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Join this project (Options > Join Project) if you are or would like to become part of Collaboration Pool.

If you join this project, you are indicating your willingness to accept all collaboration requests from anyone else who has joined this project.

Simply leave this project (Options > Leave Project) to remove yourself from Collaboration Pool.

Reasons to build a new list here:

  1. Easier to manage who is in and out and no hassles with "@yourname".
  2. To keep the list up-to-date and include people who are currently active.
  3. The lists of followers and people who have joined projects (collaborators) now include the collaboration sign.

Original idea: Jason Peter Herbert 21.4.10, at 11:25 AM

Greetings all...

One of the most frustrating/irritating thing about geni (for me) is the time consuming nature of trying to get enough permissions to fix many areas of the tree.

I, currently, have 398 collaborators... a number it's taken me more than a year to accumulate, and I still run into large areas where I have no permissions to work in.

So I propose a solution to this, in this very thread.

My solution is simple... post here with "@yourname" to indicate your willingness to join the "Collaboration Pool".

The rules are simple:
1.) if you post here, you are indicating your willingness to accept any collaboration request from anyone else who posts here
2.) before you can send a collaboration request from someone in this thread, you *MUST* post your name here (reciprocity)
3.) you may remove your name at any time by deleting your post
4.) you must respect the deleted posts as 'out of bounds' (ie., *DO NOT* send a request to a user who has deleted their post here)
5.) a post in this thread *without* the "@yourname"... is *NOT* an entrant in this pool

If enough people join in this effort, we can, rapidly, remove many of the prior barriers to fixing this mess.

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