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Immediate Family:

Son of Freawine
Father of Gewis
Brother of Thrytho; Flandbert; Ket; Peruk and Wigger

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Immediate Family

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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Winchester (or Parker) Chronicle has Cynric, son of Cerdic, son of Elesa, son of Gewis, son of Wig, son of Freawine, son of Frithugar, son of Brand, son of Beldeg, son of Woden, son of Finn, son of Godwulf, son of Geats (‘’Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’’ (A) : The Winchester Manuscript, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 173, ff.1-32).




Ket and Wig appear in the Gesta Danorum (book 4) as the sons of Frowin, the governor of Schleswig. Wig also appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the son of Freawine (Frowin), and it adds that he was father of Gewis and one of the ancestors of the kings of Wessex.

Their father Frowin/Freawine was challenged to combat by the Swedish king Athisl, and killed. King Wermund who liked their father subsequently raised Ket and Wig as his own. They later avenged their father, but they fought against Athisl two against one, a national disgrace that was redeemed by their brother-in-law, King Wermund's son Offa, when he killed two Saxons at the same time, in "single combat". This event is referred to in Widsith as a duel against Myrgings.

References and external links
• The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle at Project Gutenberg - Public domain copy. • Book Four of Gesta Danorum at the Online Medieval and Classical Library • Peter Tunstall's translation of the Chronicon lethrense at The Chronicle of the Kings of Lejre.

Preceded by Freawine Ancestor of the kings of Wessex Succeeded by Gewis

AKA (Uvigg Wigga) Aft the slaying of their father, called upon his overlord Wermund K of Angeln. As Ket was losing, Wig intervened. His brother Ket was in single combat w/ Eadgils. Public opinion against him as he had broken the laws of honor & personal combat. Killed his father's killer Eadgils King of the Swaethe. His overlord, Wermund, received him with all honors that had been his father's.

After the slaying of their father, called upon his overlord Wermund King of Angeln.

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