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Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) KLERKSDORP Kamp/Camp

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People in this camp

just over 10 000

People who died in this camp


more than 8500 refugee's didn't die in Klerksdorp Camp

Klerksdorp was a somewhat contradictory camp. It seems to have been well run but, despite this, there was a good deal of disease and a mortality rate which was considerably higher than the average camp rate. The result was that Klerksdorp had a poor reputation amongst Afrikaners in the twentieth century. One explanation may have been the camp’s propinquity to the town which was unhealthy.

It is not clear when Klerksdorp camp was formed but Emily Hobhouse believed that it was in existence by the end of 1900. By 22 March 1901, after the civilian administration had taken over, there were 456 people recorded in camp. Such a small number suggests that the camp had not, in fact, been established for very long and the lack of documentation indicates that it was a very minor camp at this stage. The camp was located just south of the town and was tidily laid out in the neat rows the British preferred. It was unfenced until almost the end of the war and the fences were erected only to keep out marauders. When Dr Franks visited the camp in August 1901, he commented favourably on the organisation of the routines. All tents were cleaned out before 8 each morning and clothes, blankets and bedding were aired outside when the weather allowed, until midday. The tent skirts were rolled up to make certain that the tents were adequately aired. Regular inspections, under the management of Mr Jooste, ensured that all these regulations were properly followed. As a result, the inmates looked ‘clean, healthy and happy’, Dr Franks believed.1

Numbers increased rapidly from May 1901, with nearly 1,000 arriving in that month, brought in by columns operating west and north-west of Klerksdorp. H. Howard, the first camp superintendent, commented on the ‘deplorable’ condition of most of these arrivals, with tattered clothing and few possessions. The troops with the convoys claimed that the people were ‘improvident’, failing to load up the wagons when they were collected but later arrivals were equally destitute, and the superintendent felt that the people had not been allowed enough time to collect their possessions. A few, however, brought pianos and organs which ‘might well have been left behind’. One woman, apparently a widow, was able to retain her sewing-machine, the source of her livelihood. In the camp it was gave her an invaluable income

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They survived





They Died in the camp



  • Basson, Walter Jacobus Age died:3 years
  • Bezuidenhout, Josiah J Bezuidenhout
  • Jan Albert Botha Record for him ?
  • Botha, Frederik Johannes Stephanus died on 2/9/1901 aged 15 years of Measels and phneumonia.
  • Bischoff, Johan Hendrik died on 3/9/1901 aged 1.6 years. Cause Phneumonia
  • Boshoff, Matthys Johannes died 3/9/1901 aged 1.6 years Cause Measels and Phneumonia



  • du Plessis, Anna Catharina(Mrs) died 1901 aged 23 of measles, pneumonia & diarrhoea
  • du Plessis, Mieta Cornelia, died 1/9/1901 aged 2 years of measels and phneumonia


  • Harmse, Dina Alida died on 1/9/1901 at age 7 years of measels and phneumonia.
  • Harmse Susanna, aged 4 measels and phneumonia.
  • Harmse, Anna Susanna Magdalena died on 1/9/1901 of measels and phneumonia at age 2.6 years.


  • Jonker, Frederik Johannes died on 30/8/1901 at the age of 2.6years. Cause measels and Phneumonia.
  • Gezina WIlhelmina Joubert 1868-1901


  • Kies, Christina Elizabeth, died 2/9/1901 aged 3 tears. Cause Septcomia.
  • Kies, Hester Jacoba aged 4.6 years on 2/9/1901 Cause measels and phneumonia
  • Kies, Maria Johanna died 4/9/1901 aged 20 days. Cause Convulsions and marasmus
  • Kirstein, Alida Francina died on 31/8/1901 at the age of 3.6years.
  • Kirstein,Alida Susanna 7 months.
  • Klassen, Albertus Petrus, aged1 hour, died of Marasmus.










  • Johannes Nicolaas van der Walt died at the age of 62 from a heart desease.
  • van Wyk, Willem Christoffel, died on 30/8/1901 aged 1.6 years of measels and phneumonia.
  • Visser, Anna Died 30/8/1901 aged 58 of carcinoom of the stomach


  • Wessels,Gert Cornelius died on 2/9/1901 cause Laringitis.

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