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  • William F. Doran (c.1861 - 1915)
    William joined the Brooklyn Police Department between 1885 and 1888 as a patrolman. By 1894 he was a roundsman, and beginning in 1897 he was sometimes an acting sergeant. At consolidation in 1898, he j...
  • Arthur Fulton Doran, Jr. (1916 - 1982)
    Although his family always called him Fulton, Daddy preferred to be called Art. He retired from the Army Signal Corps in 1958 as a Lt. Colonel. He has four daughters, Patricia, Char, Virginia and Lorri...
  • Thomas Doran (deceased)
  • James Curran Doran (1849 - 1914)
    James Curran Doran Birth: September 8, 1849, North Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts Death: June 19, 1914, Providence, Rhode Island Father: Francis Doran b. 1821, Ireland - d. June 11, 1888 Attle...
  • Francis Doran (1821 - 1888)
    Francis Doran Born: Dec 26, 1821 Ireland Died June 11, 1888, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts Father: Hugh Doran, b. Ireland Mother: Mary _____, b. Ireland note: I have listed Francis' parents...

Doran is an Irish surname that derives from Ua Deoráin (Ó Deorain), a shortened version of Ua Deoradháin (Ó Deoradhain). "Deoradh" is a Gaelic word that means "exile", "wanderer" or "stranger".

The O'Doran family are known as the chief Brehon (law-makers) of Leinster. They are said to be one of the Seven Septs of Loígis, an off-shoot of the Red Branch who travelled South to defeat a Munster invasion of western Leinster. In thanks they were given the lands that would become Loígis, which is now part of County Laois, which gets its name from the old kingdom. The sept was sait to have been led by the O'Moore (O'More/O'Modha) and also included O'Lalor, O'Dowling, O'Devoy (O'Deevy), O'Kelly and McEvoy.

The Dorans eventually gave up their lands in County Laoix and were moved to County Kerry. Today the majority of Irish Dorans are now found in County Wexford.


The project aims to bring together all the Doran family members, including those with variations of the surname like Dorran, Dorrian, Duran (where it can be shown to be a variation of Doran coming from the Irish immigration to Puerto Rico), etc.

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There are a number of DNA projects at FTNDA that Comerfords could join:

Notable Dorans

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