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James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh Most Rev. & Rt. Hon. James Ussher was born on 4 January 1581. He was the son of Arland Ussher and Margaret Stanihurst. He married Phoebe Challoner, daughter of Revere...

2/16/2013 4/19/2021


12/18/2008 10/9/2016

Marcus Antonius Felix (Felix in Greek: ο Φηλιξ, born between 5/10-?) was the Roman procurator of Iudaea Province 52-58, in succession to Ventidius Cumanus. ===Life===Felix was the younger brother of th...

8/21/2008 2/27/2016

Saint Augustine of Hippo MP (354 - 430)

"Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis"

Augustine of Hipp,o Latin: Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis; 13 November 354 – 28 August 430), also known as St Augustine, St Austin, or St Augoustinos, was a Father of the Church whose writings are con...

2/18/2013 11/5/2015

Saint Joachim MP (c.-41 - c.-10)

"Joachin", "Joachim", "Joakhim", "Yoachim", "Yoyakim", "Heli (Prince Alexander III “Helios”) ben Matthan"

Joachim and Anna, the parents of St. Mary, are not named in canonical writings. All information about them comes from apocryphal literature, the Gospel of the Nativity of Mary and the Gospel of James ....

7/9/2007 9/30/2015

Mary, mother of Jesus MP (deceased)

"Miryam", "Our Blessed Mother", "Our Lady", "Immaculate Conception", "Queen of All Saints", "Queen of Angels", "Mystical Rose", "Mary Bat Heli", "Mary Bat Joachim", "Blessed Virgin Mary", "Maria"

on 2/2021 - researched the names of Mary's parents: Joachim / Imram [Surah 3] & Hannah / Saint Anne - I researched various sources to supply information. Quran: via websearch, & other websearch. By: Ab...

2/26/2007 9/30/2015

Saint Joseph of Arimathea MP (c.-50 - d.)

""The Tin Man"", "Joseph of Arimathaea", "Saint Joseph d'Arimathie / de Marmore (Marmorica in Egypt)"

Joseph of Arimathea (abt 005 BCE?, Arimathea, Judea - 27 Jul 82?, Glastonbury, UK). According to the Gospels, he donated his tomb for the body of Jesus after the Jesus' Crucifixion. > For the version o...

4/30/2007 9/30/2015

Martha of Bethany (bef.-15 - d.)

"Martha of Magdala"

9/12/2012 9/30/2015

Lazarus of Magdala MP (c.5 - aft.30)

"Lazarus of Bethany"

9/12/2012 9/30/2015

St. Mary Magdalene MP (aft.-10 - c.63)

"Mary of Bethany / Miriyam"

Sources say two things: both that Jesus had a wife and children, and also that Jesus had no wife! Mary Magdalene or Mary of Magdala (original Greek Μαρία ἡ Μαγδαληνή) is described, in the New Testament...

7/10/2007 9/30/2015

Saint James the Greater MP (c.-5 - 44)

"Apostelen Jakob", "James son of Zebedee"

Wikipedia: English James, son of Zebedee . He is also called James the Greater to distinguish him from James, son of Alphaeus, who is also known as James the Less. Died at age 44 years.One of the Twelv...

12/18/2008 9/30/2015

John "The Apostle" MP (6 - 100)

John the Apostle, also known as John the Beloved Disciple, (Ancient Greek: Ἰωάννης)Born: c. 6 Died: c. 100Father: Zebedee Mother: Unknown Spouse: None Issue: NoneJohn the Apostle was one of the Twelve ...

12/18/2008 9/30/2015

Saint Peter, also known as Simon Peter, was an early Christian leader and one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, according to the New Testament and Christian tradition. Peter is featured prominently in t...

12/18/2008 9/30/2015

St. Thomas reached Malabar cost in 51-52 AD from the northern part of Indian peninsula. He is believed to have landed in Muziris (Cranganore) or otherwise known as Maliankara (Kodungallur). He is belie...

12/7/2009 9/30/2015

Saint Irenaeus MP (c.130 - c.202)

Notes * Deuxième évêque de Lyon au IIe siècle entre 177 et 202.* Vénéré comme saint , il est fêté le 28 juin dans l' Église catholique et le 23 août dans l'Église orthodoxe.* Disciple de saint Polycarpe .

9/28/2012 9/30/2015

Notes * 2nd-century Christian bishop of Smyrna .* According to the Martyrdom of Polycarp he died a martyr , bound and burned at the stake, then stabbed when the fire failed to touch him.[3] Polycarp is...

4/18/2015 9/30/2015

Saint Paul the Apostle MP (c.5 - c.57)

"Paul of Tarsus", "Saul of Tarsus", "Paullus", "Paulus", "Saulos", "Saulus"

Saint Paul the Apostle (c5 - c57) was an early Christian missionary. Family and Ancestry Paul's parents and ancestors are not named in any contemporary source. By his own account, Paul was born a Jew o...

3/23/2013 9/30/2015

Jesus MP (c.-4 - c.33)

"Christ", "Emmanuel", "Gesù Cristo", "ha-Notzri", "Isa", "Jesus bar Joseph", "Jesus Christ", "Yeshu ben Pantera", "Yeshua bar Yosef", "Yehoshua", "Yoshuea", "عيسى", "ישו", "Mesjasz"

Parents, marriage and other relations:* Jesus .* Genealogy of Jesus .More resources at the bottom. For speculative genealogies of Jesus, please see the project: Jesus of Nazareth- Speculative Genealogi...

2/26/2007 9/30/2015