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  • Richard Jay Rubenstein (1922 - 1958)
    Richard Jay Rubenstein, Beat poet and visionary editor of Beat journals Although he died at age 36, after a nervous breakdown, Richard Rubenstein left his mark in several ways -- as a poet, as a visi...
  • Anne R. Dick (1927 - 2017)
    Anne R. Dick (née Anne Browning Williams) passed away peacefully in her home in Pt. Reyes Station, California on Friday, April 28, 2017.  She was born in West Englewood, N.J. on January 27, 1927, the d...
  • Algernon Sidney Petticrew (1826 - 1911)
    A.S. Petticrew went into business with a Mr. Clark Lane , of Owens, Lane and Dyer in Zenia (Xenia) Ohio. Lane was also an abolitionist like A.S.and had suffered for his beliefs. Lane was the son of a b...
  • Martha Ann Petticrew (1829 - 1900)
    Daughter of Sarah Davis Bennett Mints and William A. Mints. Lived for a time in Greenfield (not Greencastle as her daughter said), Indiana, where her father owned large tracts of land (320 acres) accor...
  • Mary Jane Johnson (1858 - 1950)
    Mary Jane, but did not like Jane. =================== My father, William Carpenter, remembers Mary Jane Johnson living with his aunt Jane Wright for a short period. He recalls she was confined to a...

From Nat Taylor's A Genealogist's Sketchbook:

What is a Gateway Ancestor?

" ... in broad terms, a gateway ancestor is any individual with known or traceable ancestry in a specific group who intermarries into a target group, and therefore adds a new set of ancestors to his or her descendants in the target group. For example, every immigrant from one country to another is a potential gateway ..."

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