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  • Siggeir Wægdæging of Gøtaland (deceased)
    Siggeir is the king of Gautland (i.e. Götaland/Geatland, but in some translations also rendered as Gothland), in the Völsunga saga . In Skáldskaparmál he is given as a Sikling and a relative of Sigar w...
  • Knut den harde (890 - c.936)
    Ifølge forskellige sagaer nævnes Knud den Harde som far til Gorm den gamle, Konge af Danmark. Han bliver nævnt i Saxo Danmarks Krønike, Roskilde Krøniken og ligeledes Adam af Bremen, samt nævnt i Islan...
  • Dagreid (Dageith) Dagsdotter, Queen in Sweden (c.449 - 521)
    Drottning, L2L1-HXN / LV5G-NN5, koningin van Zweden, L83Y-141 / L2L1-HXN / K1T8-VJD B: 449, 445, 453 D: 476, 481, 521 Dageith Dagsdotter Birth: About 449 in , , , Sweden 1 2 Death: Sex: F F...
  • Þrúðgelmir (deceased)
    In Norse mythology, Þrúðgelmir (IPA: [ˈθruːð.ɟɛlmɪr]; Old Norse "Strength Yeller") is a frost giant, the son of the primordial giant Aurgelmir (who Snorri Sturluson in Gylfaginning identifies with Ymir...
  • Forseti (deceased)
    According to Snorri Sturluson in the Prose Edda,[5] Forseti is the son of Baldr and Nanna. His home is Glitnir, its name, meaning "shining," referring to its silver ceiling and golden pillars, which ra...


Scandinavian sagas

This project has as its aim to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information present in the parts of the Saga literature that present a reasonably coherent picture.

Further, that each profile mentioned in these sagas will be represented exactly once in the Big Tree, and have in the "About me" the reference to the place in the saga where he or she is mentioned, in addition to other information.

The sagas we work from are:


Saga writers and historians:


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