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Ann TOY was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on Neptune on 26 June 1790. On 26/8/1792 she married John MARTIN at Parramatta. She died in February 1806 a...

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William Rayner identified as a Quaker. In London he worked as a baker with Solomon Selfe.

6/27/2007 1/1/2017

Married June 1791 Birth about 1764 Immigration 28 June 1790 ‎(Age 26)‎ Sydney Cove, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Source: Flynn, Michael. The Second Fleet: Britain's grim con...

12/3/2008 1/1/2017

William embarked aboard the Second Fleet ship 'Neptune' on 22 Oct 1789 as a member of the NSW Corps

12/3/2008 1/1/2017

Harriet Hodgetts, free "neptune" 1790 (c.1765 - 1850)


2/3/2010 1/1/2017

The story of John Rogers is of one dogged misfortune and just plain 'bad luck'. One cannot help but feel for him and that his story shows how badly the British treated their own and how sad and outcast...

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Mary Humphries was born Mary Williams in England . She was transported on the Lady Penryth in the second fleet Mary had been sentenced to death but was transported for life which it turned out to be....

10/23/2009 1/1/2017

Rachel WATKINS was born c1759 She was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on "Neptune" in 1790. Married James WILLIAMS c 1792 Norfolk Island and they had 4...

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8/21/2009 1/1/2017

William PRENTICE was born c1758 (or c1771 - age 19 at conviction) Essex He was convicted of sheep-stealing and sentenced to 14 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on"Scarborough" on 28/6/...

9/18/2009 12/27/2016

John PALMER was born July 1754 John joined the NSW Corps as a corporal on 20 Oct 1789 at Chatham and arrived in the colony aboard the ship 'Neptune'. on 28/6/1790. He married Mary SPENCER on 10/8/1...

9/25/2016 12/16/2016

Mary BUTLER was born 23/9/1769 Mary was convicted of stealing and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 3/6/1790 on "Lady Juliana". Mary was transferred to Norfolk Isla...

9/27/2016 12/16/2016

William ROBERTS was born c1754 He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation and arrived in Sydney Cove in 1790 on "Neptune". He started a relationship with Jane Longhurst in 1803 and they...

10/19/2016 12/13/2016

Edward PAILS was born c1759 He was convicted and sentenced to transportation for life. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/6/1790 on "Surprize". He married Mary ALLEN c1791 Edward died December 1802

12/1/2016 12/1/2016

Joseph LLEWELLYN aka LLEWELLIN was born c1766. He was a private in the NSW Corps and arrived in Sydney Cove on 28/6/1790 on "Neptune" He married Mary DWAN 5/11/1800 Parramatta. He died September ...

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William Fielder [Convict "Scarborough" 1790] MP (1756 - 1812)

"William Fubbs", "William Fielder"

William FIELDER aka FUBBS was born 1756 London. He was convicted of violent theft and highway robbery and sentenced to transportation for life. He arrived in Sydney Cove on "Scarborough" on 28 June 179...

11/16/2016 11/17/2016

William ATKINS was born c1756 He was convicted and sentenced to 14 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove 28/6/1790 on "Neptune" On 4/1/1792 he married Mary FLANAGAN In 1808 moved to Tasmani...

11/13/2016 11/13/2016

Thomas DAY was born c1762 London, Middlesex, UK. He was convicted of theft (2 muslin aprons, 3 handkerchiefs, 2 caps, 3 laced robbins, and 5 plain robbins) and sentenced to transportation for 7 years...

11/12/2016 11/13/2016

William Davis was sentenced to death at the 25 Oct 1786 Old Bailey sessions for the highway robbery of a man and woman walking home to Islington along City Road at night and had been arrested as a susp...

4/13/2011 11/13/2016

Mary (Warren) Dargin - Braiden - Nichols [Convict "Lady Juliana" 1790] MP (1771 - 1804)

"Mary Warren", "Mary Dargin", "Mary Braiden", "Mary Nichols"

Mary WARREN was born c1771 She was convicted of theft (linen) (along with Elizabeth DEAN) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived at Sydney Cove on 6/6/1790 on "Lady Juliana", age 18 ...

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2/3/2010 11/13/2016

William ADAMS was convicted of violent theft, highway robery and sentenced to transportation for life. He arrived in Sydney Cove 28/6/1790 on "Scarborough" 22/10/1791 he married Mary MORTON and died ...

10/3/2016 11/13/2016

William HENRY Yardley, convict "Surprize" 1790 (1757 - 1805)

"2nd Fleet Convict"

Second Fleet Convict - arrived on "Surprise" 1790, (age 33)

2/27/2010 11/13/2016

Transported June 1790 for 14 years for stealing.

2/2/2009 11/13/2016

Funeral Held in Johns Cemetary, Parramatta

6/4/2008 11/13/2016

Matthew John GIBBONS was born c1765. He arrived in Australia 3 times - once as a convict and twice as a free man. He was convicted of theft (1 and 1/4 pound Hyson tea) and sentenced to 7 years transp...

10/19/2016 11/13/2016

3/28/2010 11/13/2016

Birth: May 17 1758 Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland Description: Height "" cm; Weight "" kg; Description ""; Medical ""; Hair color "Light Brown"; Eye Color "Grey" Military Service: Enlisted in the 2nd D...

9/21/2013 11/13/2016

Jane almost certainly reached the colony on the Second Fleet ship 'Lady Juliana' in early Jun 1790. She seems to have been one of several women whose late embarkation on the ship was not recorded owing...

7/15/2011 11/13/2016

Mary HOOK was born c1770 Mary was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation and arrived in Sydney Cove on 6/6/1790 on "Lady Julianna" She married Daniel HUMM c1794 on Norfolk Island. Mary...

9/21/2009 11/13/2016

Mary CLAYTON was born c1757 She was convicted of theft (17 yards of printed cotton) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Mary arrived in Sydney Cove on 6 June 1970 on "Lady Julianna" 30/8/179...

11/12/2016 11/13/2016

Mary Charlton, convict "Lady Juliana" 1790 (1771 - 1847)

"Gettis & Gettey"

Mary GITTOS (aka GATERS, GETTY, GATTEY and GATEHOUSE) was born c1769 She was convicted of breaking and entering and theft and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on "Lady ...

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Ellen or (Eleanor according to some records) was born 1765 in Liverpool Eng. her baptism recorded at St.Peter's Liverpool on 26/10/1765. Her father is shown as John Gott, Shoemaker. There is no referen...

6/9/2008 11/6/2016

Edward RILEY was born 26/7/1771 Middlesex, England. He was convicted of Violent Theft/Highway Robbery and sentenced to life. He arrived in Sydney Cove on the 28/6/1790 on the "Neptune, Scarborough and ...

10/2/2016 11/5/2016

Ann KEMP was sentenced to 7 years and arrived at Sydney Cove on the 6/6/1790 on the Lady Juliana She married John WARD

10/4/2016 11/5/2016

Anthony Richardson was born 1776 and died 2/2/1815. He was sentenced to 14 years and transported to New South Wales on the "Surprize", arriving in the colony on the 26/6/1970 In 1812, he married Susann...

2/2/2009 9/30/2016

Arrived on "Neptune" 17 June 1790

8/21/2009 5/9/2016

John 'Merino' Macarthur (c.1767 - 1834)

John and Elizabeth Macarthur were married in Devonshire in England in 1788. John, the son of a mercer and draper (a seller of fabric and sewing materials) was one of fourteen children. He first joine...

12/3/2008 5/9/2016

ROSE FLOOD (Flud) was born in England about 1755. She was convicted in 1789 at the Old Bailey for stealing an apron and tablecloth and received a 7 year sentence. She was also transported on the "Neptu...

2/2/2009 5/9/2016

CHARLES CROSS was born in Somerset, England about 1749. He was convicted in 1787 at Somerset for stealing a silver buckle and received a 7 year sentence . He was transported to Australia aboard the shi...

2/2/2009 5/9/2016

Please click on photos and see more. Arrived Port Jackson 28.6.1790

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5/29/2010 12/30/2011

Please click on his photos and see more. Came on Second Fleet. Convict ship: Surprise. From Portsmith. Arrived Port Jackson 26.6.1790. New South Wales Post Office Directory 1836 - Freebody, Simon, ...

12/1/2008 12/30/2011

George Patfield, convict "Neptune" 1790 (1763 - 1809)

"George Paddle", "George Pathill", "George Padfield", "George Padbill"

George Patfield (also known as George Paddle or Padfield) was sentanced to 7 years transportation for theft on 17/03/1788. He departed Somerset on 19/01/1790 on the "Neptune", which was part of the Sec...

12/8/2007 11/5/2011

Thomas Heather/Eather (1764 - 1827)

"Thomas Eather", "Thomas Heather"

Note: Thomas Heather was illiterate and apparently the 'H' of Heather was dropped in use. The result was that he and his nephew were both recorded as 'Eather' for their convict records and the name s...

7/3/2007 6/13/2011

Mary Dunstan (Mullender) (1765 - 1836)

"Densham", "Dencham"

alt birth year for Mary is 1782. Mary Mullender arrived in Australia in 1790 aboad the 'Lady Julianna'. Mary and husband David Dunston were one of the pioneeer settler families in the Hawkesbury. ...

5/14/2009 3/18/2011

2/2/2009 2/27/2011

On 17 June 1788 Becket was arrested and charged with the highway robbery of Joseph Tipton in the parish of Holy Cross and St Giles in the town of Shrewsbury. A hempen bag, a linsey waistcoat, two handk...

5/24/2008 1/22/2011

Ann Calcut was sentenced to seven years transportation at the 13 August 1789 Stafford Assizes for the theft of a silver tablespoon, a fan, a cotton gown, a black silk bonnet, a linen apron, a muslin ha...

5/24/2008 1/22/2011

2/2/2009 1/10/2011

Lachlan ROSS was a soldier with the NSW Corps. (a Private) in 1804 he was with Lieutenant-Colonel PATERSON landing at Port Dalrymple. Lachlan returned to England and took son Donnal (aka Daniel - b...

1/4/2011 1/4/2011

2/2/2009 1/4/2011

Ann Izard (1790 - 1869)

2/2/2009 1/2/2011

2/2/2009 12/30/2010

from Edward was sentenced to 7 years transportation at the April 1788 Old Bailey Sessions for the theft of 2 lbs of tea, 7 leaves of refined sugar, 20 lbs of moist sugar, 3 lbs of rice and 1 lb of pe...

11/8/2008 12/29/2010

Birth: Oct 22 1769 - Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom Death: Dec 13 1827 - Lower Portland Head, New South Wales, Australia Parents: John Davison, Isobel Davison (born Foreman) Husband:Joh...

2/2/2009 12/27/2010

Mary Scott - Hibbs, convict "Lady Juliana" 1790 (c.1768 - 1844)

"Mary Barlow"

Mary was convicted at Warwick in 1788 for theft. She arrived in Sydney on the Lady Juliana. She cohabited with Edward Scott, who arrived as a seaman on the Lady Juliana. Edward was born 1768 in Warwick...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

Convict transported on the 2nd Fleet in 1790 aged 14 years. Had a 7 year sentence. JOSEPH SMITH was indicted for stealing, on the 1st of April , two linen shirts, value 3 s. two linen neck handkerchi...

5/13/2008 12/25/2010

Born 14-3-1773 at Stone -Gloucester Sentanced at age 15 yrs. on 16-7-1788 to 7yrs. Transportation Sailed from Portsmouth on The Second Fleet. Arrived on the "Scarborough" 28-6-1790

10/2/2007 12/25/2010

NSW Births Deaths & Marriages Marriage of Kezia and William NB Kezia is spelt Kezziah and the marriage is listed twice. Registration Number Groom's Surname Groom's Given Name(s) Bride's Last Name...

11/8/2008 12/25/2010

At the October 1789 Old Bailey sessions, Elizabeth was convicted for stealing and pawning bedclothes from lodgings in Spitalfields which she shared with her lover, intending, she protested, to restore ...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

William BAKER, age 13 was convicted of grand larceny on the 7/5/1788 - stole 2 silver tablespoons from Thomas Ingram He was sentenced to 7 years and arrived in Sydney Cove on the 28/6/1790 on the "Ne...

5/13/2008 12/25/2010

See Louise Wilson's self published book "Paul Bushell: second fleeter" for more information. Paul Bushell, one of 1063 convicts transported on the ship Surprize, December 1789. Sentence details: Conv...

5/14/2009 12/25/2010

Sarah Smith, aged 17, was one of a small group of women and their children who embarked on the ship 'Neptune' in late 1789. They had accepted a government offer of free passage to the colony for the wi...

3/29/2008 12/25/2010

John Cobcroft, John Wood and William Fubbs or Fielder were sentenced to death at the 7 May 1788 Old Bailey sessions for highway robbery. At 4 am on 16 April, William Frost, an elderly fisherman, had ...

3/29/2008 12/25/2010

Mary FLANAGAN was born c1763. Mary was convicted of theft (three mens hats) (along with Mary WINSFIELD) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Mary arrived in Sydney Cove on 6/6/1790 on "Lady Jul...

8/12/2008 11/7/2010