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About Moses D. Arledge

from Pam Wilson's research notes:

T. A. Houston <> writes:

The 1860 census finds Moses in Milam County, Texas. The 1880 census finds him in Williamson County, Texas as does the 1900 census. From 1846 until 1848 Moses served in the Texas Army and fought in the Mexican war. He also served as Sheriff of Milam County from August 5, 1850 until August 2, 1852. Moses served the Confederacy and is listed as a private in McCulloch's company of militia, muster role #461 on August 21, 1861. He is later listed as a 4th Sgt. of Company L under Capt. McCulloch. He is buried in Old Round Rock Cemetery where a stone has recently been placed at the foot of his grave showing his service to the Confederate states.

T. A. Houston of Texas City, TX provided all of the information on the descendants of Moses and Elizabeth Arledge.

Is this the same Moses who acquired land in Mississippi in 1854? I would think so, since his father was there as of 1841. But who is Milly, who got land on the same date, but in a different district?

Actually, lookiing at the census records, this Moses was already in Texas by 1850, so this must be a different Moses in Mississippi. But who?

Land Records -- Mississippi -- from

Patentee/Land Office

2-27-1841 Choctaw image: GROVES HOWARD & THOMAS HENSON, warrantees and assignees of John ARLEDGE, COLUMBUS L.O., 542a

3-15-1854 Choctaw image: MILLY ARLEDGE, AUGUSTA L.O.; 541a , Milly

Arledge warrantee

3-15-1854 Choctaw image: MILLY ARLEDGE, AUGUSTA L.O., 541 a, warrantee

Thomas Burch

3-15-1854 Choctaw image: MOSES ARLEDGE, COLUMBUS L.O., 543a warrantee

James Smith

3-15-1854 Choctaw image: MOSES ARLEDGE, COLUMBUS L.O. 543a warrantee

William Hollingsworth

5-2-1859 Choctaw image: JOHN H. ARLEDGE, AUGUSTA L.O.; 541a

5-2-1859 Choctaw image: JOHN H. ARLEDGE, AUGUSTA L.O.; 541a, Nathan

Surmon warrantee

10-1-1859: John ARLEDGE, Columbus LO, 543a, Willis Wingo, warrantee

4-2-1860 Choctaw JOHN ARLEDGE; AUGUSTA L.O. 541a, warrantee John


4-2-1860 Choctaw image: JOHN H. ARLEDGE, AUGUSTA L.O. 541a, warrantee

Lindsay Whitfield.

6-12-1885: James E. ARLEDGE, Jackson LO, St. Stephens image, 547a

6-12-1885: James ARLEDGE, Jackson LO, St. Stephens image, 547a

6-12-1885: James ARLEDGE, Jackson LO, St. Stephens image, 547a,

Catherine Bradford, warrantee

12-14-1896: Lizzie ARLEDGE, Jackson LO, 546a, St. Stephens image, Christopher Davis, warrantee


fought in Mexican war, was sheriff of Milam Co TX


1850 Census Milam County TX (Milan & Williamson Dist) , #510/528-

MOSES D. ARLEDGE 27 m farmer $300 Ala (married within the year);

Elizabeth 17 f Tenn;

Eliza J. 1 f Tex;

Thomas McManny 17 m laborer VT

1850 Census Williamson County Texas, #179- Jonathan Aldrich (Aldridge) 34 m

far. 300 N.C.; Mary A. 27 f Ala; William M. 12 m Ala; Mary A. 10 f Ala;

Frances M. 8 f Ala; Martha J. 6 f Ala; John J. 4 m Ala; Margaret T. 2 f

Texas. (I believe that Jonathan was ARLEDGE and Mary A. was Mary Ann


1860 census

M D Auldridge [ARLEDGE] 36 1823 SC Western District, Milam, Texas Male Farmer $750/450

Elizabeth Arldridge 24 1835 Tennessee Western District, Milam, Texas Female

Eliza Jane 11 TX

Wm 9 TX

Sarah 7 TX

Mary 5 TX

Martin 3 TX

T. A. Houston wrote:
> Hi Folks;
> I hope each and every one of you have a happy and prosperous new year.
> I know that some of you Texas Arledges are bound to be able to help me
> connect Moses b. 1820 and died in 1910.  He is buried in Old Round Rock
> Cemetery and spent most of his life in Central Texas.  I cannot locate his
> parents or siblings, would love to communicate with anyone from this line.

Moses D. Arledge served in Sewell's Milam Guards and rose to the rank of

4th sergeant under Captain R. McCulloch. He died in 1910 and is buried

in Walker's Creek Cemetery just outside Cameron. His widow, Elizabeth

Gardner Arledge survived him by four years and is also buried in

Walker's Creek Cemetery.

Moses' grave, set at the foot of Elizabeth's has a small broken stone on

it that says "M.D.A.".



       Re: Williamson Co, Tx Marriages
       Sat, 18 Jul 1998 13:18:40 -0500
       "Mark Neinast" <>

Still digging and found a little more that you might use.

1880 Williamson Co., (Oak Island) p. 530

Arledge M.D. w m 60 Farmer S.C. S.C. S. C.

 Elizabeth         s f    50   wife/keeping house           Tenn Tenn          Tex(?)
 Martin              w m  21    son    farming                  Tx S.C        Tenn
 Christopher      w  m  16    son     working on barn             Tx

(?) (Emma) W w f 14 daughter at home Tx

Anna C (?) w f 9 daughter Tx

Eda May w f 7 daughter Tx

L-Alice w f 6 daughter Tx

1880 Williamson Co., ED 160 p. 521

Arledge William A w m 29 farmer Tx Ala Tenn

            Amelia          w  f   22                Tx
      Hattie L               w f     1                  Tx Tx Tx

1860 Milam Co Census

Arldridge M D 36

               Elizabeth      24
               Eliza Jane     11
               William           9
               Sarah             7
               mary               5
               Martin              3

Also researching this line is Kay Myers <>

Subject: Moses D. Arledge

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 08:59:24 EST

From: [new email <>]


I have obtained information from National Archives Trust Fund regarding Moses D. Arledge. In his application for pension from the Mexican War he states that he was born in Wilcox County Alabama on the 29th day of August 1820. He also states that his wife is Elizabeth Prewitt and the marriage took place in Milam County, Texas in 1848. Further information on Moses-he served as 4th sergeant in Co. M 27th Brigade, Texas State Troops during the Civil War. He served as sheriff of Milam County, Texas from August 5, 1850 until August 2,


Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 20:54:49 EDT

  From: [new email <>]

I have some additional information on my gr. grandfather, Moses D. Arledge. Information on my gr. grandfather, Moses D. Arledge. The following is taken directly from his Declaration of Survivor for Pension for service in the Mexican War. In this he states the following:

   I served as a private in the company commanded by Shahley (sic) P. Ross in the Battalion of Texas Volunteers commanded by Major Tom I. Smith. I enlisted in Milam County Texas on or about the 18th day of October 1846 for the term of 12 months and was honorably discharged at Austin, Texas on 18th day of October 1847.  He further stated that he was in the Cavalry Service. He further stated that he was born in Wilcox County Alabama on the 29th day of August 1820. He further stated that he married Elizabeth Prewett in Milam

County, Texas in 1848 In another declaration from the archives he stated that he helped quell the Indians in Texas around Waco. A record from the pension office reveals the following information. On January 1-10 1847 he was at Camp

San Gabriel, on April 16-25 1847 he was in route to Mexico, on May 6, 1847, he crossed the Rio Grande and on November 15, 1847, he was back at Camp San Gabriel.

From other records we also know that he served as Sheriff of Milam County, Texas from August 5, 1850, until August 2, 1852. He also served the Confederacy as a 4th sergeant in Company L of Texas Volunteers under Capt. McCulloch. He is buried in Old Round Rock cemetery in Williamson County,

Texas where a stone has been placed at the foot of his grave recognizing his Confederate Service.

All the above is well documented and I have no reason to doubt any of it.

T. A. Houston [new email <>]

From: Ginny <>

Subject: Arledge
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 19:35:51 -0700

Good Evening,

I just found your web site and have enjoyed checking it out. My gr.grandmother was Eliza Jane Arledge and her Father was Moses D. Arledge. The only info. that I have is that Moses was born Aug 27, 1818 in North Carolina or

possibly Alabama. He died July 7, 1910 at Round Rock, Texas and I believe that his wife's first name may have been Elizabeth. Don't know if you have any information on him

but I thought I'd send an e-mail just in case. Thank you for your time.

Ginny St.Clair, Marsing, Idaho

Other researchers working on the Moses D. line: Kay Myers <> and T.A.

Houston <> and Jeanne Arledge <>,

       "DON LEWIS" <>. 

Subject: Re: Moses D. Arledge]]

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 19:12:46 -0600

From: "Milam County Sheriff's Department" <>

To: "Pam Wilson" <>

Mrs. Wilson, thanks for the information. I have attached two photos for you of Mrs. M.D. Arledge and the small stone at the foot of her grave, which is broken off on the top left, however it still reads M.D.A. Do you have a picture of Sheriff Moses D. Arledge? I sure would like to get a picture for our lobby wall and website!

Greg Kouba

Deputy Sheriff

Milam County, Texas

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Moses D. Arledge's Timeline

August 29, 1820
SC SC SC; 1850 & 1860 Milam Co, TX; 1880 Williamson Co TX census (Oak Island); 27th Brg CSA
June 5, 1849
Texas; Did she marry W. O. Connell in Burnet Co TX on 13 June 1875?
August 8, 1850
TX; HOH 1880 Williamson Co, TX; living with son Noah in 1920 Williamson Co, TX
October 8, 1855
October 8, 1857
of Williamson Co, TX [aka Christopher on 1880 census]
May 1865
June 1867
Near Taylor Texas