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John Harry MP (1520 - 1562)

"Jack", "Harris"

9/18/2020 Yesterday

Unknown de Caux (aft.920 - d.)

7/24/2017 6/12/2021

Canville de Caux MP (c.930 - c.1022)

7/24/2017 6/12/2021

Mary Huntington MP (1793 - 1870)

"Britain", "Simpson"

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Oct 10 2020, 8:15:22 UTC

10/1/2009 2/12/2021

Matilda de Freville (1238 - 1297)

"Maud", "Devereux", "De Boyland"

10/27/2007 12/4/2020

Almodis de la Marche, became Comtesse de La Marche in 1091 following the death of her brother Boso Parents: Audebert de la Marche & his wife Ponce Spouse: Robert "le Poitevin" de Montgommery, Comte...

7/28/2007 9/5/2020

Robert de Beauchamp, IV MP (c.1217 - 1263)

"Lord of Hache"

Lord Of Hache Of the feudal lord, Robert de Beauchamp, nothing is known beyond his being engaged against the Welsh with Henry III, and his founding the priory of Frithelstoke, in the co. Devon. He wa...

6/27/2007 8/29/2020

Geoffrey de Venoix MP (bef.1054 - aft.1086)

"Goisfrid", "le Mareschal", "le Marshall"

8/3/2007 8/8/2020

Beatrix MP (1022 - 1085)

Béatrice de Falaise (Fulbert?) m. abt. 1055 Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France.

12/16/2007 8/8/2020

Harlevin de Conteville, Vicomte de Conteville MP (c.1001 - 1072)

"Harlowen", "Herlevin", "Herluin", "Harlevin", "de Burgo", "Viscount de Conteville", "Herlwin", "Vicomte de Conteville; aka Harlowen (Herluin) de Burgo", "Herluin de BURGH - Hellouin de CONTEVILLE", "Comte de Conteville", "Vicomte de Conteville"

Herluin's marriage to Herleva[edit] Towards the beginning of the 11th century, Conteville and its dependencies appear to be in the hands of Herluin, who married Herleva, the mistress of Robert I, D...

3/11/2007 5/22/2020

Gilbert de Brionne comte d'Eu MP (aft.979 - 1040)

"Gilbert", "Giselbert", "Count of Eu", "Count of Brionne", "also known as Giselbert .", "Comte de Brionne"

Update and disambiguation by Pam Wilson (15 May 2013): Need to distinguish Gilbert Crispin de Bec from Gilbert de Brionne (Comte d'Eu) , whose identities are frequently conflated. There is a great de...

5/19/2007 5/5/2020

Malcolm III, 'Canmore', King of Scots MP (1031 - 1093)

"Canmore", "Malcolm III of Scotland", "Máel Coluim mac Donnchada", "Ceanmor", "Longneck", "Bighead", "Malcolm Canmore", "Malcolm of Scotland", "King Malcolm III of Scotland", "King Malcolm III of Scotland.Malcom III", "King of Scotland", "Malcolm III", "'Canmore'", "King of Scot..."

Máel Coluim mac Donnchada (Modern Gaelic: Maol Chaluim mac Dhonnchaidh), Anglicised Malcolm III, in later centuries nicknamed Canmore, (c.1031[6] - 13 November 1093), King of Scots. Parents: Donn...

2/25/2007 5/5/2020

Simon L'Ainé de Montfort, I MP (c.1025 - 1087)

"Simon I", "de Montfort-l'Amauri", "Baron De Montfort", "l'Aîné"

Simon I de Montfort, Seigneur de Montofort-l'Amaury born 1014-1025, died 25 Sept 1087 married (1) Isabelle "Bardoul" de Broyes or de Nogent (2) unknown (3) Agnes d'Evreux Children: ssee FMG...

3/8/2007 5/5/2020

Henry I of England From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Illegitimate children King Henry is famed for holding the record for the largest number of acknowledged illegitimate children born to any ...

10/21/2007 5/5/2020

Saint Margaret, Queen of Scots MP (1045 - 1093)

"Saint Margaret of Scotland; Margaret Ætheling; Margaret Atheling", "Margaret the Exile", "the Exile", "of Wessex", "Atheling", "Margaret // Saint", "Saint Margareth", "/Atheling/", "Princess of England", "St. Margaret of Scotland", "Margaret of Wessex", "Queen Margaret of S..."

Saint Margaret (c. 1045 – 16 November 1093), was the sister of Edgar Ætheling, the short-ruling and uncrowned Anglo-Saxon King of England. Spouse: Malcolm III, King of Scots Children: 1. Edward, ...

2/25/2007 5/5/2020

Beatrix de Montlhéry de Crécy MP (c.1073 - c.1143)

MONTLHERY * Birth: 1050/1079 * Partnership with: Anselm de Garlande, Count of ROCHEFORT o Child: Agnes of GARLANDE Birth: ABT 1095 Descendants of MONTLHERY 1 MONTLHERY =Anselm de Garlande, ...

7/15/2007 5/5/2020

Agnès d'Évreux, Comtesse d'Evreux MP (1030 - 1116)

"de Montfort"

Agnès was the daughter of Richard d'Evreux and Godechilde (widow of Roger "de Conches" de Tosny), so she was raised as a younger sister of the de Tosny children. She married Simon I de Montfort, Seigne...

3/8/2007 5/5/2020

7/26/2010 4/5/2020

Walter de Cantilupe MP (c.1102 - bef.1161)

"Gautier de Cantelou", "de Cantilupe"

celtic-casimir... ;

6/19/2007 4/5/2020

Renaud II de Courtenay MP (c.1125 - 1194)

"Rainald", "Renaud", "Courtenay"

Renaud de Courtenay M, #9310, d. 27 September 1194 Last Edited=2 May 2008 Renaud de Courtenay was the son of Renaud de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay and Hedwige de Donjon.1 He married Hawise d...

5/11/2007 4/5/2020

Phillip de Columbers, of Nether Stowey (c.1120 - c.1186)

"Phillip de Columbaris"

11/23/2008 4/5/2020

Sir Roger Giffard, of Clovelly & Yester MP (1154 - 1243)


The direct lines o the Giffards of Yester began in the mid 12th century Lothian region of Scotland, and came to an end with the heiresses of the 14th century. Their blood descendants continued through ...

7/1/2007 4/5/2020

Osmunda de Whalesborough MP (1180 - 1210)

ID: I74209 Name: Osmunda Surname: Osmunda Sex: F Birth: ABT 1190 in England _UID: 0FCE7C8AD5CE2F48B1CD051FA1F1A58E640B Change Date: 10 May 2009 at 01:00:00 Marriage 1 Pharamus de Whales...

4/20/2008 4/5/2020

Sir William de Cantilou, King's High Steward MP (c.1159 - 1239)

"de Canteloupe", "de Cantlowe", "Cantilupe"

William de Cantilupe (abt. 1159 - 1239) William was of great account in the reign of King John. "He was steward of the household, and one of the chief counsellors, who in the fourteenth year of that ...

10/15/2007 4/5/2020

Mecelin de Braci MP (c.1163 - 1232)

"de Cantilupe", "Mascelin", "Mescelin", "de Bracy", "Marceline", "Mascelina", "Mazilia", "Mazillia", "Masceline", "Mercelin", "Mecelina"

General Notes from Source Par Robert William Eyton: "... I think that I have somewhere seen it stated that Mascelina, first wife of the first William de Cantilupe, was a "Coheiress of Montgomery." ...

6/19/2007 4/5/2020

Sir Rafe de Mainwaring, Justice of Chester MP MP (c.1155 - bef.1210)

"Ralph", "de Mesnilwarin"

Ralph Mainwaring, Seneschal of Chester1 b. 1155 Father Roger Mainwaring b. circa 1130 Mother Ellen (?) b. circa 1133 Also called Ralph de Mesnilwarin, Justice of Chester.2 Ralph Mainwaring, S...

5/15/2007 4/5/2020

Sir Robert de Courtenay, Baron of Okehampton MP (c.1170 - 1242)

"Robert Courtenay"

From Medlands: ROBERT de Courtenay, son of [RENAUD] de Courtenay & his wife Hawise [de Crimes/de Curcy] Lady of Okehampton (-26 Jul 1242, bur Forde Abbey, Devon). The Testa de Nevill includes a writ ...

5/11/2007 4/5/2020

Robert d'Aubigny MP (c.1170 - 1226)

"Albini of Cainhoe"

Sources _________________________ 'Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1995 '- 'The Court and Reign of Francis the First, King of France, Volume 1- '

10/11/2008 4/5/2020

Piers I de Montfort, I . MP (c.1220 - 1265)

"Peirs//", "Sir Peter de Montfort"

Vital Statistics Married Alice, daughter of Henry de Aldithley, a great Staffordshire baron. Their children were Peter, the eldest, who succeeded his father William whose father gave him ...

7/25/2007 4/5/2020

Lambert II, count of Lens MP (c.1025 - 1054)

"Lambert of Lens", "Lambert van Boulogne"

Lambert II, Count of Lens (died 1054), was a French nobleman. He was the son of Eustace I, Count of Bologne and of Maud de Leuven (daughter of Lambert I of Leuven). He married Adélaïde de Normandie, ...

6/6/2007 3/17/2020

Sibilla “FitzEdward” de Salisbury MP (1126 - c.1176)


Sibilla Marshall, of Salisbury is my 23rd great grandmother. From: WALTER FitzEdward de Salisbury (-1147). The Book of Lacock names “Walterum de Saresburia” as son of “Edwardum…vicecomitem Wiltes...

6/7/2007 2/21/2020

Wihtgils MP (deceased)

"von Sachsen", "Chieftan"

Prose Edda Hengist is briefly mentioned in Prologue, the first book of the Prose Edda, written by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century. In Prologue, a euhemerized account of the origins of Norse myth...

5/23/2007 2/21/2020

Athal "the Mild" of the Greuthungi MP (c.240 - c.310)

"Le Noble", "Mansuetudo", "The Noble One", "Athel d'Ostrogothie"

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Hungary Kings: B. DYNASTY of the AMAL GOTHS Iordanes sets out the ancestors of Athal, in order, as follows "Gapt…Hulmul…Augis…Amal a quo et orig...

5/28/2007 2/21/2020

Countess of Louvain Adela I van Henegouwen MP (929 - 961)

"Alix", "Alice", "Enquisheim", "Dagsbourg", "Adela", "von Ringelheim"

ADELA (-961). The Annales Hanoniæ record the death in 961 of "Adela comitissa Montensis…uxor Ragineri comitis"[117], although as this passage follows closely on those dealing with the exploits of "Ra...

4/11/2007 2/21/2020

Lambert I, count of Louvain MP (952 - 1015)

"met de Baard", "" Met de baard"."

Medlands tells us: The identity of "comitissa Hawidis/Hadegundis", and therefore the existence of Lambert, supposed brother of Reginar [V] Comte de Hainaut, is not certain. It is possible that Gerber...

4/11/2007 2/21/2020

Ida de Hainault MP (c.1110 - 1194)


Ida De Hainault (b. 1109, d. 1162) Ida De Hainault (daughter of Baldwin Hainault and Yolande De Gueldres)223 was born 1109 in Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England223, and died 1162 in Garsington, Heading...

7/25/2007 2/21/2020

John Marshall, II (c.1144 - c.1194)

"Sir John le Marshall"

JOHN "the Marshal" ([1144/45]-Mar 1194, bur Bradenstoke). Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, record that "Johannes filius Johannis Marscalli" held one knight’s fee f...

1/4/2008 1/30/2020

Sir Pharamus de Whalesborough (c.1180 - 1213)


ID: I74208 Name: Pharamus de Whalesburgh Surname: de Whalesburgh Given Name: Pharamus Prefix: Sir Sex: M Birth: ABT 1185 in Whalesborough, Cornwall, England Death: BEF 1213 _UID: 88AB23...

8/7/2007 1/29/2020

Sir Bennett de Whalesborough MP (1215 - 1238)

10/5/2013 1/29/2020

Roger du Maine, Comte du Maine MP (c.866 - bef.900)

"Count of Maine"

Comtes du Maine ROGER [Rotger] ([855/65]-before I Nov 900). His birth date range is estimated from the estimated date of his marriage which, assuming that his wife's origin is correctly shown below...

8/1/2007 1/26/2020

Gerberge de Gatinais (c.915 - 977)

F Hildegarde of MORTAGNE Print the treeSosa: 3,592,422,273 Born about 930 died Parents sosa Hervé de MORTAGNE I , Count of Mortagne-au-Perche (61) ca 910- sosa Gerberge of GATINAIS ...

5/10/2009 1/26/2020

Hugues I, Comte du Maine MP (c.890 - c.931)

ROGER [Rotger] ([855/65]-before I Nov 900). His birth date range is estimated from the estimated date of his marriage which, assuming that his wife's origin is correctly shown below, must be reasonab...

1/3/2008 1/26/2020

Rothilde of the Franks MP (c.871 - 927)

"Roheut of France", "Rothaut", "Rothilde De Bourges"

PLEASE NOTE: Rothilde (Roheut, etc) is NOT the same daughter as Rotrude. Many people are trying to merge the two. However, they had different lives and they had different mothers. Charles the Bald, w...

8/1/2007 1/26/2020

Audofledis of the Salian Franks MP (c.470 - 526)

"Andelfieda", "Audeflede", "Blanchefleur"

MEROVECH (-[451/57]). m ---. The name of Merovech's wife is not known. Merovech is recorded as having one child: 1. CHILDERICH (-Tournai [481/82], bur Tournai).

10/14/2007 1/26/2020

Unknown De Cambrai (deceased)

2/13/2017 1/7/2020

2/13/2017 1/7/2020

Theudric, count of Boulogne MP (c.560 - 610)

"Theuderic", "Thierry de Boulogne"

7/18/2008 1/7/2020

Chrodobert, count of Boulogne MP (c.560 - c.600)

"Chrodobertus", "Robert"

11/15/2008 1/7/2020

Walmar, count of Boulogne MP (c.656 - 688)

Titres: Comte de Boulogne (656-688), Comte de Ternois : Comte de Boulogne (656-688), Comte de Ternois : Comte de Boulogne (656-688), Comte de Ternois

8/21/2007 1/7/2020

Ada MP (c.635 - d.)

2/11/2008 1/7/2020

Osterhilda de Ponthieu (c.660 - 685)

"Maria", "Historalde"

Titres: Comte de Boulogne (656-688), Comte de Ternois

8/21/2007 1/7/2020

Richarianne de Artois (530 - 580)

11/6/2008 1/7/2020

Sigebert de Ponthieu (570 - 620)

11/6/2008 1/7/2020

Eschina of London MP (c.1107 - 1186)

"Eschelina", "Eschina domina de Molla; Echina de Molla; Eschener de Molla: Eschina de Lodoniis", "Eschina de Ludonijs; Eschina de Londoniis"

ESCHINA OF LONDON Eschina domina de Molla; Echina de Molla; Eschener de Molla: Eschina de Lodoniis, Eschina de Ludonijs; Eschina de Londoniis Spurious Pedigree According to Lord Lindsay...

8/18/2007 12/21/2019

Feudal baron of Blagdon in Somerset in Domesday period. Parentage Unknown. His heir was his daughter Geva. Serlo de Burci From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Serlon de Burci was a Norman of the e...

1/3/2008 10/25/2019

Sibyl Aumale MP (1172 - d.)

2/24/2008 10/25/2019

Jordan Oliver MP (1170 - d.)

2/24/2008 10/25/2019

Nicholas Oliver MP (1150 - d.)

9/5/2009 10/25/2019

William de Tracy, of Barnstaple MP (bef.1075 - aft.1110)

"William DeTracy", "William Tracy"

concerns This William appears to be a son of Turgisus de Tracy . However, the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy's "UNTITLED ENGLISH NOBILITY T - Z" page (link below) and Stirnet's "Tracy1" page (link...

8/23/2007 10/17/2019

Margery de Freville (1287 - 1327)

10/30/2008 10/17/2019

Henry Edward de Willington (c.1285 - 1322)

8/31/2011 10/17/2019

Walter FitzEdward d'Évreux, Lord of Salisbury MP (c.1091 - c.1147)

"d'Évreux", "Salesbury", "Salusbury", "Salisbury"

Walter was Sheriff of Wiltshire. He was eldest son of Eduard Saresberiensis (Edward of Salisbury) (by a first wife?). He was of Chitterne in Wiltshire. Walter was also called Gautier d' Évreux. W...

6/7/2007 10/16/2019

Adeliza Lucia de Reviers MP (aft.1090 - 1146)


FMG does not give Adeliza's family (5/4/10, Janet Palo-Jackson) From Medlands (FMG): BALDWIN de Reviers, son of RICHARD Seigneur de Reviers & his wife Adelise Peverel ([1090/1100]-4 Jun 1155, bur...

5/12/2007 10/13/2019

Joan de Bonville (1248 - 1268)

5/12/2008 10/13/2019

Roger "the Good" de Clare, Earl of Hertford MP (1116 - 1173)

"The Good", "Robert", "the Good", "Earl Hertford", "Hereford"

Roger de Clare was a son of Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare and Alice de Gernon. He succeeded to the earldom when his brother Gilbert died without issue. In 1164 he assisted with the Constitutions of Cla...

6/11/2007 10/13/2019

Alice de Beauchamp MP (c.1222 - 1284)

Married (1) as a young child, William de Clinton, the younger, who d. by 1237; married (2) by 1246 Robert de Beauchamp, IV, an adult in 1244, who was living in 1262-3, dead 1265-6, Lord of Hatch, Somer...

6/27/2007 10/12/2019

Adèle de Vermandois, comtesse de Vermandois et Valois MP (1065 - 1120)

"Adela", "Adelaide", "Adele", "Adelheid", "Adelle", "Alice", "Alix"

Adelais (Adele) de Vermandois (1065-28 Sept 1120/24) was suo jure Countess of Vermandois and Valois and the last member of the Carolingian dynasty. Daughter of Heribert IV de Vermandois; married Hugues...

6/10/2007 10/11/2019

Hugues I 'Magnus', Comte de Vermandois MP (c.1057 - 1101)

"le Grand", "The Great", "Comte de Vermandois", "Hugues de France"

Note regarding his name: Sources show that Hugues Magnus was a compound name. See below for details. Wikipedia From the English Wikipedia page of Hugh I, Count of Vermandois: French Wikipedia: ...

6/10/2007 10/11/2019

Emma de Corbuceo MP (1159 - 1190)

"Emma /De Corbuceo/"

11/7/2007 10/11/2019

Unknown Corbuceo (c.1137 - 1159)

6/18/2008 10/11/2019

Peter Corbuceo (c.1133 - 1159)

"Seigneur de Corburceon"

6/18/2008 10/10/2019

In the 11th century, Thurstan de Montfort constructed Beaudesert Castle , a moat and bailey castle, on the hill above Beaudesert.

11/7/2007 10/10/2019

Robert FitzHamon, Sieur de Creully, Lord of Gloucester & Glamorgan MP (c.1050 - 1107)

"Lord Of Corbeil", "Lord of Glamorgan", "Lord Of Thoringni", "Lord of Cruelly Robert /Fitzhamon/", "Lord Thoringni Robert /Fitzhamon/", "Lord Robert Tewksbury Seigneur of Fitzhammon", "Seigneur de Creully in Calvados & Torigny-in-Manche", "Governor of Caen"

Robert Fitzhamon (died March 1107), or Robert FitzHamon, Sieur de Creully in the Calvados region and Torigny in the Manche region of Normandy, was Lord of Gloucester and the Norman conqueror of Glamo...

6/11/2007 9/30/2019

Billung I, Count of Thuringia MP (c.780 - aft.816)

"Brunhart Billung I. von Stubenskorn Graf in Sachsen"

Count Billung, I, of Thüringen (Thuringia) Adelais ([798]-after 810). "Adailhaidem, Atulam, Guntradam, Berthaidem ac Theoderadam" are named as daughters of Pippin by Einhard[628]. She was taken from ...

4/12/2007 9/28/2019

Princess Adelais, of Italy and Lombardia MP (c.798 - aft.826)

"Adélaïde", "Alda", "Adelheid", "Itta", "Aeda", "Adela", "Attala", "Atala", "Adelaid or Athalia"

A3.B4 Carloman, renamed Pippin (April 777–8 July 810)], King of Italy [ . CARLOMAN [Pepin] (777-Milan 8 Jul 810, bur Verona, San Zeno Maggiore). King Pepin had one illegitimate child by Mistress (1): ...

4/12/2007 9/28/2019

Dobzogera von Wenden, Königin der Sachsen MP (aft.655 - bef.700)

"Dobiogera", "Dobzogera", "Dobrogera", "von Wenden", "of the Obotrites", "Konigin der Sachsen"

Dobzogera von Wenden, Königin der Sachsen Daughter of Graf von Sachsen Billung von Wenden and Freduna von Sachsen See, for example, James Anderson, Royal Genealogies (1732, 1736), p. Table CCXV, ...

8/23/2007 9/28/2019

Arégonde, Queen of the Franks MP (c.504 - 587)

"Arnegonda", "Arnegondis", "Arnegund", "Aregonda", "Aregund", "Aregunda", "Haregonde", "Tharagunda", "or Arnegonda", "Arégonde", "Queen of the Franks", "Arnegundis", "Aregonde"

Aregund, Aregunda, Arnegund, Aregonda, or Arnegonda was the wife of Clotaire I, king of the Franks, and the mother of Chilperic I of Neustria. She was the sister of Ingund, one of Clotaire's other wive...

3/12/2007 9/28/2019

Bertram de Verdun, II (bef.1075 - bef.1130)

Bertram II de Verdun is one of the sons of Bertram I de Verdun, and the father of Norman de Verdun: "... in January 1100, William Rufus addressed a writ concerning the restoration of Ranulf Flambard ...

5/21/2010 9/22/2019

Adélaïs of Paris MP (853 - 901)

"Abdelheid", "Adelahide", "Adelaide", "Adélaïde", "Adelheid von Paris", "Adelajda", "Adalheidis", "Aélis"

Traditionally, she is said to have been the daughter of Begue II of Paris . However, there is some reason to believe that she might have been a daughter of Count-Palatine Adalhard . Adelais , daughte...

2/27/2007 9/21/2019

Louis IV, king of West Francia MP (920 - 954)

"Louis IV of /France/", "Transmarinus", "d'Outre-Mer", "(d'Outremer)", "d'Outremere", "Lüdwig IV.", "Lodewijk IV", "Otremeur", "Charles Teutonique", "Louis IV d'Outremer"

From Louis IV (10 September 920 – 30 September 954), called d'Outremer or Transmarinus (both meaning "from overseas"), reigned as king of France from 936 to 954. He was a member of the Carolingia...

2/27/2007 9/21/2019

Berengar I, emperor of the Romans MP (c.845 - 924)

"Berengarius", " Perngarius"

Berengar I (Latin: Berengarius, Perngarius ; Italian: Berengario ; c. 845 – 7 April 924[1]%29 was the king of Italy from 887. He was Holy Roman Emperor between 915 and his death in 924. He is usual...

3/4/2007 9/20/2019

Richard Whita (deceased)

6/27/2017 9/19/2019

Unknown de Whalesborough (c.1240 - d.)

7/15/2011 9/18/2019

Sir William de Whalesborough (bef.1210 - 1279)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 6 2017, 7:03:52 UTC

6/23/2014 9/17/2019

John Richards (deceased)

11/17/2011 9/2/2019

John de Lutegareshale MP (c.1104 - 1144)

John (de Valognes) Fitzpiers was the Forester of Lutegarestershale. John was born in 1104 at Great Waltham, Essex, England and died on September 14, 1144 at Mildenhall, Suffolk, England. John's par...

11/5/2007 8/17/2019

Reginald de Mohun II, Baron De Mohun MP (c.1206 - 1258)


Greywelle. The manor sometime belonged to a certain Reginald de Mohun , to him and his heirs in fee, who gave it to William, his younger son, and the heirs of his body. The said William had two daughte...

6/27/2007 8/17/2019

Frederick I, count of Moselgau MP (965 - 1019)

"Frederic I of Luxumbourg", "comte en Moselgau en Seigneur de Gleiberg", "Frederic I /de Luxemburg/ Count Moselgau", "Friedrich I", "Graf von Moselgau", "Fridrich I"

Alt birth dates: 1345, 1358, 1360, 1375 and in French: Frederick of Luxembourg (965 - 6 October 1019), count of Moezelgouw, was a son of count Siegfried of Luxembourg and Hedwig of Nordgau. By a ...

3/3/2007 8/17/2019

Agnes Keveliok married William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby. She and her husband had the castle and manor of Chartley, in Staffordshire, and inherited from her late brother all the lands which lay between...

6/10/2007 8/14/2019

Nicholas de Soules MP (b. - c.1264)

"Sheriff of Roxburgh", "Soulis"

7/26/2014 8/14/2019

John de Normanville (c.1191 - c.1241)

9/29/2011 8/14/2019

William de Soules, Heriditary Butler of Scotland MP (b. - c.1292)

"1st Lord of Leddesdale", "Soulis"

The office of Butler of Scotland (Latin: Pincerna Regis), was a court position in the Kingdom of Scotland during the High Middle Ages. Office holders Ranulf I de Soules[1] William II de Haya[2]...

9/29/2011 8/14/2019

Ermengarde Durward MP (deceased)

5/29/2008 8/14/2019

Sir Alan Durward MP (1194 - 1275)

"Alan Hostarius", "Alan de Lundin"

SIR ALAN DURWARD (aka ALAN OSTIARIUS) Justiciar of Scotland; Lieutenant of the Sheriff of Inverness Alan Durward is the son of Thomas Durward. Arbroath Liber: charter number 192 on p. 92 EVIDENCE...

5/29/2008 8/14/2019

Sir Humphrey de Beauchamp MP (1253 - 1317)

He was Lord of Ryme, Intrinseca, Dorset and Oburnford, Oulescombe, Teinghervy and Buckerell, co. Devon; m. (1) by 1254, Sibyl Oliver, from whom he divorced between 1287 and 1290; married (2) after 10 A...

6/26/2007 7/27/2019

Pascwethen de Vannes, duc de Bretagne MP (850 - 877)

"Pasquitan de Vannes", "Pascweten de Vannes", "Paskwezhen", "Paskwitan de Rennes; Pakitan II; Paswethan de Browarec; Paskwiten de Vannes"

Pasquitan, Duke of Brittany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pasquitan, Pascweten, or Paskwezhen (died 876) was the Count of Vannes and a claimant to the Duchy of Brittany. He was a son of Rid...

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Gérard, count of Auvergne MP (c.800 - 841)

"Gerhard of Auvergne"

Gerard, Comte d'Auvergne GERARD (-killed in battle Fontenoy 25 Jun 841). Comte d'Auvergne, is first found in records in the Vita Hludowici Imperatoris in 839. His parentage is unproven, but one docum...

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Unruoch, marquis & duke of Friuli MP (b. - bef.853)

"Hunroch", "Conde de Ternois"

(draft) Unruoch II (also known as Unroch II) (died 853) was a Frankish nobleman and friend of Charlemagne .[1] In particular, he was witness to the emperor's will in 811. He was the Frankish Duke...

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Teutomer, a Frankish general MP (c.310 - 363)

"Tautomede", "Tautomer", "Teutomer", "Theodimir", "Richomeres", "son of Malaric I", "Frankish Chief"

Teutomer - (c330-6/26/363) Marcellinus tells us he was the Duke of Dacia Ripensis, a Frankish Chieftain, the Protector Domesticus and later General to Roman Emperor ... who was a Frankish officer i...

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Note: was taken by the Emperor Julian, who slew him and his mother A.D.360, reigned ten years. Children - - Clodius V King of the East Franks Forrás / Source:

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