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Judah ben Samuel ha-Levi MP (1075 - 1141)

"יהודה בן שמואל הלוי", "Judah HaLevi", "Yehuda Ha Levi", "יהודה הלוי", "Judah HaLevi Abulafia"

Judah Halevi (also Yehuda Halevi; Hebrew: יהודה הלוי; Arabic: يهوذا هاليفي; c. 1075–1141) was a Spanish Jewish physician, poet and philosopher. He was born in Spain, either in Toledo or Tudela, in 1075...

10/31/2011 3/3/2016

Nissim ben Jacob ben Nissim ibn Shāhīn was one of the foremost Jewish scholars of the eleventh century and the leader of the North African Jewish community. He was born in 990 in Qayrawan, where he spe...

12/6/2007 3/3/2016

Amram Gaon of Sura MP (c.855 - d.)

Amram ben Sheshna Gaon Amram ben Sheshna was gaon (Heb. head) of the academy of Sura in the second half of the ninth century. According to Sherira Gaon in his historical Epistle (Heb. Iggeret Rav She...

7/3/2012 3/3/2016

Saʿadyā ben Yōsēf Gaon of Sura MP (c.882 - 942)

"Saadiah Gaon", "Saadya Gaon", "Sa'adya Gaon", "Saadia ben Josef", "Saadiah ben Joseph", "Rasag", "Saʻadiah Gaon", "سعيد بن يوسف الفيومي‎", "Saʻīd bin Yūsuf al-Fayyūmi", "Sa'id ibn Yusuf al-Dilasi", "Saadia ben Yosef aluf", "Sa'id ben Yusuf ra's al-Kull‎", "סעדי"

Saʿadyā Ben Yōsēf, saʿīd ( abī) yaʿḳūb yūsuf al-fayyūmī (269-331/882-942), Jewish theologian, philosopher and philologist who wrote in Arabic, considered through his independence and breadth as the ini...

8/14/2012 3/3/2016

Ḥananel ben Ḥushiel was resh be rabbanan and dayyan in Qayrawān in the first half of the eleventh century. Other than the statement of Abraham Ibn Da’ud in his Sefer ha-Qabbala (sec. 7, beg.) that Ḥana...

7/13/2012 3/3/2016

Abu Hasdai Yitzhak ben Ezra ibn Shaprut MP (c.880 - c.975)

"Isaac ben Ezra", "Isaac ibn Shaprut"

Hasdai (Abu Yusuf ben Yitzhak ben Ezra) ibn Shaprut (Hebrew: חסדאי אבן שפרוט) born about 915 at Jaén; died about 975 at Córdoba in Spain, was a Jewish scholar, physician, diplomat, and patron of scienc...

7/8/2012 11/18/2012

Yehuda Alharizi MP (1165 - 1225)

Yehuda Alharizi , also Judah ben Solomon Harizi or al-Harizi (Hebrew: יהודה בן שלמה אלחריזי‎, Yehudah ben Shelomo al-Harizi, Arabic: يحيا بن سليمان بن شاؤل أبو زكريا الحريزي اليهودي من أهل طليطلة‎, Yah...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

D. Abraham ben Eliyahu Senior Coronel MP (1412 - 1493)

"Fernando Perez Coronel", "Fernão Perez Coronel", "Abraham Senior"

The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain, c. 1386 - See Complete Family Tree and Biography Together with I saac Abravanel, wrote the letter of objection to Isabella and Ferdi...

5/1/2008 10/17/2011

MedLands FORTÚN ibn Qasi ([before 713]-). Ibn Hazm names "Fortun, Abu Tawr, Abu Salama, Yunus y Yahya" as the sons of "Qasi"[387]. His parentage is confirmed by Al-Udri when he names his descendant "...

10/7/2007 4/15/2011

Amato Lusitano - João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, MP (1511 - 1568)

"João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco", "Amatus Lusitanus", "Ḥaviv ha-Sephardi", "Habib HaSephardi", "Amato Lusitano", "Abraham ben Solomon Usque"

João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, (Amato Lusitano) - Amatus Lusitanus (Castelo Branco, 1511 – Thessaloniki, 1568), was a notable Portuguese Jewish physician of the 16th century. Like Herophilus, Galen,...

4/13/2011 4/13/2011

Banu Qasi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Banu Qasi, Banu Kasi, Beni Casi (Arabic: بنو قسي‎, meaning "sons" or "heirs of Cassius") or Banu Musa were a Basque Muladi dynasty that ruled the...

7/5/2008 4/12/2011

4/12/2011 4/12/2011

Muhammad al-Tawil was a muwallad Wāli of Huesca in the late-ninth and early-tenth centuries. Acting autonomously from his nominal masters the Emirs of Córdoba, he carried out his own foreign policy and...

7/5/2008 4/12/2011

Abdullah ibn Muhammad (عبد الله بن محمد), (January 11, 844 - October 15, 912) of the Umayyad dynasty, was the seventh Emir of Córdoba, reigning from 888 to 912 in the Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia). [so...

10/7/2007 4/12/2011

Musa II ibn Musa, valí de Tudela, Huesca y Zaragoza MP (c.790 - 862)

"Wali of Tudela and Huesca", "Musa II of Tudela \ Musa /al-Qasawi/"

MedLands MUSA ibn Musa , son of MUSA ibn Fortun & his second wife --- (-Tudela 26 Sep 862).[419] Ibn Hazm names "Musa ibn Musa, Mutarrif, Yunus, Yuwartas, Lubb y Garsiya" as the sons of "Musa ibn For...

10/7/2007 4/12/2011

Musa ibn Galind valí de Huesca MP (c.845 - 871)

"Wali of Huesca"

7/5/2008 4/12/2011

Musa I ibn Fortún, valì de Zaragoza, Arnedo y de Tudela MP (c.740 - 802)

"Musa ibn Fortun Banu Qasi"

MedLands MUSA ibn Fortun ([745]-Zaragoza 789 or Dec 802). Ibn Hazm names "Musa y Zahir" as the sons of "Fortun"[390]. His parentage is confirmed by Al-Udri when he names his descendant "Muhammad ibn ...

10/7/2007 4/12/2011

Lubb ibn Musa MP (deceased)

4/12/2011 4/12/2011

Ismail bin Qarais bin 'Abbad MP (951 - 1042)

"قاضي إشبيلية/ Cadí de Sevilla/ Judge of Seville"

3/16/2008 4/10/2011

Abbad I (Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad) hajib de Sevilla MP (c.990 - 1042)

"Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad"

Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad (ruled 1023–1042), the qadi of Seville, founded the house in 1023. He functioned as the chief of an Arab family settled in the city from the first days of the conquest...

3/16/2008 4/10/2011

Abbad II (Abu Amr Abbad) al-Mutadid hajib de Sevilla MP (c.1015 - 1069)

"Abu Amr Abbad"

Abbad II al-Mu'tadid (1042–1069), the son and successor of al-Qasim, became one of the most remarkable figures in Iberian Muslim history. He had a striking resemblance to the Italian princes of the...

11/1/2007 4/10/2011

Ramaiquía (Itimad Rumaikiyyah) MP (c.1045 - 1093)

"Rumaikiyyah", "the slave of Rumaik"

from:The Poet-King of Seville Written by Rose M. Esber While strolling along the river's Bank where some young women were washing linen, the legend has it, al-Mu'tamid improvised a half verse, chal...

10/31/2007 4/10/2011

Abenabed (Muhammad ibn Abbad) al-Mutamid hajib de Sevilla MP (1040 - 1095)

"o Rei Poeta de Sevilha", "King Muhammad II of /Grenada/", "Almanzor", "Muhammad ibn Abbad"

Muhammad Ibn Abbad Al Mutamid (1040 - 1095), was the third and last ruler (reigned 1069–1091) of Sevilla in Al-Andalus from Abbadid dynasty. After the death of his father Abbad II al-Mu'tadid he in...

10/31/2007 4/9/2011

4/10/2009 4/9/2011

Zaïda of Seville (c. 1071 – ? ) was a refugee Muslim princess who was a mistress and perhaps later queen of Alfonso VI of Castile. She might have been identical with Alfonso's wife Isabel (Elisabeth)...

5/11/2007 4/9/2011

Teresa, infanta de León MP (992 - 1039)

11/12/2008 4/7/2011

Yahya Ibn Khaldun MP (deceased)

4/6/2011 4/6/2011

Ibn Khaldun (Abu Zaid Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad ibn Khaldun al-Hadrami) MP (1332 - 1406)

"Ibn Khaldun", "Ibn Jaldun", "Abū Zayd ‘Abdu r-Raḥman bin Muḥammad bin Khaldūn Al-Hadrami"

Ibn Khaldūn or Ibn Khaldoun (full name, Arabic: أبو زيد عبد الرحمن بن محمد بن خلدون الحضرمي‎, Abū Zayd ‘Abdu r-Raḥman bin Muḥammad bin Khaldūn Al-Hadrami, May 27, 1332 AD/732 AH – March 19, 1406 AD/808...

4/6/2011 4/6/2011

Muhammad ibn Muhammad, valí de Toledo MP (deceased)

"Wali of Toledo"

from Medlands: FROILA ([875]-Jul 925). The Chronicon de Sampiro names “Garseanum, Ordonium, Froilanum et Gundisalvum” as the four sons of “Adefonsus filius Domini Ordonii” and his wife “Xemena”[222]....

9/16/2009 4/6/2011

Rabbi Maimon HaDayan ben Yoseph [Rambam father] MP (c.1110 - c.1166)

"Maimon Hadayan", "Rambam's father"

Maimonides father - אבי הרמב״ם --------------------------------------------------- מיימון הדיין Maimon (Ar. Maymūn) ben Joseph ha-Dayyan (ca. 1110–ca. 1166), the father of Moses Maimonides, was a...

7/23/2010 3/3/2011

Avraham I HaNagid ben R' Moshe ben Maimon MP (1186 - 1237)

"Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon", "Avraham Hagaon Hahasid"

Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon (Hebrew: אברהם בן משה מיימון, also Avraham son of Rambam, also Avraham Maimuni) (1186 – December 7, 1237) the son of Maimonides (Rambam) was the leader or Nagid of the Egyp...

1/7/2010 3/3/2011

Almanzor (Abu Amir Muhammad al-Mansur) ibn Abi Amir MP (984 - 1009)

"Abu Aamir Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Aamir", "Al-Hajib Al-Mansur", "Sanchuelo", "Sanjūl"

Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Abu Aamir Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Aamir, Al-Hajib Al-Mansur أبو عامر محمد بن عبد الله بن أبي عامر الحاجب المنصور (c. 938-August 8...

4/10/2008 2/13/2011

Hisham II ('ھشام) was the third Caliph of Cordoba, of the Umayyad dynasty. He ruled 976–1009, and 1010–1013 in the Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia). Hisham II succeeded his father Al-Hakam II as Caliph of...

12/10/2007 2/9/2011

al-Hakam II, Caliph of Córdoba MP (915 - 976)


Al-Hakam II (al-Ḥakam II ibn ʿAbd al-Raḥmān III; Arabic: الحكم الثاني‎) (January 13, 915 – October 16, 976) was the second Caliph of Cordoba, in Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia), and son of Abd-ar-rahman II...

12/10/2007 2/8/2011

'Abd ar-Rahmân III al-Nasir ibn Muhammad, emir of Córdoba MP (889 - 961)

"Abderramán III (Abd al-Rahman) ibn Muhammad califa de Córdoba"

Abd-ar-Rahman III (Abd al-Rahmān ibn Muhammad ibn Abd Allāh; Arabic: عبد الرحمن الثالث‎; 11 January 889/91[14] – 15 October 961) was the Emir and Caliph of Córdoba (912–961) of the Ummayad dynasty in...

12/10/2007 2/8/2011

Al-Mundhir From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Al-Mundhir (Arabic: المنذر ), (c. 842 - 888) was Emir of Cordoba from 886 to 888. He was a member of the Umayyad dynasty of Al-Andalus (Moorish Iber...

12/10/2007 2/8/2011

Muhammad I ibn 'Abd al-Rahman, amir al-Qurtubi1 b. circa 826, d. 886 Father 'Abd al-Rahmân II al-Mutawassit ibn al-Hakam, amir al-Qurtubi1 b. 792, d. 22 September 852 Of the Umayyad. Muhammad I i...

10/20/2007 2/8/2011

'Abd al-Rahmân II al-Mutawassit ibn al-Hakam, amir al-Qurtubi b. 792, d. 22 September 852 Father al-Hakam I al-Rabdi ibn Hishâm, amir al-Qurtubi1,2 b. 771, d. 822 Mother Halawah (?)1 b. circa 776...

10/20/2007 2/8/2011

Al-Hakam Ibn Hisham Ibn Abd-ar-Rahman I (Arabic: الحكم بن هشام‎) was Umayyad Emir of Cordoba from 796 until 822 in the Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia). Al-Hakam was the second son of his father, his ol...

10/20/2007 2/8/2011

Hisham I or Hisham Al-Reda (Arabic: هشام بن عبد الرحمن الداخل‎) was the second Umayyad Emir of Cordoba, ruling from 788 to 796 in the Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia). Hisham was born in Cordoba. He was t...

10/20/2007 2/8/2011

Abd al-Rahmân I al-Dâkhil ibn Mu'âwiya, Amir al-Qurtubi b. 731, d. 788 Father Mu awiya ibn Hishâm al-Dimashqi1,2 b. 715, d. 736 Mother Raha the Berber1 b. circa 716 'Abd al-Rahmân I al-Dâkhil i...

10/20/2007 2/7/2011

Shmuel ben Hophni haKohen haNagid, Gaon of Sura MP (c.920 - c.1013)

"Gaon of the Sura", "Rabbi Shmuel ha-Nagid", "Rabbi Shmuel ha Nagid"

Samuel ben Ḥophni Gaon Samuel ben Ḥophni (d. 1013) was the gaon of the Sura yeshiva and an original exegete, theologian, and halakhist who continued in the Judeo-Arabic cultural and literary path for...

1/10/2008 2/7/2011

Yosef ben Shlomo ibn ʿAwkal, Nasi, al-Romi MP (c.1035 - c.1085)

"Joseph", "Yosef", "Yoseph", "of Cairo", "of Rome", "רבי יוסף מרומי"

Some sources call him Joseph of Cairo , others call him Joseph of Rome this profile is for Joseph of Rome , Joseph of Cairo is found elsewhere in the tree. In 1040 he fled to Granada, an independent ...

2/20/2007 2/7/2011

Isabella I the Catholic, Queen of Castile MP (1451 - 1504)

"The Catholic Castile"

Isabel I of Castilla, llamada the Catholic (Madrigal de las Altas Torres, 22 de abril de 1451—Medina del Campo, 26 de November of 1504) fue reina de Castilla desde 1474 hasta 1504, y reina consorte d...

3/10/2007 2/7/2011

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Maimonides - הרמב״ם MP (c.1138 - 1204)

"The Great Eagle", "Rambam", "Moshe ben Maimon", "Abū ʿImrān Mūsā bin ʿUbaidallāh Maimūn al-Qurṭubī"

From Moshe (of the Torah) to Moshe (Maimonides) there was none like Moshe R' Moshe ben Maimon , Moses Maimonides the Rambam , [ca. 1138 (or 1135?) - 1204] was the preeminent medieval Jewish philosoph...

1/7/2010 2/7/2011