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Samuel Stone

Дата рождения: (81)
Место рождения: Ockley, Hertfordshire, England
Смерть: 20 июля 1683 (81)
Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut Colony
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын John Stone и Sarah Stone
Муж Hope Stone и Elizabeth Stone
Отец John Stone, of Guilford; Rebecca Nash; Sarah Butler; Mary Fitch; William Stone of Guilford и ещё 1
Брат Lidda Stone; John Stone; Elizabeth Wadsworth; Sarah Howard; Ezechiell Stone и ещё 3

Профессия: Pastor, Puritan Minister
Менеджер: Private User
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Ближайшие родственники

About Rev. Samuel Stone

Biographical Summary:

Reverend Samuel Stone, son of John Stone, a freeholder of that place, was born in Hertford, County, Herts (usually at that time sounded Hartford); baptized July 30,1602, in the church of All Saints; entered at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1620; A.B., 1623; A.M., 1627.

Recent discoveries show that a Samuel Stone, probably this one, was curate at Stisted, Co. Essex, near Chelmsford, from June 13, 1627 to September 13, 1630.

He came to New England with Cotton, Hooker, and other men of note, in the "Griffin," arriving at Boston, September 4, 1633; chosen Teacher of the church at Cambridge, Oct 11, 1633; freeman, Massachusetts, May 14, 1634; removed to Hartford in 1636, where he was an original proprietor, and in 1639 his home-lot was on the north bank of the Little River, between those of Rev. Thomas Hooker and Elder William Goodwin. He served as chaplain to the troops under Capt. Mason in the Pequot War, 1637.

His wife died 1640, before November 2 or 3, when Mr. Hooker mentions her death in a letter to Rev. T. Shepard, saying that she "smoked out her days in the darkness of melancholy." He married (2) before July, 1641, Elizabeth Allen, of Boston.

After Mr. Hooker's decease he was the sole pastor of the First Church until his death, July 20,1663. Inventory £563. 1. His widow married (2) George Gardner, of Salem, afterward of Hartford, and died in 1681.


i. John (son of the 1st wife) graduated, Harvard College, 1653; "he had no Commencement part when his class took their second degree, having perhaps previously gone to England, where he received the degree of M.A. from the University of Cambridge." After the Restoration a "Mr. John Stone" was silenced at Hellingley, in Sussex. "Was this the graduate?" His name was starred on the College catalogue before 1700.

ii. Joseph, baptized October 18, 1646; not mentioned in his father's will.

iii. Lydia, born Jan. 22, 1647-8; died young,

iv. Son, baptized April 29, 1649; probably died young,

v. Abigail, born September 9, 1650; died young.

vi. Samuel, was at Harvard for a time about 1659, but left before graduation. He was colleague with Reverend Gershom Bulkeley, at Wethersfield, 1666-1669, and again in 1676; he also preached at Simsbury and Middletown, and perhaps other places, but "fell into intemperate habits, was excommunicated from the church, and wasted his whole estate." He never married; died October 8, 1683; "he was among his companions first at one, and then at another Taverne, and thence went in the evening to a friend's house (that of Henry Howard, who married Sarah Stone), when his discourse was very bitter and offensive to some present; but going thence, the night being very dark, was found the next morning dead in the little River that runs through the town; having missed the bridge. He fell down upon the Rocks, and thence “rowled or some way gott into the water at a little distance and there lay dead at break of day."

vii. Elizabeth, married (1) William Sedgwick, of Hartford; (2) John Roberts, of Hartford, who removed to New Jersey (q. v.).

viii. Rebecca, married about 1657, Timothy Nash, of New Haven, who removed to Hartford (q. v.).

ix. Mary, married Joseph Fitch, of Hartford, before 1663 (q. v.).

x. Sarah, married Thomas Butler, of Hartford.


1 Rev. Ezekiel Rogers in his will, April 17, 1880, mentions his “loving nephew, Mr. Sam'l Stone of Conn., and his son John.”

2 John Whitings letter to Increase Mather, Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., vol. viii. p. 489-472.


SOURCE: James Hammond Trumbull, editor, The memorial history of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884, Volume 1 (Boston, Massachusetts: Edward L. Osgood, 1886), pages 262-263. Retrieved: 3 May 2011 from Google Books

Sam Stone's biography on Discover Hertford:


Samuel Stone was a 17th century Puritan Minister who, together with Thomas Hooker, established the American town of Hartford, Connecticut.

Samuel Stone was born on 18th July 1602, the third son of John and Sarah Stone (nee Rogers), who lived in Fore Street, Hertford. He was baptized on 30th July of that year at All Saints Church and lived on the site now occupied by Baroosh, formerly Barclays Bank.

In 1620 he left the town to study at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, from where he graduated. He was ordained on 8th July 1626 at Peterbough and a year later became curate at Sisted, Essex. Shortly afterwards his wife, Hope (nee Fletcher) gave birth to their first daughter, Sarah.

Stone was a Puritan. The Puritans were Protestants who wanted to purify the Church of England of its' ceremony and other aspects that they thought were Catholic. They wanted the powers of the lordly bishops reduced and condemned priestly vestments, church ornaments and music. They wanted the church restored to its' ancient purity and simplicity. This attitude put them in confrontation with The Crown and they were suppressed.

In 1620, the same year that Samuel Stone left Hertford for Cambridge, a band of Separatists called The Pilgrim Fathers crossed the Atlantic in The Mayflower and founded the settlement of New Plymouth.

Seventeen years later, in 1633, another ship named Griffin made a similar journey, with Samuel Stone on board, together with his friend Thomas Hooker. They arrived in Boston on 4th September 1633 and a few weeks later Stone became Teacher of Church. The following year he became a Freeman.

An area some 100 miles to the South-West had long been inhabited by native Algonquin Indians. At the same time as Stone and Hooker were arriving in Boston, the Dutch were establishing a fort and trading post called House of Hope, located at the end of the navigable portion of the Connecticut River.

In 1636, Thomas Hooker and Samuel Stone led their congregation from New Towne (now Cambridge, MASS) and formed a colony at House of Hope, making peace with the local Indians and renaming the town they called Saukiog as Hartford.

In the following years Stone's wife, Hope, had two more daughters - Rebecca and Mary. Hope died in 1640 and in the following year he married again to Elizabeth Allen.

Samuel Stone died on 20th July 1663, aged 61.

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Хронология Rev. Samuel Stone

9 февраля 1586
18 июля 1602
Ockley, Hertfordshire, England
30 июля 1602
Hertford, Hartfordshire, England
Возраст 5
Oakley, Surrey, England, (Present UK)
Возраст 7
Hereford, Herefordshire, England
3 апреля 1625
Возраст 22
Hereford-on-the-Wye, Herefordshire, England
Возраст 27
Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
Возраст 39
Hertford, Hertfordshire, England