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Margaret Cave (Cecil)

Псевдоним: "Margaret (Cecil) Cave Smith"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Prestwold, Leicestershire, England
Смерть: Умер в England
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Richard Cecil, MP и Jane Cecil
Жена Ambrose Smith; Roger Cave of Stanford и Erasmus Smith, Esq., of Husbands Bosworth
Мать Lady Elizabeth Cave; Lady Margaret Cave; Cecil Cave; Sir Thomas Cave, of Stanford; Anne Bussy и ещё 2
Сестра William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley; Elizabeth Wingfield (Cecil); Agnes Ann White и Anne White

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About Margaret Cave

Margaret Cecil

  • Birth: 1522/1547 in probably Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
  • Death: After 1586
  • Memorial: Stamford, Lincs: Kneeling effigy on parent's tomb
  • Parents: was born one of the three daughters of Richard Cecil (d 1553[1]), by his wife Jane Heckington, daughter and heiress of William Heckington of Bourne, Lincolnshire. Margaret's mother Jane died in 10 March 1587/8. [2]


  1. Roger Cave (d Jul 25, 1586, son of Thomas Cave). 9 ? Children.
  2. Erasmus (Ambrose) Smith of Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire. No children.


  1. Elizabeth Cave (d 1638) m Walter Bagot of Blithfield (1557-1623)
  2. Frances Cave m Sir Edmund Bussey (son of John Bussey and Elizabeth)
  3. Thomas Cave m Eleanor St John
  4. Margaret Cave m Sir William Skipwith (1559-1610) of Cates, Leicestershire
  5. William Cave m Margaret
  6. Cecil Cave m Anne Bennett
  7. John Cave
  8. Anne Cave m Edward Bussey (is she confused with her sister Frances?)
  9. Dorothy Cave m Mr Hartopp


--- Margaret CECIL - The Smith alias Heriz Pedigree calls her the daughter of Sir William CECIL, but she was more likely his sister.

Margaret married first Sir Roger CAVE of Stamford. Note that Jon Culverhouse, Manager, Burghley, writes that "Margaret was married twice, firstly to Roger Cave and secondly to Ambrose<sic> Smith of Bosworth." Dr. Elisabeth Leedham-Green, Deputy Keeper, Cambridge University Archives, writes: "As to connection [of Rev. Henry SMITH] with William Cecil: here I find myself in difficulty. I have used Barron's Northamptonshire families (1906) which is the source Lord David Cecil gives for the Cecil pedigree and which I therefore take to be probably correct. According to Barron, William's sister Margaret married first Roger Cave of Stamford, Esq., who died 1586, and by whom she had 6 children: Thomas, William, Cecil, John, Frances and Dorothy. She then married, as his second wife, Erasmus Smith of Bosworth, Leics., who had issue by his first wife, but none by Margaret."

According to Order of the Crown of Charlemagne line in volume II of Pedigrees, Margaret and Roger had were parents of Margaret Cave, who married Sir William SKIPWITH, son of Henry SKIPWITH, Esq. and Jane (HALL) NEAL. No evidence has been seen that states that Margaret (CECIL) SMITH had a son named Henry.



  1. The Cecil Family, By George Ravenscroft Dennis. Page 13.
  2. Margaret Cecil
  3. Suffolk Manorial Families, Being the County Visitations and Other ..., Volume 1  edited by Joseph James Muskett.  Page 249.  "Smith of Kilburn."
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Prestwold, Leicestershire, England
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Staffordshire, England
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Northamptonshire, England
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Prestwold, Leicestershire, England
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