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Ancient Planters: Wreck of The Sea Venture (1609)

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  • William Pierce, of Mulberry Island (1580 - aft.1655)
    William Pierce *died after 1655* Not the same as Capt. William Pierce, "the Mariner" perhaps the grandfather of Colonel William Pierce, of Cople Parish probably related to Thomas Pierce - his uncle ? T...
  • Caron Brannon, Sr., ancient planter (1683 - 1764)
    Father seen as Richard Branham, Sr. —- Note by author: It seems more than probable that Charon Brenhan at the age of 12, would have been in a party of older Brannons who arrived in North Farn...
  • Franklin Brown Wildman (1906 - 1984)
    after Hill School, Yale, and a June '29 marriage, frank went to Wall St. (not a propitious time!) He then returned to live with the family of three to Gwynedd Valley and worked at Wildamn Mfg. (His fat...
  • William Moss Capps, Sr. (1575 - 1634)
    William Capps (occasionally spelled Capp or Cappes) was born in Norfolk County, England in or around 1575.[1] William married Catherine Jernagin (also spelt Katheryn Jermingham) in Norwich, Norfolk Cou...
  • John Lightfoot (c.1580 - 1628)
    JOHN LIGHTFOOT, b. abt. 1580, Eng; d. 1628/19; marr. UNKown; ISSUE: 1. Alice Notes for John & Alice Lightfoot: 1) 21 Jan 1628/29, General Court, probate of nuncupative Will of John Lightfoote (who owne...

The purpose of this project is to find the descendants of the passengers aboard the ship Sea Venture, one of the early ships carrying new settlers to Virginia Colony.

This Project will have both Project Curators and Project Collaborators.

The primary source is this website: This website states: The "Sea Venture" (also called the Seaventure or Sea Adventure) sailed as part of a flotilla of nine ships commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers. Intended destination was Jamestown, Virginia. The On 2 June 1609, "Sea Venture", flagship of the "Third Supply" (six ships and two pinnances); departed London. On 23 July, A hurricane at sea separated the Sea Venture from the other vessels. After four days, she began taking on water. Land was sited and she wrecked between two reefs off the shores of Bermuda on 28 July 1609. All of approximately 150 passengers safely made land. Two pinnances were built during the following nine months, the "Deliverance" and the "Patience". These vessels sailed on to Virginia 10 May 1610, leaving two men behind. 19 June 1610 Sir George Somers volunteered to return to Bermuda aboard the "Patience" for supplies for the struggling colony of Virginia. He arrived in Bermuda, dying there in November of 1610. Captain Matthew Somers returned to England aboard the "Patience" with his uncle's body. Three men were left on the islands to hold the claim.

The end goal of this project will be to gain an understanding of the many types of people who emigrated to the New World and the many reasons for the emigration.

This project will be closed when all the passengers have been found or created, all merges completed, and Master Profiles created.


  • Sir Thomas Gates, Governor for Virginia
  • Sir George Somers, Admiral of the flotilla
  • Rev. Richard Bucke, chaplain to the expedition
  • William Strachey, Secretary of the Colony of Virginia
  • Silvester Jourdain, of Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • Joseph Chard
  • Mr Henry Shelly
  • Robert Walsingham, cockswain
  • Robert Frobisher, shipwright
  • Nicholas Bennit, carpenter
  • Francis Pearepoint
  • William Brian
  • William Martin
  • Henry Ravens, master mate; lost at sea when he sailed for help
  • Richard Knowles
  • Stephen Hopkins
  • Christopher Carter, deserted and stayed behind on the island
  • Robert Waters, who deserted and stayed behind on the island
  • Edward Waters
  • Samuel Sharpe
  • Henry Paine, shot to death for mutiny
  • Humfrey Reede
  • James Swift
  • Thomas Powell, cook
  • Edward Eason
  • Mistress Eason
  • baby boy Bermuda Eason, born in Bermuda to Mistress EAson
  • John Want
  • Mistress Horton
  • Elizabeth Persons, maid to Mistress Horton; married Thomas Powell while in Bermuda
  • Capt (Sir) George Yeardley, experienced veteran of the Dutch wars
  • Jeffrey Briars (died in Bermuda)
  • Richard Lewis, died in Bermuda
  • Edward Samuel, murdered by Robert Waters
  • William Hitchman, died in Bermuda
  • Thomas Whittingham, lost at sea with Ravens (above)
  • Edward Chard who stayed behind on the island
  • Captain Matthew Somers nephew and heir of Sir George, was aboard the "Swallow" on the same expedition
  • Robert Rich, the brother of Sir Nathaniel Rich, a shareholder. Was a soldier. Returned to Bermuda 1617 and died there 1630.
  • Christopher Newport*, Captain of the Sea Venture, former privateer
  • Stephen Hopkins*
  • baby girl was born in Bermuda, christened Bermudas and died shortly thereafter. His wife died shortly after reaching Virginia Spring 1610 and he married Pocahontas in April 1614.
  • Mistress Rolfe, first wife of above
  • Bermuda Rolfe, baby girl born in Bermuda, christened 11 Feb 1610, died and buried there

Additional persons listed as arriving at Jamestown in the Patience and the Deliverance (and therefore assumed to be aboard the Sea Venture when it wrecked at Bermuda) were:

  • Henry Bagwell, aged 35 in the Deliverance
  • Thomas Godby, aged 36 in the Deliverance
  • Edward Waters, aged 40 in the Patience
  • Elizabeth Joons, aged 30, servant
  • John Lytefoote
  • John Graye Proctor
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