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Roman the Great, Prince of Novgorod, Rex Rusiae MP (1153 - 1205)

"самодержец всея Руси"

: English , Polski , Русский Roman Mstislavich (Russian and Ukrainian: Роман Мстиславич ), also Roman Mstyslavych or Roman the Great , born sometime after 1160, died at Zawichost, October 14, 1205

8/16/2007 12/26/2010

Yaroslav II of Kiev MP (1132 - 1180)


Wikipedia_EN Medlands ==Yaroslav II of Kiev==Yaroslav II Iziaslavich (Ярослав Изяславич in Russian) (died 1180?), Prince of Turov (1146), Novgorod (1148–1154), Lutsk (1157–1180) and Grand Prince of Kie...

8/16/2007 12/26/2010

Andrey of Gorodets MP (c.1255 - 1304)


Andrei Alexandrovich (Russian: Андре́й Алекса́ндрович)Born: 1255 Died: July 1304, GorodetsFather: Aleksandr Iaroslavich "Nievskiy" Mother: Aleksandra Spouse: Name unknown Issue: Ivan Dmitrievich (1), A...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

Dmitry Alexandrovich (Russian: Дми́трий Алекса́ндрович)Born: 1250 Died: 1294, VolokFather: Aleksandr Iaroslavich "Nievskiy" Mother: Aleksandra Spouse: Name unknown Issue: Ivan Dmitrievich (1), Aleksand...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

St. Daniel Alexandrovich, Prince of Moscow MP (1261 - 1303)

"Maskvos Kunigaikštytis"

Daniil Aleksandrovich (Russian: Даниил Александрович; 1261 – 4 March 1303) was the youngest son of Alexander Nevsky and forefather of all the Grand Dukes of Moscow. Early life Prince Daniel of M...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

Vasily of Kostroma MP (1241 - 1276)

Vasily Yaroslavich Born: 1241 Died: 1276Father: Yaroslav II Grand Prince of Vladimir Mother: Fjodosina Igorevna of Ryazan Spouse: Name unknown Issue: (2) Unnamed children, died youngVASILY Iaroslavich ...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

Vsevolod Mstislavich - Всеволод Мстиславич MP (1099 - 1138)

"Гавриил - Всеволод Мстиславич_ Prince of Novgorod in 1117–32", "Prince of Pereslavl (1132) and Prince of Pskov in 1137–38."

Vsevolod Mstislavich (Russian: Всеволод Мстиславич)Born: Unknown Died: UnknownFather: Mstisalv the Great Mother: Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden Spouse: Unknown daughter of Svjatoslav Davidovich Issue:...

8/16/2007 12/22/2010

David Svyatoslavich / Prince of Chernigov MP (c.1055 - 1123)

"Рюрикович / Давид"

David Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (Rissian: Давид Свѧтославичь)Born: Unknown Died: Jan 1123Father: Sviatoslav Iaroslavich Mother:Unknown Spouse: Anna Sviatopolkovna of Kiev Issue: Sviatoslav Davidovich ...

1/9/2008 12/16/2010

Mstislav Vladimirovich, Grand Prince of Kiev MP (1076 - 1132)

"В крещении Фёдор"

I Vladimirovich the Great (Russian: Мстислав Владимирович Великий) (June 1, 1076, Turov – April 14, 1132, Kiev) was the Velikiy Kniaz (Grand Prince) of Kiev (1125-1132), the eldest son of Vladimir II M...

3/3/2007 12/16/2010

prince Gleb Sviatoslavich of Tmutarakan MP (b. - 1078)

"Gleb Svyatoslavich"

Gleb Svyatoslavich (Russian: Глеб Святославич)Born: Unknown Died: 30 May 1078 VolokFather: Svyatoslav II Mother: Kilikia von Dithmarschen Spouse: Unknown Issue: UnknownSviatoslavich (-killed in battle ...

5/26/2007 12/16/2010

Vseslav of Polotsk MP (1029 - 1101)


Vseslav of Polotsk or Vseslav Iziaslavich (?-1002/1003) - (Vseslav Bryachislavich, Belarusian: Усяслаў Брачыславіч, Усяслаў Чарадзей; Russian: Всеслав Полоцкий; Ukrainian: Всеслав Полоцький; also known...

3/31/2007 12/16/2010

Mstislav Iziaslavich (Russian: Мстислав Изяславич ) Prince of Polotsk, Grand Prince of Novgorod, died about 1069.Married:#UnknownMstislav Iziaslavich and his wife had one child: #Rostislav MstislavichM...

7/4/2008 12/16/2010

Iziaslav Yaroslavich, Grand Prince of Kiev MP (1024 - 1078)

"В крещении Дмитрий"

M. Angel's summary:Relationships:Parents:Father: Ярослав Владимирович "Мудрий" (Yaroslav I "The Wise"), Grand Prince of Kiev (1019-1054)Mother: Ингегерда (Ingegerd Olofsdotter), Grand Princess of Kiev ...

3/3/2007 12/16/2010

Prince of Novgorod Vladimir Yaroslavich, Rurikid MP (1020 - 1052)

"Valdamarr Jarizleifsson", "Valdemar Holti"

Vladimir Yaroslavich (Russian: Владимир Ярославич) Prince of NovgorodBorn: 1020 Died October 4, 1052 reigned as prince of NovgorodFather: Yaroslav I the Wise Mother: IngigerdVladimir Yaroslavich reigne...

4/23/2007 12/15/2010

Bryachislav Izyaslavich of Polotsk MP (c.997 - 1044)

"Briachislav Iziaslavich"

Bryachislav Izyaslavich (Belarusian: Брачыслаў Ізяславіч, Russian: Брячислав Изяславич) (c. 997 – 1044) was the prince of Polotsk between 1001 and 1044. His name, possibly. He was son of Izyaslav Vladi...

3/31/2007 12/15/2010

Yaroslav the Wise MP (978 - 1054)

"Великий Князь Киевский"

Medlands * I The Wise, Jarisleif the Lame, Vladimirovich Ярослав Мудрый; Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev was born circa 978 at Kiev, Russia; died February 20, 1054, Kiev, Russia.He married Ingigerd O...

3/3/2007 12/15/2010

Prince of Kiev Volodymyr Svyatoslavich Рюрикович MP (958 - 1015)

"Rurikids dynasty", "saint Vladimir"

Vladimir the Great was Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Kiev, and ruler of Kievan Rus' from 980 to 1015.Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great, also sometimes spelled Volodymer (Old East Slavic: Вол...

3/3/2007 12/13/2010

Yaropolk I of Kiev MP (952 - 978)

"Великий Князь Киевский"

Yaropolk Sviatoslavich of Kiev (East Slavic: Ярополк I Святославич, sometimes transliterated as Iaropolk)Born: 960 Died: 980Father: Sviatoslav I Mother: Predslava Spouse: Name unknown Issue: NoneSviato...

5/26/2007 12/13/2010

Prince Sviatoslav Igorevitch, Rurikid MP (c.920 - 972)

"Вуефаст Улеб - князь новгородский и Великий князь Киевский"

Sviatoslav I , aka Sviatoslav the Brave , was a Grand Prince of Kiev famous for his persistent campaigns in the east and south, which precipitated the collapse of two great powers of Eastern Europe, Kh...

5/8/2007 12/13/2010

ruler of Kievan Rus' Igor 'the Old' MP (878 - 945)

"Игорь", "Igor", "Ingvar", "Ігор", "Ihor", "Ігар", "Ihar", "Igor of Kiev"

Igor (Игорь, Igor, Ingvar, Ігор, Ihor, Игорь, Ігар, Ihar) is the first of the Russian princes named in a non-Russian source.Igor is remembered as the son of Rurik , the progenitor of the Rurikid dynast...

5/8/2007 12/13/2010

Oleg of Kiev MP (c.845 - c.912)

"Oleg the Seer", "Helge / Helgi / Ольгъ / Ве́щий Оле́г", "Oleg / Olef", "Олег Хафтанов Айдаров Алабуга", "Helgi", "княз Олег II Киевски", "Олег /Салахби/ Ериксон", "Oleg (Helgi II)", "Oleg Prince /Of Keiv"

Note: The precise relationship, if any, between Oleg and the main line of Rurik is not known. It is most likely that he was the brother-in-law of Rurik. Wikipedia: English , Русский Oleg of Novgorod wa...

6/24/2007 12/13/2010

Rurik MP (c.830 - 879)


ORIGINS: There is no clear evidence supporting Rurik's origins beyond the statement that he was a "varagian" ( Varangian ), but even the meaning of this word is unclear, he may have come from any of th...

3/19/2007 12/12/2010

Gostomysl, Leader of the Ilmen Slavs MP (c.770 - bef.867)

"Гостомысл Новгородский", "великий князь Бодричей", "Гостомыслъ"

Gostomysl (Russian: Гостомысл)== From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a legendary 9th-century posadnik of Novgorod who was introduced into the historiography by Vasily Tatishchev, an 18th-century h...

10/23/2008 12/12/2010