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  • Frode Ingjaldsson, Konge av Hadubardene {Legendary} (c.570 - d.)
    Frode Ingjalsson Konge av Hadubardene * Han var sønn av Ingjald og Sigrid* Frode er gift med Hilde ? De har sønnene Ingjald og RørekFróði faren til Ingjald, som i Beowulf er Froda, faren til Ingeld og ...
  • Ingjaldur Starkadsfostre Fróðason, king {Legendary} (c.720 - d.)
    Ingjald Frodasson (Ingjaldr Fróðason) ' Prins av Hadubardene - Viking kriger * f. Gotland Sønn av kong Frode og Helga ?* Han var gift med Freawaru, de fikk sønnene Frode, Rørek, Rolf og Agnar Ingjaldr ...
  • Wealhþēow "Ogne of Northumberland", Wulfing queen of the Danes {Legendary} (deceased)
    Wealhþēow (also rendered Wealhtheow or Wealthow) is a legendary queen of the Danes in the Old English poem, Beowulf, first introduced in line 612.She is the Wulfing queen of the Danes. She is married t...
  • Norbril, king of Northumbria (c.504 - c.595)
    Source ==Hrolfs saga kraka, chapter 5, tells that Hroðgar (Hróarr) married Ögn who was the daughter of a king of Northumbria (Norðhymbraland) called Norðri.No other source is known. The dates are pure ...
  • Hygelac Hrethelsson, {Legendary} (b. - c.516)
    Poetic Genealogy Beowulf gives Hygelac 's genealogy: according to the poem, he was the son of Hrethel and had two brothers Herebeald and Hæþcyn , as well as an unnamed sister who was married to Ecgtheo...


Scandinavian sagas

This project has as its aim to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information present in the parts of the Saga literature that present a reasonably coherent picture.

Further, that each profile mentioned in these sagas will be represented exactly once in the Big Tree, and have in the "About me" the reference to the place in the saga where he or she is mentioned, in addition to other information.

The sagas we work from are:


Saga writers and historians:


  • "Samlede afhandlinger" 1874 Albert Cammermeyer forlag, Christiania, Peter Andreas Munch (born 1810 - dead 1863). Peter Munch
  • Før Viken ble Norge av professor i arkeologi Bjørn Myhre, 2015 Det som er interessant for oss er spesielt kapittel 14. Boken er også lastet opp som eget pdf dokument under dette prosjektet. (A book about the arcehologigal site at Borre, Vestfold Norway. The interesting part for genealogists is chapter 14 that summarize the view of the historians about the timeperiod 813 to 950 in Norway. It sets Heimskringla of Snorre Sturlasson in a new perspective. The book is also added to this project as pdf file under Documents.


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