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Gateway Ancestors from Charlemagne (USA)

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    Tracy Ashley Crocker
    Tracy is a native of the Finger Lakes region of New York State. A proud father of a son Tracy Jr, a daughter Carolynn, grand-daughter Nicole, and is lucky to have a loving wife Joyce. He is the son o...
  • Timothy Field Beard (1930 - 2015)
    Timothy Field Beard, Notable national genealogist 84, has died GREAT BARRINGTON- Author-researcher Timothy Field Beard, formerly of Sheffield and one of the preeminent genealogists in the United S...

The Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America

The Order of the Crown of Charlemagne was organized in the United States on January 1, 1939 and incorporated in the District of Columbia on October 10, 1939. It is an idependent patriotic and lineal society named in honor of the Emperor Charles the Great (742-814) and also named after an ancient noble and chivalric order in Europe which according to tradition was instituted by the Emperor in 802 to distinquish and honor his most valiant warriors who fought in the war against the heathen Saxons. Descendants of the Emperor have Maintained the order without great interruption through the centuries.

Below is a partial list of “Gateway” ancestors As of December 26, 2021

As new information comes to light every day, The Order retains the right to accept or turn down a line based on the most current genealogical research. This is a work in progress and new lineages will be updated as required.

  1. Abbott, Anne (Mauleverer), of Nottingham Township, Burlington Co., NJ
  2. Abell, Robert, of Weymouth & Rehoboth, MA
  3. Abney, Dannett, of King William & Spotsylvania Cos., VA
  4. Allen, Rebecca (Ward), of MA
  5. Allin, Katherine (Deighton), of Roxbury and Dedham, MA
  6. Allyn, Margaret (Wyatt), of CT, of MA
  7. Almy, Audrey (Barlow), of RI
  8. Alsop, Elizabeth, of MA
  9. Alsop, George, of Milford, CT
  10. Alsop, Timothy, of New Haven, CT
  11. Alston, John, of Berkeley Co., SC
  12. Appleton, Samuel, of Rowley, MA
  13. Argall, Sir Samuel, deputy Governor of VA
  14. Asfordby, William, of Kingston & Marbletown, NY
  15. Aston, Walter, of the West Indies
  16. Aubrey, Barbara, of PA
  17. Avery, Margaret (Mackenzie), of SC
  18. Baillon, Catherine (Quebec, Canada)
  19. Baldwin, Elizabeth (Alsop), of Milford, CT
  20. Ball, Elizabeth (Harleston), of St. James Parish, Berkeley Co., & Charleston, SC
  21. Ban(n)ister, Frances (Walker), of MA
  22. Banks, Margaret (Domville) (Hatton), of St. Mary's Co., MD
  23. Barclay, John, Governor of NJ
  24. Barclay, Robert, Governor of East Jersey
  25. Barham, Charles, of Surry Co., VA
  26. Barlow, Audrey, of RI
  27. Barnes, Charles, of Long Island, NY
  28. Baskerville, John of York Co. VA
  29. Batt, Anne (Baynton), of Boston, MA
  30. Batt, Christopher, of Boston, MA
  31. Batte, Henry, of Charles City Co., VA
  32. Batte, Thomas, of Charles City & Henrico Cos., VA
  33. Batte, William, of Charles City Co., VA
  34. Baynard, John, Gent., of Talbot Co., MD
  35. Baynton, Anne, of MA
  36. Beckwith, Sir Marmaduke, of Richmond Co., VA
  37. Beresford, Dorothy (Mellish), of SC
  38. Beresford, Dorothy (Mrs. John Brodnax) of VA
  39. Berkeley, Sir William, Governor of VA
  40. Bernard, Anna (Cordray), of York Co., VA
  41. Bernard, Richard, of York Co., VA
  42. Bernard, William, of Isle of Wight Co., VA
  43. Bevan, Barbara (Aubrey), of PA
  44. Bevan, John, of PA
  45. Beville, Essex, of Henrico Co., VA
  46. Bickley, Joseph, of King William Co., VA
  47. Bladen, Barbara (Janssen), of MD
  48. Bladen, William, of St. Mary’s & Anne Arundel Cos., MD
  49. Blakiston, George, of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  50. Blakiston, Nehemiah, of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  51. Blount, [Capt.] James, of NC
  52. Blunston, Hannah (Levis), of Darby, Chester Co., PA
  53. Bolles, Joseph, of Winter Harbor & Wells, ME
  54. Booth, Thomas, of Gloucester Co., VA
  55. Bosvile, Elizabeth, of MA
  56. Bordley, Rev. Stephen, of Kent Co., MD
  57. Bordley, Thomas, of Annapolis, MD
  58. Bourchier, Mary, of VA
  59. Bradshaw, Sarah (Levis), of Darby, Chester Co., PA
  60. Bradstreet, John, of NY
  61. Brent, [Capt.] George, of Stafford Co., VA
  62. Brent, [Col.] Giles, of Kent Island, MD, & Stafford Co., VA
  63. Brent, Robert, of Stafford Co., VA
  64. Bressey, Thomas, of New Haven, CT
  65. Brodnax, Dorothy (Beresford), of VA
  66. Brooke, Mary (Wolseley), of Calvert Co., MD
  67. Browne, Nathaniel, of Hartford & Middletown, CT, & Springfield, MA
  68. Bruen, Obadiah, of Marshfield & Gloucester, MA, & New London, CT
  69. Bufkin, Leven, of Nansemond Co., VA
  70. Bulkeley, Elizabeth, of MA
  71. Bulkeley, Grace (Chetwode), of Concord, MA
  72. Bulkeley, Martha, of MA
  73. Bulkeley, Rev. Peter, of Concord, MA
  74. Bull, Stephen, of SC
  75. Bullard, Sarah (Tucker) (Harris), of SC
  76. Burnet, William, Governor of NY
  77. Burnham, Alice (Eltonhead), of York, Lancaster, & Middlesex Cos., VA
  78. Burrough, Nathaniel, of Calvert Co., MD, & Roxbury, MA
  79. Butler/Boteler, Elizabeth, of the Isle of Kent, Chespeake Bay, & New Kent, VA
  80. Butler/Boteler, John, of Kent Island, MD(no known descendants)
  81. Butler/Boteler, Thomas, of Kent Island, MD
  82. Bye, Thomas, of Bucks Co., PA
  83. Calthorpe, Col. Christopher, of York Co., VA & NC
  84. Calvert, Charles, Governor of MD
  85. Calvert, Jane (Lowe) (Sewall), of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  86. Calvert, Leonard, Governor of MD
  87. Calvert, Mary (Janssen) [Baroness Baltimore], of MD
  88. Campbell, Lord William, Governor of SC
  89. Carleton, Edward, of Rowley, MA
  90. Carleton, Ellen (Newton), of Rowley, MA
  91. Carroll, Dr. Charles, of MD
  92. Carter, Eleanor (Eltonhead), of Lancaster Co., VA
  93. Carter, Sarah (Ludlow), of Lancaster Co., VA
  94. Cartlidge, Mary (Need), of Darby, Chester Co., PA
  95. Chambers, Charles, of Charlestown, MA
  96. Chauncy, [Rev.] Charles, of Scituate and Plymouth, MA
  97. Cheseldine, Kenelm, of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  98. Chetwode, Grace, of MA
  99. Claiborne, Elizabeth (Butler/Boteler), of the Isle of Kent, Chespeake Bay, & New Kent, VA
  100. Clarke, Jeremy, of Newport, RI
  101. Clarkson, Matthew, of New York City, NY
  102. Claypoole, James, of Philadelphia, PA
  103. Claypoole, Norton, of DE
  104. Claypoole, Norton, of Lewes, DE
  105. Clayton, John, of VA
  106. Clopton, William, of York & New Kent Cos., VA
  107. Codd, St. Leger, of Lancaster & Northumberland Cos., VA, & Cecil Co., MD
  108. Conway, Martha (Eltonhead), of Lancaster Co., VA
  109. Cooke, Edward, of Calvert and Dorchester MD
  110. Cooke, Elizabeth (Haynes), of Cambridge, MA
  111. Corbin, Alice (Eltonhead), of Middlesex Co., VA
  112. Corbin, Henry, of Middlesex Co., VA
  113. Cordray, Anna, of VA
  114. Couvent, Ann, Quebec, Canada
  115. Coytemore, Elizabeth, of MA
  116. Craighead, [Rev.] Thomas, of PA
  117. Crowne, Agnes (Mackworth), of Boston, MA
  118. Crymes, [Dr.] William, of VA
  119. Crymes, Dr. William, of VA
  120. Cudworth, James of Scituate, MA
  121. Culpeper, John, of VA
  122. Culpeper, Katherine (St. Leger), of VA
  123. Culpeper, Thomas, of VA
  124. Cumming, William, of MD
  125. Curtis, Anne (Revell), of NJ
  126. Dade, Francis, of Warwick Co., VA
  127. Dale, Diana (Skipwith), of Lancaster Co., VA
  128. Darnall, Anne (Talbot), of MD
  129. Davie, Humphrey, of Boston, MA, & Hartford, CT
  130. Deighton, Frances, of MA
  131. de Tarragon, Anne Elisabeth, Sorel, Richelieu PQ, Canada
  132. Deighton, Jane (see Lugg), of MA
  133. Deighton, Jane (see Negus), of MA
  134. Deighton, Katherine, of MA
  135. Derehaugh, Anne, of MA
  136. DeWarren, Humphrey
  137. Dexter, [Rev.] Gregory, of RI
  138. Digges, Edward, of York Co., VA
  139. Domville, Margaret, St. Mary's Co., MD
  140. Drake, Robert, Northampton Co., VA
  141. Dudley, Katherine (Deighton), of Roxbury/Dedham, MA
  142. Dudley, Thomas, Governor of MA
  143. Dunlop, Archibald, of CT
  144. Eaton, Anne (Lloyd) Yale, of CT
  145. Eddowes, Ralph, of PA
  146. Eddowes, Sarah (Kenrick), of Philadelphia Co., PA
  147. Edgeworth, Richard, of Anson Co., NC
  148. Edwards, Agnes, of Cambridge, MA and Hartford, CT
  149. Elkington, George, of Burlington Co., NJ
  150. Ellis, Rowland, of Bryn Mawr & Gwynedd, PA
  151. Eltonhead, Agatha, of VA
  152. Eltonhead, Alice, of VA
  153. Eltonhead, Eleanor, of VA
  154. Eltonhead, Jane, of MD
  155. Eltonhead, Martha, of VA
  156. Epes, Elizabeth (Symonds), of Ipswich MA
  157. Farrar, William, of Henrico Co., VA
  158. Farwell, Olive (Welby), of Concord & Chelmsford, MA
  159. Fenwick, Jane (Eltonhead), of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  160. Fenwick, John, of Salem, NJ
  161. Filmer, Henry, of James City & Warwick Cos., VA
  162. Fisher, John, of Northampton Co., VA
  163. Fitz Randolph, Edward, of Scituate and Barnstable, MA and Piscataway, NJ
  164. Fleete, Henry, of Lancaster Co., VA
  165. Foliot, Edward, of York Co., VA
  166. Foulke, Edward, of PA
  167. Fowke, [Col.] Gerard, of Westmoreland Co., VA and Charles Co., MD
  168. Fraser, Thomas, of SC and NJ
  169. Gerard, Thomas, of St. Mary’s Co., MD, & Westmoreland Co., VA
  170. Gill, Mary (Mainwaring), said to be of MD
  171. Glen, Elizabeth (Wilson), of SC
  172. Glen, Katherine (Duncanson), of Schenectady, NY
  173. Goddard, William, of Watertown, MA
  174. Gordon, Thomas, of NJ
  175. Graeme, Thomas, of PA
  176. Greene, Gov. Thomas, of MD
  177. Gorsuch, Anne (Lovelace), of VA
  178. Gurdon, Muriel, of MA
  179. Gye, Mary, of MA
  180. Hackburne, Katherine (Deighton), of Roxbury & Dedham, MA
  181. Hamby, Katherine, of MA
  182. Harlakenden, Elizabeth (Bosvile), of Cambridge, MA
  183. Harlakenden, Mabel, of MA
  184. Harlakenden, Roger, of Cambridge, MA
  185. Harleston, Elizabeth, of SC
  186. Harleston, John, of St. James Parish, Berkeley Co., SC
  187. Harris, Agnes, of Cambridge, MA and Hartford, CT
  188. Harrison, Dorothy (Symonds), of Boston, MA
  189. Haugh, Elizabeth (Bulkeley), of Cambridge & Bost n, MA
  190. Hawes, Edmund, of Duxbury & Yarmouth, MA
  191. Haynes, Elizabeth, of MA
  192. Haynes, Mabel, of Hartford, CT
  193. Henry, John, of VA
  194. Homes, Catherine (Craighead), of MA
  195. Hone, Theophilus, of VA
  196. Horsmanden, Warham, of Charles City Co., VA
  197. Houston, Sir Patrick, 5th Baronet, of GA
  198. Howell, Edward, of Long Island, NY
  199. Howell, Edward, of MA
  200. Hoyle, Edward of VA
  201. Humphrey, Anne, of MA
  202. Humphrey, Daniel, of Haverford, Delaware Co., PA
  203. Humphrey, John of PA
  204. Hunter, Robert, Governor of NY & NJ
  205. Hutchinson, Anne (Marbury), of Boston, MA, RI, & NY
  206. Hutchinson, Katherine (Hamby), of Boston, MA
  207. Ireland, John, of MD
  208. Iremonger, Corderoy, of Northumberland Co., VA
  209. Iremonger, Francis, of Gloucester Co., VA
  210. Iremonger, Martha, of VA
  211. Iremonger, William, of Lancaster Co., VA
  212. Isham, Henry, of Henrico Co., VA
  213. Izard, Ralph, of SC
  214. James, Rev. Thomas, Jr., of Southampton, NY
  215. Jennings, Edmund, of York Co., VA
  216. Jones, Martha (Iremonger), of Northumberland Co., VA
  217. Keayne, Anne, of Boston, MA
  218. Keith, Sir William, Governor of PA & DE
  219. Kempe, Edmund, of VA
  220. Kempe, Matthew, of Lancaster & Gloucester Cos., VA
  221. Kempe, Richard, Esq., of James City Co., VA
  222. Kenrick, Sarah, of PA
  223. Launce, Mary, of MA
  224. Lawrence, Mary (Marie), Ipswich, MA
  225. Lawrence, Jame, Ipswich, MA
  226. Lawrence, John, Queens, NY
  227. Lawrence, Thomas, Queens, NY
  228. Lawrence, William, Flushing NY
  229. le Brassieur, Rose (Mellish) (Spratt), of SC
  230. le Dran, Toussaint, Quebec, Canda
  231. LeMarchand, Jeanne, Quebec, Canada
  232. Levis, Hannah, of PA
  233. Levis, Samuel, of Chester Co., PA
  234. Levis, Sarah, of PA
  235. Lewis, Elizabeth (Marshall), of ME
  236. Lightfoot, John, of VA
  237. Lightfoot, Philip, of VA
  238. Ligon, Thomas, of Henrico Co., VA
  239. Littleton, Nathaniel, Esq., of Northampton Co., VA
  240. Lloyd, Ann, of CT
  241. Lloyd, Thomas, of Philadelphia, PA
  242. Logan, James, of PA
  243. Lovelace, [Lady] Charlotte (Clayton) [Baroness Lovelace], of NY
  244. Lovelace, Anne, of VA
  245. Lowe, Henry, of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  246. Lowe, Jane, of MD
  247. Lowe, Nicholas, of Talbot Co., MD
  248. Lowe, Vincent, of Talbot Co., MD
  249. Lowell, Percival, of Newbury, MA
  250. Ludlow, Gabriel, of New York City, NY
  251. Ludlow, Roger, of Dorchester, MA; Windsor & Fairfield, CT
  252. Ludlow, Sarah, of VA
  253. Lugg, Jane, of Boston, MA
  254. Lunsford, Thomas, of Lancaster Co., VA
  255. Lynde, Simon, of Boston, MA
  256. Mackworth, Agnes, of MA
  257. Mallory, Roger, of New Kent & King & Queen Cos., VA
  258. Mallory, Thomas, of Charles City Co., VA
  259. Mansfield, Elizabeth, of MA
  260. Mansfield, John, of Charlestown, MA
  261. Manwaring, Oliver, of New London, CT
  262. Marbury, Anne, of RI
  263. Marbury, Katherine, of MA; RI
  264. Markham, William, of MA
  265. Mauleverer, Anne, of NJ
  266. Maverick, Mary (Gye), of Dorchester, MA
  267. McIntosh, John Mohr, GA
  268. McNeill, Grizel (Campbell), of NC
  269. Mellowes, Martha (Bulkeley), of Charlestown, MA
  270. Miles, Anne (Humphrey), of Swansea, MA
  271. Montes Vigil, Juan, of Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico
  272. More, Richard, of Plymouth & Salem, MA
  273. Morgan, Anne (Tucker), of SC
  274. Need, Joseph, of Darby, Chester Co., PA
  275. Need, Mary, of PA
  276. Negus, Jane (Deighton) (Lugg), of Boston, MA
  277. Nelson, John, of Boston, MA
  278. Nelson, Margaret, of VA
  279. Nelson, Philip, of Rowley, MA
  280. Nelson, Thomas, of Rowley, MA
  281. Newton, Ellen, of MA
  282. Norris, [Rev.] Edward, of Salem, MA
  283. Norwood, [Col.] Henry, of VA
  284. Norwood, Charles, of VA
  285. Orr, John, of VA
  286. Otis, Rose, of Dover, NH
  287. Owen, Joshua, of Burlington Co., NJ
  288. Owen, Rebecca (Owen), of Merion, Philadelphia Co., PA
  289. Owen, Robert, of PA (husband of Jane Vaughan)
  290. Owsley, Thomas, of Stafford Co., VA
  291. Oxenbridge, John, of Boston, MA
  292. Oxley, Anne (Skipwith) (Goforth), of NJ
  293. Palgrave, Dr. Richard, of Charlestown, MA
  294. Palmes, Anne (Humphrey), of Swansea, MA
  295. Parker, George, of VA
  296. Parker, Richard, of Charles City & Henrico Cos., VA
  297. Pelham, Elizabeth (Bosvile), of Cambridge, MA
  298. Pelham, Herbert, of Cambridge, MA
  299. Pelham, Jemima (Waldegrave), of Cambridge, MA
  300. Peyton, Robert, of Gloucester Co., VA
  301. Pole (or Poole), Elizabeth, of Taunton, MA
  302. Pole (or Poole), William, of Dorchester & Taunton, MA
  303. Popham, George, of ME
  304. Pordage, George, of MA
  305. Powell, Anne (Duncanson), of NY
  306. Pynchon, Amy (Wyllys/Willis), of Springfield, MA
  307. Randolph, Henry, of Henrico Co., VA
  308. Randolph, William, of Henrico Co., VA
  309. Raynsford, Edward, of Boston, MA
  310. Reade, George, of James City & York Cos., VA
  311. Rodes, Charles, of VA
  312. Rodney, Capt. John, Gent., of St. Kitts & Philadelphia, PA
  313. Rodney, William, of Kent Co., DE
  314. Rudyard, Thomas, Deputy Governor of East Jersey
  315. Saint John, Elizabeth, of MA
  316. Saint Leger, Katherine, of VA
  317. Saltonstall, Muriel (Gurdon), of Ipswich, MA
  318. Saltonstall, Richard, of Watertown & Ipswich, MA
  319. Scott, Euphame (Johnstone), of NJ and NY
  320. Scott, Katherine (Marbury), of Massachusetts & RI
  321. Seton, William, of NY
  322. Sewall, Jane (Lowe) of St. Mary’s Co., MD
  323. Sherman, Mary (Launce), of Watertown, MA
  324. Sherwin, Elizabeth (Pride) (Gibbs), of NC
  325. Skepper, Rev. William, of Boston, MA
  326. Skipwith, Diana, of VA
  327. Skipwith, Sir Grey, Knt., 3rd Baronet, of VA
  328. Smith, Lawrence, of VA
  329. Smith, Mary Johanna (Somerset), of Calvert Co., MD
  330. Somerset, Mary Johanna, of MD
  331. Spence, Keith, of NH
  332. Spencer, Agnes (Harris), of Cambridge, MA and Hartford, CT
  333. Spotswood, Alexander, Governor of VA
  334. Starchey, John, of VA
  335. Stockman, John, of Salisbury, MA
  336. Stoughton, Rose, of NH
  337. Stratton, Anne (Derehaugh), of Salem, MA
  338. Stratton, John of MA (son of Anne above)
  339. Symes, George, of VA
  340. Symonds, Harlackenden, of Well, ME & Gloucester, MA
  341. Symonds, William, of Wells, ME & Ipswich, MA
  342. Talbot, Peter, (George), of MA
  343. Taylor, James, Gent., of Boston & Lynn, MA
  344. Tazewell, William, of VA
  345. Teackle, Margaret (Nelson), of Accomack Co., VA
  346. Teller/Tayler, Margaret (Duncanson), of Beverwyck (Albany), NY
  347. Thorndike, Elizabeth (Stratton) of MA
  348. Throckmorton, John, of Salem, MA, Providence & Warwick, RI, & NJ
  349. Torrey, [Rev.] Samuel, of Hull and Weymouth, MA
  350. Torrey, William, of Weymouth, MA
  351. Towneley, Lawrence of VA
  352. Towneley, Mary, of VA
  353. Traill, Robert, of PA
  354. Treworgy, Penelope (Spencer), of ME, MA, and Newfoundland
  355. Trowbridge, Thomas, Of MA
  356. Tyndall, Margaret, of MA
  357. Tyng, Elizabeth (Coytemore), of Boston, MA
  358. Vesterdal, Turid (Thuri) Saavesdotter of WI
  359. Waldegrave, Jemima, of MA
  360. Wallace, John, of PA
  361. Warner, Mary (Townley), of York and Gloucester Cos., VA
  362. Warren, Humphrey, MD
  363. Washington, John, of Westmoreland Co., VA
  364. Washington, Lawrence, of Rappahannock Co., VA
  365. Welby, Olive, of MA
  366. Wentworth, [Elder] William, of Dover, NH
  367. West, Francis, Governor of VA
  368. West, John, of York Co., VA
  369. West, Thomas, Knt., 3rd Lord De la Warre, Governor of VA
  370. Whitaker, Jabez, of Henrico Co., VA
  371. Whitaker, Rev. Alexander, of VA
  372. Whiting, Elizabeth (St. John), of Lynn, MA
  373. Whittaker, Mary (Bourchier), of Henrico Co., VA
  374. Whittingham, Elizabeth (Bulkeley), of Cambridge and Boston, MA
  375. Wight, Anne (Fielder) Gantt, of MD
  376. Williams, Frances (Deighton), of Taunton, MA
  377. Willis/Wyllys, Amy, of MA
  378. Wilson, Elizabeth (Mansfield), of Boston, MA
  379. Wingfield, Thomas, of New Kent Co., VA
  380. Winthrop, Margaret (Tyndall), of MA
  381. Wolsey, Mary, of MD
  382. Wood, Elizabeth, Isle of Wight County, VA
  383. Woodhouse, Henry, of VA
  384. Worden, Peter, of MA
  385. Wormeley, Agatha (Eltonhead), of Middlesex Co., VA
  386. Wyatt, Margaret, of CT
  387. Wyatt, Rev. Hawte, of Jamestown, VA
  388. Wyatt, Sir Francis, Governor of VA
  389. Wyche, Henry, of Surry Co., VA
  390. Yale, Ann (Lloyd), of CT
  391. Yale, Thomas, Gent., of New Haven, CT
  392. Yarnall, Francis, of PA
  393. Yarnall, Philip, of PA
  394. Yate, George, of Anne Arundel Co., MD


  • ” What is the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in America, and why should you join? Here’s what you need to know about this prestigious lineage society.”< link >
  • Genealogists: Nathan Murphy; Tracy Ashley Crocker; Timothy Field Beard
  • Publications: “Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants. Volume III.” This is the third in the distinguished series of lineage books published by the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in this country. Originally done in 1978, it has over eighty-five lines of descent of living people from the Emperor Charlemagne. For the most part, the lines of descent have been taken from the lineage papers of members of the Order and they have been substantiated by the Genealogist General, Timothy Field Beard, the well-known author of How to Find Your Family Roots. < >; < AncestrySearch >; ORDER OF THE CROWN OF CHARLEMAGNE, & CROCKER, T. A. (2009). Verified lineages to gateway ancestors that have proven lineages to Charlemagne. [Plymouth MN], The Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America.