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  • Ubbe Ragnarssen, {Gesta Danorum} (deceased)
    from The first source to claim kinship between the two [Ivar and Ubba] is the Latin Annals of St Neots, a twelfth-century source from Suffolk that claims they were sons of a man whose name was Latini...
  • Óttar Eysteinsson (deceased)
    He is the hero of the Old Norse poem Hyndluljód ( Lay of Hyndla ). "In the poem, the goddess Freyja meets the völva Hyndla and they ride together towards Valhalla. Freyja rides on her boar Hildisvíni...
  • Atla Budlason, {Hversu Noregr byggðist} (deceased)
    According to "How Norway was settled" ("Hversu Noreg Byggdist"), Atla was the son of Budli and the brother of Brynhild who was mother of Aslaug who was linked to Harald Fairhair (see Norwegian version ...
  • Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter (c.795 - c.825)
    A mythical queen of Denmark, potentially based on a historical person, Thora is described in the sagas and other earl medieval sources as "the most beautiful of all women in appearance" earning her the...
  • Hrolf of the Hill Svadisson, King in Oppland (c.460 - c.500)
    Kong Rolf i Berg Svasesson ( Hrólfr ór Bergi Svásason) Rolf i Berg var konge i Hedmark Han var sønn av Svade jotun fra Dovre og Åshild Rolf i Berg tok Goa og giftet seg med henne, de fikk sønne...


Scandinavian sagas

This project has as its aim to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information present in the parts of the Saga literature that present a reasonably coherent picture.

Further, that each profile mentioned in these sagas will be represented exactly once in the Big Tree, and have in the "About me" the reference to the place in the saga where he or she is mentioned, in addition to other information.

The sagas we work from are:


Saga writers and historians:


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