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Personal ”Gateway” Ancestors

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  • Ann Grafton (1570 - 1639)
    Not the daughter of John Scarlett, III References 1626-1637 By Sidney Perley. search on keyword “Anne Scarlett”
  • Thomas Wood (1680 - 1709)
  • Michael Metcalf (immigrant) (bef.1591 - 1664)
    Michael Metcalf, the Dornix, or Embroidery Weaver, of Norwich Our emigrant ancestor, Michael Metcalf, the Dornix, or Embroidery Weaver, of Norwich, and the Metcalfs of Norwich, Tatterford and vicinity ...
  • Alice Emery (c.1599 - 1649)
    sister Mary Webster in her brother John’s will of 1647. Probate Essex Co Probate 1:60 willJohn Emery Sr called “brother” in her brother Theophilus will 1663 The name of John Emery's first wife, married...
  • Frances Wells (c.1620 - bef.1667)
    All things considered, it seems possible that Frances White Wells was the daughter of Sir Richard White IV by his first wife, Ann Gray.The identification of Frances White, daughter of Sir Richard White...

From Nat Taylor's A Genealogist's Sketchbook:

What is a Gateway Ancestor?

" ... in broad terms, a gateway ancestor is any individual with known or traceable ancestry in a specific group who intermarries into a target group, and therefore adds a new set of ancestors to his or her descendants in the target group. For example, every immigrant from one country to another is a potential gateway ..."

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