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Tillie Diamond (Jacobowitz)

Псевдоним: "Matilda"
Дата рождения:
Смерть: Умер
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Wolf Farkas Jacobowitz и Miriam Jacobowitz
Жена Marcus Diamond
Мать Samuel Diamond; Mendel Diamond; Jack Diamond; David Diamond; Miriam Molly Horowitz и ещё 3
Сестра Aaron Jacobowitz; Morris A Jacobowitz; Max Jacobowitz; Elias Jacobowitz и Cecile Jennie Treuhaft

Менеджер: Private User
Последнее обновление:

About Tillie Diamond

Marleen Barr, Tillie's great-grandaughter writes (9/4/2012)

"I am in a little bit of a shock because I have lived my whole life not knowing that Tillie was even named Jacobowitz.

I remember Tillie vividly. I visited her as a little kid when she lived in the Schaab House and I remember that she baked challah.

(I now live in Manhattan in a building designed by the architect who did the Schaab House.)

I never knew that my grandfather Sam (Tillie's son) had two brothers named David and Mendel who died as infants. Sam's sister Sylvia named her son Mendel; now I see the connection. Again, I must say that I am just in shock to discover all of this stuff."

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Хронология Tillie Diamond

июль 1867
Возраст 15
Humenné, Humenné, Prešov Region, Slovakia

Did she die in childbirth?

LKJ As I Remember: " She was devoted to her scholarly husband, more suited for study than business; worked hard all her life, helping with dairy produce to sell, and died at an early age (37) after a miscarriage,..."

19 Мая 1889
Возраст 21
Возраст 22
19 октября 1891
Возраст 24
август 1894
Возраст 27
20 июля 1897
Возраст 30
июль 1899
Возраст 32
Возраст 36