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Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) MAFEKING Kamp/Camp

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Understanding the history of Mafeking camp presents special problems. For a brief period it had the highest death rate of any camp, in October 1901 reaching a staggering 4132.741 per thousand per annum for children under twelve, the MO calculated. Yet this mortality occurred in a camp which, immediately before that, had seemed relatively healthy. The disaster occurred shortly after the first visit of the Ladies Committee in August 1901, and they returned in November to try to understand what had happened. A number of other reports were also produced, all attempting to explain the crisis and to end it. In addition, we know a fair amount about the context of Mafeking camp, since Mafeking was not only the town which had been besieged longest, but had been under the command of the colourful Robert Baden-Powell. But the position of Mafeking camp was somewhat anomalous since it was actually located in the Cape Colony, although run by the Transvaal camp system. It was also rather isolated, the northernmost point on the railway line up to Bechuanaland. This may, perhaps, partly explain why a sharper eye was not kept on it.

They survived



  • Barnard, Methewis Johannes (27)Unique ID:63519
  • Camp History: 12/07/1901-01/09/1901










  • Kirstein,Helena (Mrs). She 1st went to Klerksdorp Camp where she lost both her daughters and was then transferred to Mafeking on 12/8/1901.
  • Unique ID 65896
  • Tent no:T36FC
  • Farm History: Lemoenfontein, Wolmaranstad



  • Gillian Magiel van Aarde, (28) Husband of Mrs. Z.A. van Aarde
  • Camp History:15/08/1901 Unique ID 63290 No Property.
  • Farm history: Bywoner at Rooigrond, Lichtenburg
  • Johanna Aletta van Aarde (Mrs) aged 32 Wife of Gillian Magiel van Aarde
  • Camp History:20/06/1901 Unique ID 63280 .
  • Farm history: Vergenoeg, Zeerust
  • Maria Catharina van Aarde, (4) daughter of Gillian Magiel and Johanna Aletta
  • Camp History:20/06/1901 Unique ID 6328
  • Farm history: Vergenoeg, Zeerust
  • Jacobus Gysbert van Aarde, ( 1) Son of Mrs Zirkia Albertina van Aarde
  • Camp History: Unique ID no: 63285 Tent: T 41 NC C 13/7/1901
  • Farm History: Rooigrond, Lichtenburg
  • Zirkia Albertina van Aarde (20) Mother of Jacobus Gysbert.
  • Camp History:20/06/1901 Unique ID 6328 4
  • Farm history: Vergenoeg, Zeerust
  • Mrs Johanna Aletta van Aarde(32) mother of Johanna Aletta (died).
  • Camp History: Unique ID:63280 Tent No:T 253 C
  • Farm History:Wonderfontein,Marico
  • Marthinus Jacobus van Aarde, (12)
  • Camp History: Unique ID no 63276, Tent 7AF C 24/6/1902
  • Farm History: Rooigrond, Lichtenburg
  • Roelf Frederik van Aarde(4) is the brother of Marthinus Jacobus
  • Camp History: Unique ID no 63277, Tent 7AF C 24/6/1902
  • Farm History: Rooigrond, Lichtenburg
  • Sannie Jacoba van Aarde (6) is the sister of Marthinus Jacobus
  • Camp History: Unique ID no 63278, Tent 7AF C 24/6/1902
  • Farm History: Rooigrond, Lichtenburg

They died in Mafeking Camp


  • Martha Aletta van Aarde, (2.2 years) on 20/6/1902 of measles & pneumonia, duration of illness: 30 days
  • Daughter of Mrs Johanna Aletta van Aarde
  • Camp History: Unique ID:63283 Tent No:T 253 C
  • Farm History:Wonderfontein,Marico


  • Farm history: Renosterfontein / Rhenosterfontein, Zeerust












Died during Siege of Mafeking and were buried in Mafeking Camp / Burgers wat tydens die beleg van Mafeking gesneuwel het en in Mafeking Kamp begrawe is

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