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About Markus Strakosch

MARKUS Strakosch, born to Lowi (Löbl) + Pauline Böhm on Nov. 12, 1798], Bučovice Haus #12 (Image 12 of 82 in Czech Jewish Registers at www.; Bučovice Births).

Markus Strakosch, son of Lowy, became Bučovice Familiant No. 12 following "marriage approval" dated Sept. 18, 1828 with Babetta Königsgarten of Bučovice (see in MEDIA).

Bučovice was in the Margraviate of Moravia, which was a crown land of the Bohemian Crown (from 1348 to 1918), an imperial state of Holy Roman Empire (1004 to 1806), and later a crown land of the Austrian Empire (1804 to 1867).


  • Markus Strakosch, 30 + Babette Königsgarten {b. March 5, 1803-d. Aug 5, 1843; Dau of Josua Königsgarten+Zipora Strakosch}, age 26: on 28 October, 1828, Bučovice House #11 image #12 of 31. Witnesses were Löbl Strakosch [groom's father] and Josua Königsgarten [bride's father]. Note: Babette's brother was Baruch Königsgarten {b. 1808} who is on GENI. Babette died Aug. 5, 1843, at age 40.
  • Markus married #2 Rosy Wiltschek on Aug. 5, 1844, Bučovice Marriages, Image 16 of 31. He was 44 and she was 20 (b. 1824).

Children (from Czech Jewish Registers, Bučovice, at

  • 1829 Paŭla b. Oct 8, 1829-d. Sept 8, 1836 @ age 7; Bučovice Haus #215 Births image=32 of 82
  • 1831 Rŭsil b. Feb. 8, 1831 Bučovice Haus #12 image 34 of 82
  • 1832 Johanna b. March 27, 1832-d. June 7, 1832 "at 1 month", Bučovice House #11; Births Image=34 of 82
  • 1833 Cecilia b. Oct 2, 1833 Bučovice Haus #12 image 36 of 82
  • 1835 Isaak (later Ignatz) b. Feb. 4, 1835 Bučovice Haus #15, in Czech Jewish Registers for Bučovice births, Image #37]/82.
  • 1836 Bernhard Strakosch b. Oct. 5, 1836 Bučovice Haus #15 Image 40 of 82.
  • 1839 Jakob b. Aug. 29, 1839 Bučovice Haus #15 Image 46 of 82
  • 1841 Eduard b. Aug. 15, 1841: Czech Jewish Registers Bučovice Births". He was married in Wien: Num. 850 for 1888, 20 May: Eduard Strakosch s/Markus Strakosch and "Balli Konigsgerberg" (=Babette Königsgarten) married Johanna Tesar, d/Franz Tesar and Antonia Kucera (1199117 Jewish marriage records).
  • 1845 Jŭly/Julia Strakosch dau. of Markus Strakosh + 2nd wife Rosy Wiltschek, b. Dec 10 1845 Bučovice House #14, image 57 of 82
  • 1851 Jetty, dau. of Markus Strakosh + 2nd wife Rosy Wiltschek, Bučovice House #14, image 31 of 122

Markus Strakosch died March 30, 1866 in Bučovice Haus #15 (Image 55 of 65 in Bučovice Deaths). By that time there were almost no other Strakosches recorded in Bučovice, where there had once been dozens. Writings of Markus Strakosch's great-granddaughter, Gertrude Reif Kanitz, tell us that Markus's cloth mill was "burned down during the Austrian-Prussian War in 1866." The war took place mostly in June and July of 1866; on July 13, 1866 the Prussians set up long-term headquarters in Brno. Dislike for the Prussians led to the departure of Markus's son, Bernhard Strakosch, for Vienna.


According to the book 1867-1967: Hundert Jahre Hohenauer Zuckerfabrik der Brüder Strakosch (Jakob Baxa), "Word of this family goes back two and a half centuries, but for the older ancestors only names and dates are known. The first of its sons for whom we have proof of ratification, to tell us about their lives, are Salomon Strakosch (1795-1868) and Markus Strakosch (b. 1798). The younger son Markus was in March 1822 admitted as Schön- und Schwarzfärberzunft in "the dyeing guild" based on his "good dyeing record" (p. 9, Baxa). Markus's existence is also recorded in a "testimony" that he made, "for the Archduke Franz's regiment, black and red colored cloth" (October 1826).

In Friedmann, Gutmann, Lieben, Mandl und Strakosch, M.-T. Arnbom writes "Markus is recorded in 1822 in the Schönfarbermeister guild -- an important moment, because the Jews had long struggled to find acceptance in guilds. Now the laws enacted by Emperor Joseph II, granting certain privileges to the Jews, had taken effect. Salomon and Markus have several other brothers, one of whom is Hermann {such a close relation to Hermann Strakosch is not confirmed by Bučovice Birth records in Czech Jewish Registries; he was a cousin of some degree}. Probably due to the family laws that regulated strictly the number of Jewish families in Moravia, Hermann [lived in] Hungary where he worked as a clerk in Sebes. Hermann's son Alexander {born in Hungary, Dec. 3, 1845} pursued a completely different career: reciter and teacher of acting and of how to read, publishing in various encyclopedias. Alexander had been educated entirely in the Jewish tradition intended for rabbis." --M.T. Arnbom Chapter on Familie Strakosch, p. 107.

Markus Strakosch is mentioned in an undergraduate thesis on the history of the Jewish community in Bučovice: " . . . Nathan Rosenthal [writing in 1853] . . . thought the whole idea of ​​a new temple came from Marcus Strakosch, who donated a hundred gold, then conventional currency, for a new sanctuary. Documents show a particular emphasis on the new rabbi's being a spiritual model for the entire Jewish community: "Board of Directors, be careful not to become infatuated with celebrities; choose a man with true piety"."

The thesis also mentions "houses of Jewish families [5 were allowed] located on the square...belonging to other Jewish entrepreneurs such as Rudolf Stiassny (No. 97), Adolf Popper (No. 98), Selig Wltschek (No. 99), Rudolf Strakosch (No. 129), Joseph Strakosch (No. 130), Lazar Stiassny (No. 132), Herrmann Stiassny (No. 139)."

Also mentioned are "the old houses of Lobl Strakosche, Josua Schiller Strakosche Salomon, Abraham Popper, Lobl Friess...." The town was arguing about licensing factories & retail in the Jews' houses under "a commitment to accommodate five Jewish families of court decision of 13 May 1814."

See: by Christine Sromova, Masaryk University, 2011.

From Hugo Gold's Jews and Jewish Communities of Moravia (1929), "The only existing log book [for Bučovice Jewish community] begins 3 January 1847 in which the name of a single mayor and Jewish judge Markus S t r a k o s h appears. According to a communication of Mr. Ignatz Stiassny, Strakosch was a delegate (elector), representing 530 Jewish souls, sent in 1849 [to] the Kremsierer Reichsrat. After 1849 the Jewish community was built. The community was bound to pay to the municipality for cleaning and lighting of the Jewish Town an annual sum of 105 florins CM" (see page 175 (image 185).

Hugo Gold's work appears in pdf at

On the 19th-century new Jewish synagogue in Bučovice: "According to [Nathan] Rosenthal, in 1853 a new synagogue stood. He also tells us that that building was paid for largely by voluntary contributions from members of the village. The generous patrons praised the Salomon Strakosch factory, school superintendent Marcus Hozeho, some Stiassny -- Lazarus Jr., and Moses -- Josua Kohn, Schuller. Municipal official David Spitzer not only donated a large sum, but also assumed the role of building inspection. The idea of ​​building a new church in the community said to have come first from Marcus Strakosch, who spent his hundred gold (then conventional currency). That decision was born in Strakoschově head right around mid-century, perhaps connected with rozháranými ratios between the municipality and its spiritual shepherd. We know, thanks to historian Hugh Gold, that at this time Bučovice Rabbi Nathan Zorn left after disputes with the Jewish community. Then Slavkov Rabbi Hirsch Duschak worked in the city, temporarily. The Bučovice synagogue was built in the Romanesque style. It was a beautiful and splendid building" [demolished in 1965]. From , also the source of the photographs in MEDIA.

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Markus Strakosch's Timeline

November 10, 1798
Bučovice, near Brno
October 8, 1829
Age 30
South Moravia
February 8, 1831
Age 32
South Moravia
March 27, 1832
Age 33
South Moravia
October 2, 1833
Age 34
South Moravia
February 4, 1835
Age 36
Bučovice, South Moravian Region
October 5, 1836
Age 37
Bučovice, near Brno
July 8, 1838
Age 39
South Moravia
August 29, 1839
Age 40
South Moravia