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  • Hugh (Aed?), Lay Abbot of Abernethy (c.1129 - c.1168)
    1. GILLIEMATHIL [Gilliemichael] Macduff, son of --- (-before [1135]). Earl [of Fife]. "…Gillemichel Mac duf…" witnessed a charter dated to [1128] by which "David… Rex Scottorum" made grants to the chur...
  • NN, father of Constantine 'Dufagan' (c.1064 - 1114)
    father of Constantine and Gillemichael. May or may not have been Mormaer of Fife circa Edgar I and Alexander I. 'Dufagan comes' mentioned in a [possibly] spurious foundation charter for Scone Abbey. [H...
  • Eaill nic Eth (c.1088 - 1150)
  • Photographer unknown. No known copyright issues.
    Duff mac Eth, 2nd Mórmaer of Fife (c.1090 - aft.1128)
    From Duth mac Eth, 2nd Mormaer of Fife are descended the Earls of Angus as well as the Earls of Fife. Note by; HRH Prince Kieren de Muire von Drakenberg
  • Duncan of Strathbogie, Earl of Fife (c.1163 - 1203)
    DUNCAN Macduff, son of DUNCAN Macduff Earl of Fife & his wife --- (-[Aug/Dec] 1203). He succeeded his father in 1154 as Earl of Fife. "…Comite Duncano, Gillebrid comite de Anegus, M. comite de Ethoel, ...

Basic Resources

Earls of Fife, from existing charters 1070-1153

"Mackduffe Comite", charter of Malcolm III to Dunfermline, c. 1070-1093 (Lawrie X); probably spurious (Lawrie thinks it may have been "reconstructed" circa Malcolm IV, which gives a *very* early date for the "Macduff legend").

Ethelred son of Malcolm III, circa 1090-1094 (Lawrie XIV); after-the-fact memorandum (c. early David I?) which has Constantine witnessing as (current) Earl of Fife; also (in the Notes, p. 243) a possibly-original version in present tense with an unexplained "Maddock, comite" as witness (along with "Edmund, my brother, son of the king", which sets a date no later than November 1094).

Constantine "filii Magdufe" (not explicitly specified as Earl of Fife), charter of King Edgar to Durham, AD 1095(!) (Lawrie XV); authenticity much debated.

Gillemichael (no title or surname) found for the first time on Charter by Earl David founding the Abbey of Selkirk, c. 1020 (Lawrie XXXV)

Then comes the guessing game of Alexander I's Scone charter, c. 1120? (Lawrie XXXVI), six earls (including "Beth") and Gospatric brother of Dolfin, none of them including their lands; authenticity has been debated. Possibility the list doesn't include all known Earls.

Gillemichael listed as Earl (domain not specified), grant of David I to the church of Dunfermline, three serfs, c. 1126 (Lawrie LXVIII).

Constantinus Comes and Gillemichael Mac duf, witnesses to confirmation by David I of previous grants to Dunfermline, c. 1128 (Lawrie XXXIV). Gift of Hale by "Ethelred my brother" mentioned.

Constantine Earl of Fife one of three judges in a trial, the monks of Loch Leven vs. Sir Robert Burgonensis, c. 1128 (Lawrie LXXX).

Gillemichael, Earl (domain not specified) witnesses charter by David I to abbot and monks of Dunfermline, c. 1130 (Lawrie LXXXIV).

Gillemichael's daughter (Ete) and her husband Gartnait make grants to the Church of Deer, c. 1130-32 (Lawrie XCV, XCVII; Notes to Book of Deer)

Gillemichael Earl of Fife witnesses a charter by King David to the Abbey of Dunfermline, c. 1133 (Lawrie CIII).

"Gilmichel" (no titles) witnesses a charter granting Govan to teh church of Glasgow, c. 1134 (Lawrie CIV).

Colbain of Buchan and Eva his wife, daughter of Gartnait, et al, make donations to unspecified church(es), c. 1135 (Lawrie CVII; Notes to Book of Deer)

"Dun(e)cano Comite" (not otherwise identified)witnesses numerous charters by King David, c. 1136-1150.

Gillemichael, Earl witnesses undated charter by King David to Holyrood (Lawrie CLIII).

"Donchado comite de Fib" finally explicilty identified as witness to charter of protection by King David to the clerics of Deer, c. 1150 (Lawrie CCXXIII; Notes to Book of Deer).

Justin Swanström added: Early Sources of Scottish History, 56 Early Scottish Charters. 237-8 Early Sources of Scottish History, 28

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