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Personal ”Gateway” Ancestors

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  • Richard Terry (1618 - 1676)
    concerns The ancestors of Richard are yet to be proved. brief biography On 13 July 1635, Richard (age 17), along with his brothers Robert (25) and Thomas (28), sailed from England in the ship "Ja...
  • Anna Påvelsdotter Juusten (c.1550 - c.1642)
    Viipurin pit. Kärstilän ratsutilan omistajana yhdessä veljensä vaimon kanssa Kustaa II Adolfin 1614 läänittämänä. Anna Påvelsdotter Juusten: * Marriage (1): Henrik Stråhlman, * Marriage (2): ...
  • Archbishop Paul Peterson Juusten (c.1520 - 1575)
    A kind request for all the descendants of Bishop Juusten, and others, who manage related profiles in Geni (and elsewhere). There is no solid evidence whatsoever in any decent source, which would sugges...
  • Peter Juusten (b. - c.1530)
    Peder Juusten was born about 1470. He died 1530 in Viborg. Peder married Unknown (She died in pestilence 1533 in Viborg). Peder was a great shopkeeper and burgher in Viborg. He was commander of the c...
  • Lt. Col. Walter Aston, II (1606 - 1656)
    From Virginia Historical Genealogies by John Bennett Boddie WALTER ASTON was son of Walter Aston, gent., and hiswife, Joyce Nason of Longdon in Staffordshire. (Vis Longdon 1634) He is shown in the Vi...

From Nat Taylor's A Genealogist's Sketchbook:

What is a Gateway Ancestor?

" ... in broad terms, a gateway ancestor is any individual with known or traceable ancestry in a specific group who intermarries into a target group, and therefore adds a new set of ancestors to his or her descendants in the target group. For example, every immigrant from one country to another is a potential gateway ..."

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Collaborators, please add profiles representing a door from one group to another in your Geni tree. Immigrants, "notables," adventurers ... Let's get beyond the usual suspects and find more people who connect us all together. Profiles must be set to "public.".

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