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Badwell Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina

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The Badwell Cemetery, in McCormick County, South Carolina, had to be partially moved in the 1970's, by the Corps of Engineers, to make way for a lake, which is part of Sumter National Forest. In the 1990s the cemetery was severely vandalized, and had also naturally deteriorated. There had been a cast iron Grim Reaper, that was famous in the area, attached to the cemetery gate, in the mid 1800s, and it was stolen. Some local "Ghost Busters" made an interesting video on YouTube, in which they were investigating on reports of some kind of "haunting" going on in the cemetery, in the form of a "Troll". The Cemetery was restored in November, 2009, by concerned citizens.

See this link for a website with the numbered listings of Badwell Cemetery grave markers, with names. Line IV, grave 4, is William Pettigrew, born in Lynchbury County, VA, 2/26/1759, died 1/23/1837. He is the father of James Louis Petigru, the famous South Carolina statesman. Grave 5 is Louise (Guy Gibert) Pettigrew, born 9/14/1767, died 9/14/1826, the mother of James Louis Petigru.

Badwell Cemetery is notable for the number of famous early South Carolinians and/or their descendants buried there, to include: Rev. Jean Louis Gibert, founder of New Bordeaux, statesman James Louis Petigru, and Richard Francis Withers Allston, the 57th Governor of South Carolina. These families are heavily intermingled.

Individuals of the Gibert, Pettigrew/Petigru, North, and Allston familes buried in the Badwell Cemetery in McCormick Co. S.C.

  1. James Louis Petigru.
  2. James Louis Petigru.
  3. Pierre Engevin, Born 1727 in Bordeaux in the Kingdom of France,died 28th January 1805
  4. Mary Allan, daughter of Joseph Blyth. and Mary North Allston, Nov. 2, 1860 - June 9, 1862
  5. John Joseph Gilbert, son of the Rev. Jean Louis Gibert and Jeanne Boutiton, his wife,died 18th November 1817, age 46 years. Brother of Louise Guy Gibert Pettigrew.
  6. Adele Pettigrew, his wife (Adele was the daughter of William Pettigrew and Louise Guy Gibert and sister of James Louis Petigru). Born 14 June 1842 - Died 14th July 1843.
  7. James Louis Petigru Jun., Drowned in little River, 11 Jany 1832, Obt. 12 Sept 1853
  8. Martha Petigru, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Petigru, aged 25 years, 1 month, and 16 days, Born Septr 16th 1830, Died Novr 2nd 1855
  9. Mrs. Mary Ann Petigru, Widow of Capt. Thomas Petigru, Born Oct. 18 A.D. 1793 Died Jan 4. A.D. 1869
  10. Thomas Petigru U.S.N. Commander, Born 1st june 1793 Died 6th March 1857
  11. Capt. Joseph Blyth Allston, Born in Georgetown, S.C. Feb. 8, 1833 Died Jan. 29, 1904. Nephew of Robert Francis Withers Allston.
  12. Mary Caroline North, wife of Joseph Blyth Allston. Niece of James L. Petigru, daughter of his sister, Jane Gibert Pettigrew North.
  13. Augusta McIntosh, wife of Joseph North Allston March 13, 1875 - August 13, 1913
  14. Joseph North Allston, son of Joseph Blyth Allston and Mary North Allston. Apr. 28, 1866 Sept. 20, 1919
  15. Jane Louise Allston, 1856 - 1925, daughter of Joseph Blyth Allston and Mary Caroline North.
  16. William Guilford Alston, probably the son of Joseph North Allston and Augusta McIntosh Allston. Feb. 10, 1903 - Nov. 12, 1905
  17. Mrs. Jane Gilbert North Widow of John Gough North, Esq. and dau. of Wm. and Louise Pettigrew Born August 17, A.D. 1800 Died Nov. 5, A.D. 1863
  18. Caroline Frances. daughter of Joseph Blyth and Mary North Allston, Sept. 12, 1869 - Feb. 28, 1896
  19. Mary C. Petigru, second daughter of William & Louise Petigru, Born Feb. 17, 1803 Feb. 13, 1872
  20. Rev. Jean Louis Gilbert, Born near Alais in Languedoc 22nd July 1722 Died in August 1773.
  • Two graves with stone markers are located near the cemetery: Drury Morgan Born in Edgefield District, S.C. ca. April 25th A.D. 1797 Died March 25th A.D. 1854. Daddy Tom Born before 1776. Died 9th Feb 1857. Located on the banks of Buffalo Creek.