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Agustín Fabián MP (1901 - 1976)

"Ángel Fernández", "M.S. Martín", "Felicísimo Cortéz", "Augusto E. Fuentes", "F. Bani", "Pilar Buendía"

Agustín Fabián was a Filipino writer. He worked as Literary Editor of Graphic and Liwayway. He wrote fiction and essays in English. Among his published works were: "Sino Ako?" (Who Am I), "Basta Maya...

1/7/2017 1/7/2017

Jose Maria Sison MP

"Amado Guerrero", "Joma"

Utrecht, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Jose Maria Canlas Sison (born 8 February 1939) is a writer and activist who founded the Communist Party of the Philippines and added elements of Maoism to its philosophy. Source:

4/28/2016 5/5/2016

Aurelio Sevilla Alvero MP (1913 - 1958)

"Magtanggol Asa"

Aurelio Alvero was a brilliant intellectualt who was convicted of collaboration with the Japanese. He was in prison in 1945-47 and 1950-52. Sources Grant K. Goodman (1996). Aurelio Alvero: Traito...

8/22/2015 8/22/2015

Rosa Sevilla-Alvero MP (1879 - 1954)

Rosa Sevilla Alvero was a Filipina educator, journalist, and social worker who was one of the notable Filipina suffragists in Asia as she fought for women's right to vote. She also became the first Dea...

8/22/2015 8/22/2015

Epifanio Cristobal de los Santos MP (1871 - 1928)

"Don Pañong", "Don Panyong"

Epifanio de los Santos y Cristóbal , sometimes known as Don Pañong or Don Panyong (April 7, 1871—April 18, 1928) was a noted Filipino historian, literary critic, art critic, jurist, prosecutor, antiqua...

1/13/2009 10/11/2014

Marcelo H. del Pilar MP (1850 - 1896)

Marcelo H. del Pilar was a celebrated figure in the Philippine Revolution and a leading propagandist for reforms in the Philippines. Popularly known as Plaridel, he was the editor and co-publisher of t...

2/13/2013 2/14/2013

Pedro Ignacio Paterno MP (1857 - 1911)

Pedro Paterno was a Filipino politician who earned infamy as "the greatest turncoat in Philippine history." He was also a poet and novelist. Reference: Pedro Paterno's letter to Jose Rizal. . Dat...

9/3/2010 2/14/2013

was a painter and a writer, born in San Isidro Nueva Ecija. A professor in U. P. who influenced Fernando Amorsolo. MIGUEL ZARAGOZA (Filipino/Spanish, 1847-1923). Miguel Zaragoza was a painter, writ...

7/11/2009 5/4/2012

José Zaragoza MP (1842 - 1895)

José Zaragoza founded the landmark "La Ilustracion Filipina", an illustrated weekly newspaper that covered a wide array of social related topics both local and international, in 1891 and served as its ...

7/11/2009 5/4/2012

Lt. Col. Tomas Tirona, PAF MP (1918 - d.)


Tomas Carrasco Tirona belonged to the pioneer class of the Philippine Military Academy Class 1940. He was a soldier with the Armed Forces of the Philippines who was jailed at Fort Bonifacio during WWII...

8/14/2009 4/13/2012

Domingo C. Abella MP (1906 - 1976)

Domingo Calleja Abella, while trained as a physician, Domingo devoted himself to history and is considered one of the giants of the Philippine historical community. He served as Director of the Philipp...

4/28/2009 4/13/2012

Dr. Jose Rizal MP (1861 - 1896)


Jose Protacio "Pepe" Mercado Rizal is the Philippine national hero, whose writings inspired the Filipino movement for freedom from Spanish rule. More here: . During his stay in Spain, Rizal became th...

7/31/2008 4/12/2012

Alfonso Tiburcio "Poncho" Ongpin y Domingo MP (1885 - 1975)


Alfonso Tiburcio Tanbensiang Ongpin was an art connoisseur, gallery owner, Rizalist and Hispanist writer. He owned the famed art supplies store and gallery "Arte". More here: .

2/28/2010 4/12/2012

Alejandro Reyes Roces MP (1924 - 2011)


Alejandro "Anding" Reyes Roces is a Filipino fictionalist, essayist, dramatist and a National Artist of the Philippines for literature. More here: .

4/26/2008 4/11/2012

Rafael Reyes Roces, Jr. MP (1912 - 1944)


Rafael "Liling" Reyes Roces is a Filipino journalist, writer, patriot, World War II spy, hero, and martyr. More here: .

9/14/2008 4/11/2012

Sixto Y. Orosa, Sr. MP (deceased)

Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa was a notable Hispanist, legislator and a physician. Dr. Orosa became known as the Father of Provincial Hospital Act. More here: .

4/10/2012 4/10/2012

Angelo Ilagan Castro, Jr. MP (1945 - 2012)

Angelo Castro Jr. was a Filipino broadcast journalist and actor. More here: .

9/19/2009 4/7/2012

Natividad Hizon-Castro MP (deceased)

Natividad Hizon-Castro was a playwright. "At the turn of the road " was one of her short plays.

4/3/2009 4/7/2012

Pascual Guerrero Agcaoili MP (1880 - 1958)

Pascual Guerrero Agcaoili was a public servant (municipal treasurer) by trade. He belonged to the so-called "first generation" of Ilocano playwrights. He wrote comedias and zarzuelas -- among them "Dag...

4/6/2012 4/6/2012

Chabeli Preysler Iglesias is a Spanish journalist. More here: .

3/27/2012 3/27/2012

Isabel Preysler is a Filipino journalist, model, and television host. More here: .

3/27/2012 3/27/2012

Isabelo Tinio Crisostomo MP (1930 - 2005)

Dr. Isabelo Tinio Crisostomo was a noted author, presidential biographer, and the former president of the Philippine College of Commerce (now Polytechnic University of the Philippines).

3/7/2012 3/7/2012

Aurelio Lacson Locsin MP (1896 - 1974)

"Aurelio L.Locsin 1.122.480"

Aurelio Lacson Locsin was founder and editor of El Civismo, a Spanish language newspaper published in Negros. He also served as the mayor of Bacolod City. More here:

12/13/2010 10/17/2011

Soledad Sison Lacson MP (1907 - 1995)

Soledad Lacson-Locsin of Talisay, Negros Occidental, received her education in both Spanish and English at the Assumption Convent, wrote in both languages for various publications, and did translations...

12/13/2010 10/17/2011

Korina Maria Sanchez is an award-winning television and radio personality. More here:

3/14/2010 6/2/2011

Jesus Balmori MP (1887 - 1948)

Jesús Balmori was a Filipino Spanish language journalist, playwright, and poet. He wrote under the pseudonym "Batikuling". He also served as Philippine Ambassador of Goodwill to Spain, Mexico, South Am...

5/31/2011 5/31/2011

Joaquin Balmori was a pioneer labor leader and organizer of labor unions in the Philippines. After breaking away from the Congreso de Obrero de Filipinas, he founded “Federacion del Trabajo de Filipina...

7/28/2011 5/31/2011