
Birthplace: Namur, Namur, Wallonie, Belgium
Death: June 29, 1059 (63-64)
Lüneburg, Braunscheig/Lüneburg, Deutschland(HRR)
Place of Burial: Lüneburg, Braunschweig/Lüneburg, Deutschland(HRR)
Immediate Family:

Son of Bernard I, duke of Saxony and Hildegard von Stade, duchess of Saxony
Husband of Eilika of Schweinfurt
Father of Ordulf III, duke of Saxony; Gertrude of Saxony, Countess of Flanders; Hermann Prinz von Sachsen; Ida of Saxony and Hadwig Billung?
Brother of Herman Billung; Thietmar von Sachsen; Äbtissin Godesti von Sachsen, princess, abbess von Meteln & Herford and Matilde von Sachsen, Princesse
Half brother of Emma von Sachsen, Princesse

Occupation: Duke of Saxony, Hertug, Duque de Sachsen, Herzog 1011-59, Greve av ballenstedt/Hertug a, Duke, Unknown GEDCOM info: Hertug af Sachsen, Greve af Billung Unknown GEDCOM info: 0, Hertug af Sachsen, Duke of Saxony 1011-1059.ger, Hertig, DUKE OF SAXONY, Greve
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About Bernard II, duke of Saxony

2. BERNHARD (after 990-29 Jun 1059, bur Lüneburg St Michael). The Annalista Saxo names "duce Bernhardo, filius eius Bernhardus" when recording his succession to his father in 1011 as BERNHARD II Herzog in Sachsen[330]. As "Bernard Duke of Westfalia", he signed the 1013 document of Heinrich II King of Germany under which the king renewed his settlement of a dispute over Gandersheim, listed first among the lay signatories[331]. The Annalista Saxon records that he rebelled against Emperor Heinrich in 1020, captured "Scalkesburh", but withdrew and was restored to his properties after the intercession of the empress[332]. "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" renewed the privileges of Kloster Fulda by undated charter, placed in the compilation with other charters dated 1020, witnessed by "Godifridi ducis, Berinhardi ducis, Thiederici ducis, Welphonis comitis, Cunonis comitis, Kunrati comitis, Ottonis comitis, Adilbrahtis comitis, Bobonis comitis, Friderici comitis, Bezilini comitis, Ezonis comitis palatini"[333], the order of witnesses presumably giving some idea of the relative importance of these named nobles at the court of Emperor Heinrich II at the time. Adam of Bremen records the death in 1059 of "Bernardus Saxonum dux"[334]. The necrology of Lüneburg records the death "29 Jun" of "Bernhardus dux"[335]. m ([1020]%29 EILIKA von Schweinfurt, daughter of HEINRICH von Schweinfurt Markgraf der Nordgau & his wife Gerberga [von Hammerstein] ([1000]-10 Dec after [1055/56]). The Annalista Saxo names "Eilica…filia marchionis Heinrici de Suinvorde" as wife of "Bernhardus iunior"[336]. The necrology of Lüneburg records the death "10 Dec" of "Eila ducissa"[337]. Duke Bernhard II & his wife had five children:

a) ORDULF [Otto] ([1020]-28 Mar 1072, bur Lüneburg St Michaelis). The Annalista Saxo names "Odulfum ducem et Herimannum comitem" as the two sons of Duke Bernhard & his wife, when recording that he succeeded his father in 1059 as ORDULF Herzog von Sachsen[338].

- see below.

b) HERMANN (-1086). The Annalista Saxo names "Odulfum ducem et Herimannum comitem" as the two sons of Duke Bernhard & his wife, specifying that the latter died "sine legitimis liberis"[339]. In a later passage it records the death in 1086 of "Herimannus comes, patruus Magni ducis, sine legitimis liberis"[340]. Graf 1059/80.

c) GERTRUD of Saxony (Schweinfurt [1028]-Veurne 4 Aug 1113, bur Veurne). The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names "filiam Bernardi Saxonum comitis Gertrudem" as wife of "Robertus", specifying that she was "viduam Florentii comitis Fresonum"[341]. The Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the marriage of Count Floris and "Gertrudim filiam Hermanni ducis Saxonum"[342], "Hermanni" being an error for "Bernardi" as the former would be impossible chronologically. "Gertrudis" is named as wife of "Roberti Frisonis" in the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin, which does not give her origin[343]. The Genealogia ex stirpe Sancti Arnulfi names "Idam Namucensem…uxorem Angelberti marchionis et Gertrudem comitissam Flandrensem" as children of "Bernardum"[344]. The Annales Egmundani specify that Robert acquired the "comitatum Hollandiæ et Fresiæ" by marrying Gertrud[345]. [The necrology of the abbey of Saint-Denis records the death "XV Kal Aug" of "Gertrudis comitissa"[346]. It is uncertain whether this entry relates to the widow of Count Floris and Count Robert.] Beke's Egmondsch Necrologium records the death "IV die Aug" of "Gheertrudis…" and her burial in Flanders[347]. [A manuscript catalogue of benefactors to Eversham monastery records the death “1 aprilis” 1113 of “Robertus Hierosolymitanus...Gertrudis mater eius”[348]. The accuracy of this source is unknown. The latest date recorded is 1629, but it is not known whether the document represents a later compilation based on earlier sources.] m firstly ([1050]%29 FLORIS I Count of Holland, son of DIRK III Count of Holland & his wife Othelindis [von Haldensleben-Nordmark] ([1010/21]- Hamerth 28 Jun 1061, bur Egmond). m secondly (1063) ROBERT de Flandre, son of BAUDOUIN V "le Pieux/Insulanus" Count of Flanders & his wife Adela de France ([1035]-13 Oct 1093). Count of Holland 1062-1071, during the minority of his stepson. He succeeded his nephew 1071 as ROBERT I "le Frison" Count of Flanders.

d) [HEDWIG (-1 Jun [after 1100]). The Genealogia ex stirpe Sancti Arnulfi names "Idam Namucensem…uxorem Angelberti marchionis et Gertrudem comitissam Flandrensem" as children of "Bernardum"[349]. It is not certain to whom "Angelberti marchionis" refers, but it is possible that it is Engelbert [I] Graf von Sponheim whose father was Markgraf. It is not certain to whom "Angelberti marchionis" refers, but it is possible that it is Engelbert [I] Graf von Sponheim whose father was Markgraf. Wegener points out that a Saxon origin for Engelbert is consistent with the introduction of the names Bernhard and Heinrich into the family of the Grafen von Sponheim[350]. However, if she was the daughter of Duke Bernhard, she must have been born in the range [1020/40]. This seems early in light of the known career dates of Engelbert [I]'s children. Engelbert's wife is named "Hadwich cometissa Engelberti relicta" in the Fundatio Sancti Pauli in Carinthia[351]. The necrology of Regensburg St Emmeran records the death "Kal Jun" of "Hadewich coma"[352]. m ENGELBERT [I] Graf von Sponheim und im Pustertal, son of SIEGFRIED Graf von Sponheim und im Pustertal ex-Markgraf & his wife Richgard [Sieghardinger] (-1 Apr 1096).]

e) IDA (-31 Jul 1102, bur Namur). The Genealogia ex stirpe Sancti Arnulfi names "Idam Namucensem…uxorem Angelberti marchionis et Gertrudem comitissam Flandrensem" as children of "Bernardum"[353]. "Ida" is named as wife of "Albertus comes Namucensis" in the Chronicon Sancti Huberti, which specifies that "prius fuerat uxor ducis Frederici", but her origin is not given[354]. On her marriage, she brought her husband extensive lands north-east of Bouillon which later formed the county of Laroche[355]. According to the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines, her husband's claim to Bouillon was through the property brought by his wife[356]. The necrology of Brogne records the death "II Kal Aug" of "Ida comitissa Namurcensis"[357]. m firstly as his second wife, FREDERIC II Duke of Lower Lotharingia, Vogt of Stablo and Malmédy, son of FRIEDRICH Graf im Moselgau, Vogt of Stablo and Malmédy [Luxembourg] & his wife [-- von Hammerstein] [Konradiner] (-28 Aug 1065, bur Stablo). m secondly ([1065/66]) ALBERT III Comte de Namur, son of ALBERT II Comte de Namur & his wife Regilindis of Lower Lotharingia (before 10 Aug 1035-22 Jun 1102).


Bernard II, Duke of Saxony

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Bernard II (c. 995 – 29 June 1059) was the Duke of Saxony (1011 – 1059), the third of the Billung dynasty, a son of Bernard I and Hildegard. He had the rights of a count in Frisia.

Bernard expanded the powers of the duke in Saxony and is regarded as the greatest of the Billungers. He was originally a supporter of Emperor Henry II and he accompanied him into Poland and negotiated the treaty of Bautzen of 1018. In 1019-1020, he revolted and gained the recognition of the tribal laws of Saxony, something his father had just failed to do. He returned then to war with the Slavs and drew them into his sphere of power and influence through their leader, Godescalc (Gottschalk).

He supported Conrad II in 1024 and his son Henry III, though he began to fear the latter for his closeness to the Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen, an inveterate enemy of the dukes of Saxony. Though he was a critical ally of the Danes, so fundamental to Henry's wars in the Low Countries, Bernard was on the brink of rebellion until the death of Adalbert. The remainder of his reign, however, was quiet.

In 1045, he erected the Alsterburg in Hamburg. He died in 1059 and was succeeded without incident by his son Ordulf. He is buried in the Church of Saint Michael in Lüneburg.

Issue of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony and Eilika of Schweinfurt

   * Gertrude of Saxony (c. 1030 – August 4, 1113) Married: Floris I, Count of Holland, Married (secondly): Robert I, Count of Flanders

* Ordulf, Duke of Saxony (c. 1020 – March 28, 1072) Married: Ulfhilde or Wulfhilde of Norway (c. 1023 - May 24, 1070), daughter of Saint & King Olaf II (St.Olaf) of Norway & Astrid of Sweden
* Hermann
* Ida of Saxony Married: Albert III, Count of Namur

   * The Royal Ancestry Bible Royal ancestors of 300 American Families By Michel L. Call ISBN 1-933194-22-7 (chart 1557)

* Per Frederick Lewis Weis' Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came To America Before 1700 (7th ed.), Gertrude is not a daughter of Elica von Schweinfurt, but of an unnamed 2nd wife.

Regjeringstid: Sachsen: 1011 - 1059

Født: ukjent

Død: 1059

Foreldre: Bernhard I av Sachsen,

Hildegard av Stade

Ektefelle‍(r): Eilika av Schweinfurt

Barn: Ordulf av Sachsen






Bernhard II av Sachsen (fødselsår ukjent, død i 1059) var sønn av hertug Bernhard I av Sachsen og Hildegard av Stade. Han etterfulgte sin far som hertug av Sachsen i 1011. Han hadde et anspent forhold til Henrik II og med de religiøse myndighetene i Hamburg-Bremen. Videre kjempet han mot sorberne. Han var gift med Eilika av Schweinfurt, markgrev Henrik Is datter, og sammen fikk de barna:

Ordulf av Sachsen (1022-1072)

Herman (-1086)

Gertrud (-1115), gift med grev Floris I av Holland (-1061) i 1050 og med grev Robrecht I av Flandern (-1093) i 1063

Ida (-1102), gift med hertug Fredrik av Nieder-Lothringen (-1065) og med grev Albert III av Namur (-1102)

Hadwig, gift med grev Engelbert I av Spanheim (-1096).

 Noted events in his life were:

• Acceded: Duke of Saxony, 1011.

Bernhard married Elika von Schweinfurt, daughter of Henry von Schweinfurt and Gerberge von Henneberg, circa 1020. (Elika von Schweinfurt was born circa 1000 and died after 1055.)


Bernhard II. (Sachsen)

aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

Bernhard II. (* nach 990; † 29. Juni 1059) aus der Familie der Billunger war seit dem Jahr 1011 Herzog in Sachsen. Er war der Sohn von Herzog Bernhard I. und Hildegard. Sein jüngerer Bruder war Thietmar.

Er war Vogt zu Lüneburg, Verden, Möllenbeck, Minden, Herford, Kemnade und Fischbeck und besaß Grafenrechte bis nach Friesland hin.

Den Kaiser Heinrich II. unterstützte er nur lasch gegen Polen und vermittelte 1018 den Frieden von Bautzen.

1019/20 rebellierte er und erzwang die Anerkennung aller Stammesrechte.

Mit Hilfe von Fürst Gottschalk band er die Slawen wieder enger ans Reich. 1024 erkannte er Konrad II. an.

Er stand gegen die Grafen von Stade und von Werl. Ferner gegen die Erzbischöfe von Bremen und die sächsischen Bischöfe, ab 1043 besonders gegen den Erzbischof Adalbert von Bremen, dem er die Schuld am Tod seines Bruders gab. Thietmar soll angeblich 1048 einen Mordanschlag auf Heinrich III. geplant haben.

1045 ließ er die Alsterburg in Hamburg errichten. Nach seinem Tod wurde er in der St.-Michaelis-Kirche in Lüneburg begraben.


Bernhard II. war verheiratet mit Eilika († 10. Dezember nach 1055/1056), einer Tochter des Heinrich von Schweinfurt, Markgraf des Nordgau. Er hatte mit ihr fünf Kinder:

  • Ordulf (Otto) († 28. März 1072) Herzog von Sachsen, begraben in St. Michaelis in Lüneburg ∞ I November 1042 Wulfhild von Norwegen († 24. Mai 1071) Tochter des Königs Olav II. Haraldsson
  • Hermann († 1088) Graf 1059/80
  • Gertrud († 4. August 1089 (oder 1093), ∞ I Floris I. Graf von Holland (ermordet 28. Juni 1061 bei Hemert) (Gerulfinger), ∞ II 1063 Robert I. der Friese († 13. Oktober 1092, 1062/71 Graf von Holland, 1071 Graf von Flandern
  • Ida († 31. Juli 1101) Erbin von Laroche (Ardennen) ∞ I Friedrich († 28. August 1065) 1046 Herzog von Lothringen (Wigeriche), ∞ II 1065/66 Albert III. († 22. Juni 1102) Graf von Namur, 1035 bezeugt (Haus Namur)
  • Hadwig/Hedwig (* um 1030/35, † 17. Juli um 1112), ∞ Engelbert I. († 1. April 1096), Graf von Spanheim, Markgraf von Istrien


  • Ernst Steindorff: Bernhard II., Herzog von Sachsen. In: Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB). Band 2. Duncker & Humblot, Leipzig 1875, S. 435–437.




  • Bernhard I. Herzog von Sachsen 1011–1059


  • Ordulf

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Bernard II Duke of Saxony Reign 1011–1059 Born c. 995 Died 29 June 1059 Predecessor Bernard I Successor Ordulf Consort to Eilika of Schweinfurt Royal House House of Billung Father Bernard I, Duke of Saxony Mother Hildegard

Leo, Europäische Stammtafeln, Band I, Frank Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, 1975, Isenburg, W. K. Prinz von, Reference: Page 10.

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Bernard II, duke of Saxony's Timeline

Namur, Namur, Wallonie, Belgium
Age 16
Duke of Saxony
Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany
Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, BY, Germany
Sachsen, Germany
June 29, 1059
Age 64
Lüneburg, Braunscheig/Lüneburg, Deutschland(HRR)