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William Pierce, of Mulberry Island MP (c.1580 - aft.1655)

William Pierce died after 1655 Not the same as Capt. William Pierce, "the Mariner" perhaps the grandfather of Colonel William Pierce, of Cople Parish probably related to Thomas Pierce - his u...

3/13/2018 3/14/2018

Caron L Brannon, Ancient Planter MP (c.1683 - 1764)

"Caron", "Karon Branham", "Brannan", "Brannen", "Branan"

He was a tobacco planter and surveyor. he set sail as a indenture servant to George Davenport. one of 90 passengers who were transported to Virginia. 4500 acres of land was granted as remuneration for ...

11/1/2007 10/26/2017

Franklin Brown Wildman MP (1906 - 1984)

(From Sports Illustrated) "As a rule, commissioners get their jobs through old-fashioned political appointments. Some are paid several thousand dollars a year; some don't even get their expenses ...

1/26/2013 3/12/2016

William Capps (occasionally spelled Capp or Cappes) was born in Norfolk County, England in or around 1575.[1] William married Catherine Jernagin (also spelt Katheryn Jermingham) in Norwich, Norfolk Cou...

5/10/2011 7/21/2015

John Lightfoot MP (c.1580 - 1628)

JOHN LIGHTFOOT, b. abt. 1580, Eng; d. 1628/19; marr. UNKown; ISSUE: 1. Alice Notes for John & Alice Lightfoot: 1) 21 Jan 1628/29, General Court, probate of nuncupative Will of John Lightfoote (who owne...

1/4/2009 7/14/2015

Elizabeth Bucke MP (c.1582 - bef.1623)

Additional Curator's Notes: The Encyclopedia Virginia believes Elizabeth's maiden name to be Browne, but offers no proof. It has been suggested that Elizabeth was the daughter of a "Sir Brown" and a ...

7/5/2008 6/12/2014

Capt. William Powell MP (c.1577 - 1623)

William Powell was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1619. Shortly after the massacre in 1622, Sir George Yeardly, Captain William Powell, and Captain Richard Butler each took a company an...

12/31/2007 5/17/2014

Henry Bagwell MP (1589 - 1660)

Arrived at Jamestown, VA, in May of 1610 on board the Deliverance, which, along with the Patience, was built with Bermudan cedar and recovered timber from the Sea Venture. The Sea Venture had blown off...

10/8/2008 3/12/2014

John Thomas, of Queen's Creek MP (aft.1585 - c.1653)

JOHN THOMAS, born in Wales 1585-1590, arrived in Jamestown 24 May 1610. He later lived near Williamsbug, Viriginia, on the north side of Queen's Creek in the County of Yorke, raising his sons with his ...

3/23/2007 10/8/2013

Lt. Edward Waters MP (aft.1584 - 1630)

Birth date uncertain, perhaps c. 1584 (he claimed to be forty in 1624). The date "30 November 1589" is a christening date which may not have been transcribed correctly - "4" and "9" can be easily confu...

7/22/2007 2/21/2013

William Strachey (4 April 1572 – 21 June 1621 (buried)) was an English writer whose works are among the primary sources for the early history of the English colonisation of North America. He is best ...

2/25/2009 2/8/2013

John Graye Proctor, Ancient Planter MP (1583 - bef.1627)


Additional Curator's Notes It is extremely important when working with the Proctor immigrants to Virginia and Massachusetts to trace the line back to England as well as forward to the Colonies. ALL o...

2/7/2009 1/27/2011

Samuel Jordan, of Jordan's Journey MP (1578 - 1623)

"Samuel "Gentleman" Jordan", "Samuel Silas Jordan", "Samuel Jordan of Jordan's Journey"

Please see the site that Erica Howton discovered on the excavation of Jordan's Point and Jordan's Journey. It is fascinating and shows relics recovered (including possibly Samuel Jordan's bones) relate...

7/23/2007 12/25/2010

Silvester Jourdaine MP (1564 - d.)

The Third Supply was the "Sea Venture" (also called the Seaventure or Sea Adventure) sailed as part of a flotilla of nine ships commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers. Intended destination was Jamest...

9/6/2008 10/23/2010

Governor Sir George Yeardley MP (1588 - 1627)

Temperance Flowerdew is documented as a wife of Governor Sir George Yeardley. Alice Bradley and Sarah NN are not. Sir George Yeardley (1587 - 1627) was a plantation owner and three time colonial Go...

5/1/2008 10/22/2010

Bermuda Rolfe MP (c.1609 - 1610)

5/29/2009 10/22/2010

Bermuda Eason MP (c.1610 - 1610)

Virginia immigrants and adventurers, 1607-1635: a biographical dictionary By Martha W. McCartney; pg. 271. Edward Eason and pregnant wife were aboard the Sea Venture, bound for Virginia Colony, in 16...

10/22/2010 10/22/2010

Mistress Eason MP (deceased)

The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown: The Sea Venture Castaways and the Fate ... By Lorri Glover, Daniel Blake Smith The wives of Rolfe, Horton and Eason were identified only by their relationship to t...

10/22/2010 10/22/2010

Edward Eason MP (c.1600 - d.)

Virginia immigrants and adventurers, 1607-1635: a biographical dictionary By Martha W. McCartney. pg. 271: Lists Edward Eason and pregnant wife as new colonists aboard the Sea Venture. While stranded o...

10/22/2010 10/22/2010

Captain John Rolfe, Ancient Planter MP (bef.1585 - bef.1622)

"John Rolfe"

John Rolfe , son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason, was born in 1585 in England and died in 1622 in Jamestown Settlement, Virginia. Married (1) Sarah Hacker, died in Bermuda; (2) Pocahontas, died in Eng...

2/23/2007 10/22/2010

Capt. Christopher Newport, Admiral of Virginia MP (1561 - 1617)

"Captain Christopher Newport"

Curator Note: Capt. Christopher Newport was married three times, to Katherine Proctor, Ellen Ade and Elizabeth Glanfield. He had four children -- Christopher, Jane, John and Elizabeth. Two additional...

1/30/2007 10/21/2010

Stephen Hopkins, "Mayflower" Passenger MP (c.1581 - bef.1644)

"Steven Hopkins", "Steven"

From Mayflower History - Stephen Hopkins 1. Stephen Hopkins was christened in Apr 1581 in Upper Clatford, Hampshire, England. He died on 6 Jun 1644 in Plymouth, MA. Stephen married (1) Mary (perhap...

2/18/2007 10/17/2010

Sir Thomas Gates (fl. 1585–1621), followed George Percy as governor of Jamestown, the English colony of Virginia (now the Commonwealth of Virginia, part of the United States of America). Percy, through...

9/9/2007 10/17/2010

Mara Bucke MP (1611 - aft.1637)

Bucke may have returned to England at least once. It is possible that his wife died and that he remarried, perhaps to a woman named Bridget. Bucke had three sons and one daughter born in Virginia betwe...

10/11/2008 10/17/2010

Elizabeth Page MP (1600 - 1660)


Daughter Elizabeth married Jamestown burgess Thomas Crumpe, who patented 750 acres between the James City Parish glebe and Powhatan Creek, directly above the Buck patent. Later he became burgess for th...

10/11/2008 10/17/2010

Bermuda Bucke MP (1610 - 1610)

Richard Buck sailed June 1609 with wife, Miss Langley and four Buck children. Marooned for 9 months embarked for Virginia from Bermuda 10 May 1610. Arrived in Jamestown 21 May 1610. He was a minister...

10/11/2008 10/17/2010

Bridget Bucke MP (c.1595 - 1654)

"Bridget Davis", "Bridget Burruss", "Bridget Langley", "Bucke", "Burrus", "Bromfield"

Additional Curator's notes: While many sources will list Bridget Bucke as the daughter of Rev. Richard Bucke, the math doesn't work. Thomas would have been a father at 13 and would not have become a ...

10/11/2008 10/17/2010

Rev. Richard Bucke MP (c.1580 - c.1624)


Richard Bucke was an Anglican minister who came to Jamestown in 1610, performed the marriage ceremony for Pocahontas and John Rolfe in 1614, and in 1619 opened with prayer the first legislative assembl...

10/11/2008 10/17/2010