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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - C

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - C

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A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)


  • Alexander Kenneth known as Ken and his brother Donald were born in South Africa and grew up with their parents moving from lace to place following diamond and gold ventures. The family arrived in Rhodesia via Beit Bridge.
  • Ken was trained and worked as a carpenter but later took to building contracting. During World War 2 he joined the army but was kept in Rhodesia doing building work for the entire war. He was a keen rugby player till he injured a knee and sufferd with a crooked and painful kee for the rest of his life.
  • Myra was born in Knysna, South Africa. She trained as a nurse and won the Provincial Gold Medal for her general training. She did Maternity training at the Provincial hospital, Cape Town and also did infectious diseases in the Cape.

One of Myra's friends as a student nurse, was from Rhodesia where she was going out with Ken. He went to visit her but she developed measles and asked Myra to show him around till she recovered. Once he met Myra he lost interest in his former sweetheart and he and Myra married a yer later

  • They spent the first years of their marriage moving about the country as he built in various towns. In Enkeldoorn he built among others, the old Maternity Home, the Post Office, the Magistrate's Court, the school hostels, the flats at the Police Compound , the Town Hall and the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation buildings which he did at cost, thereby making a substantial donation to the Foundation.
  • Myra started helping at the Maternity Home while staying at the Hotel. and spent the rest of her life helping people in the community. She had a strong religious belief which was not tied to any one church, she was a member of all churches and helped quite indiscriminately without regard to colour or creed. She tought Sunday school for many years and was known as Granny Campbell to all children. She visited all the elderly in Enkeldoorn and in particular for as long as her strength permitted, served as selector and adored councilor to the inmates at Brocklehurst Foundation.
  • They decided to buy a farm in the area but sold it when they bought a property from Mr. Peter Broaklehurst on which Ken built a house. They moved to the farm when their sons went to boarding school. Ken was not a farmer by temperement but bought some cattle and planted some tobacco till his son Keith took over. He continued with his building until he had a stroke which incapacitted him and affected his speech, after that he did not feel at ease in company and kept very much to his family.
  • Brian Alexander trained as an agronomist and worked in the Government Laboratory then after doing his Phd started his own advisory buusiness. He is part owner of Witham Estates but has always lived in Harare.
  • Keith went to Avondale Junior school then Prince Edward and then Cedara Agricultural Colledge He was Captain of rugby at both Prince Edward and Cedara. He did Terrotorial training and then drafted, started as private and ended up as Major and acting Colonel. He became a fulltime farmer at Enkeldoorn where he was Chairman of the ICA (Intensive Conservation Area) for many years. During the same period he was also chairman of the Enkeldoorn Social Club and vice Chair of the Farmers Association. He represented Enkeldoorn at rugby and as he grew older took to Polocrosse where he represented Zimbabwe in the Veterens section.
  • Jenny went to school at Leicester Road Junior school and Jeppe High, both in Johannesburg. She trained as a nurse at Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, where she met Keith while he was at Cedara, She was chairman of the student nurses body. She did Midwifery at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg. She spent a year in the U.K. and Europe and worked in Johannesburg before marrying Keith. She worked at the Enkeldoorn Hospital and then ran family planning and well baby clinic inlocation for eight or nine years.

Alexander Kenneth (Ken) 10-7-09 / 2-6-94 x Myra Noble 22-10-09 / 27-12-92

  • b1 Brian Alexander 13-2-40 x Anne Francis 2-7-41
    • c1 Michelle 10-11-67 x Kevin Stainton
    • c2 Josephine
    • c3 Henry
    • c4 Glen x Lisa Jane
      • d1 Harry
      • d2 John Oscar
  • b2 Keith Raymond 31-7-42 x Jenny ???
    • c1 Craig Kenneth 9-3-68 x Paula Sargeant ??? (divorced)
      • d1 Tyla Suzanne 6-2-2000
      • d2 Connor 1-3-2001
    • c2 Felicity Margaret x Marcus Reynolds
      • d1 Tristan Callum 3-6-96
      • d2 Amelia Jane 29-10-2002


  • Ronald Carruthers Ronald Chancellor x Mary Gilfillan. Born in Fort Victoria, 1st stayed at the Range for a few months. Worked for the Lands Inspectorate Dept. In Enkeldoorn 1968-1971


Mr. one time bank manager


  • Michael Anthony x Sandra Hendrina Kok 1957
    • Michael Anthony 1979
    • Shaun Douglas 1983






? x Ann Mary Dorothy Bezuidenhout d.o. Wynand Allen


C.J. Town



Mark a hardware dealer


Charlotte Robertha Maria x Henry Wray 4 children.





  • Mathian (Matie) x Elsie Petronella van der Merwe 1894.
  • Matie x Elsie van der Merwe arrived 1910, travelling with Elsie's family group who came from Natal. They travelled by train to Umvuma and by oxwagons to the farm and settled on Crystal. Matie was known for his great strength and sense of humour with a love for practical jokes, he was also easily moved to tears when sad or happy. As a Boer Prisoner of War on Hawkins island, part of the Bermuda group, a collegue later told of his escapades of which are recounted, whenever there was a change of guard personnel he would, with their first roll-call parade, on the command "Fall In" run to the nearest point of the see and with gusto fall into the sea, then solemnly declare that he was merely obeying a command. The camp punishment centre was a barbed wire enclosure on the island and Matie had the reputation of being its most frequent inmate, invariably following a prank that discomfitted the authorities. Matie was an excellent horseman and known to be fearless and often swam in flooded rivers. He refused to bath indoors, doing his ablutions in the nearest river and as he got older he would have a servant squirt water from a hosepipe over him. Servant hose him down behind a hessien screen.
  • Anna Elizabeth x Jacob Francois van der Merwe 1c
  • Miem Coetzee' x Willem van Zyl
  • Johanna Jacomina x Samuel Botha 2c
  • Lucia Susanna x Wessel Petrus de Klerk 3 children.
  • Claudina Petronella Johana x Nicolaas Johanne Jacobus Combrink 1 child.
  • Maria Ellen x Petrus Marais 5 children.
  • Elsie Johanna x Stephanus Johannes Brits 2 children.
  • Johanna Cecilia x Johannes Jacobus Blignaut 1933 1 child.
  • Catharina Johanna x Hendrik Coenraad Steynberg Bronkhorst 2 children.
  • Elizabeth Margaretha 1914
  • Engela Elizabeth Helena 1917
  • Martha Johanna 1918
  • Johanna Susanna Sophia 1938



Alfred Benjamin 1874/20-2-1943 a popular Englishman with no family in the country.


  • Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus x Claudina Petronella Johanna Coetzee
    • Johan Hendrik 2-2-20



  • Frederick Ropes (ex U.K.) 11-6-1870 / 24-5-1950
  • Henry Ropes 7-8-10/ 13-7-95 x Olive Hardwick 4-10-1911 / 2-5-1997 Henry previously in the police then owned the Enkeldoorn Hotel. Farmed on Versailles after R. Bosman. They left the area


Doctor in Enkeldoorn



  • Susanna Magdalena x Pieter Willem van Graan 1c


  • Peter known as Fred 27-12-27 / 13-5-92 x Grace Margaret ?? 8-6-26 / 7-9-97. Public Works employee then established the well known Freds Butchery.
    • Daughter x Kevin Paynter,


  • Hubert Arthor (B.S.A.P.) 1891 / 9-5-1916



  • Rev. Arthur Shearly, an Anglican, known as Baba Cripps. He was a well known and revered member of the community. where he served as teacher, preacher and Councillor, ignoring as trivial such matters as Race or Religious beliefs. An outstanding feature of his character as remembered by those who knew him, was his humility. He administered to the regional Mashona and in all activities shared with them at their level. He scorned the easier life that he could have enjoyed and refusing to use transport in any form, regardless of the weather or disamce, visiting the sick and needy..he walked, wherever he had to go He Founded the Maranda Mshawa mission. He was buried in hilly country near the Missopn .where a stone-walled Shrine serves the local Anglican community in the observance of their religious festivals.



  • Archibald Stanley 1891/ 3-9-1967 x ? They owned Farm Supplies