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Hannah Wilson MP (c.1628 - 1692)

Reference: WikiTree Genealogy - SmartCopy : Sep 22 2016, 4:24:47 UTC

10/13/2007 3/22/2016

Alice Craft MP (c.1600 - 1673)

"Alice C Craft (Taylor)"

Ben M. Angel notes: A user gave Alice a maiden name of "William", but this is not supported by "The Crafts Family. A genealogical and biographical history of the descendants of Griffin and Alice Craft ...

9/23/2007 3/22/2016

Lieutenant Griffin Craft MP (1600 - 1689)

"Griffin Crofts", "Griffin Crofte", "Griffin Crafts"

1630 sailing with Winthrop's party of Colonists. Settled in Roxbury. Located on west bank of muddy river in limits of the town of Roxbury. On "Arbella" Wife Alice and dau. Hannah with him. (and son Joh...

4/22/2007 3/22/2016

"Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut" by Robert Parke, 1906 He lived in Preston all his life. In 1715 he was one of those who voted in Town Meeting that the Meeting House should "remain wh...

4/30/2007 3/20/2016

Martha Parke MP (1583 - 1640)

Came from England in the Arabella in 1630 Martha's baptism can also be found in the Semer parish register and her parents are given as William and Agnes. Her marriage to Robert Parke can also be foun...

4/30/2007 3/20/2016

Thomas came to Preston, Conn., after 1649. Robert Parke, Gentleman, was secretary to Gov. Winthrop during the passage on board the 'Arabella.' Other passengers were Sir Robert Salonstall, and Lady Arab...

10/14/2007 3/20/2016

Lawrence Leach MP (c.1579 - 1662)

"birth place may be: Ash", "Somerset", "England", "Laurence Leach", "Lawrence Leach"

Added by Tony Leach 2016-12-29 There appear to be a number of confusing and erroneous 'sources' of information around the origins of Lawrence Leach (sometimes called Laurence Leech) and his family. N...

4/12/2007 10/1/2014

Humphrey Johnson MP (c.1620 - 1693)

Born about 1620 in Great Amwell, England. He was baptized on Nov 5, 1620 in Great Amwell. He died about July 24, 1693 in South Hingham, MA. Son of Captain John Johnson and his first wife, Mary Heath. ...

7/25/2007 9/13/2014

Hester Ward MP (1606 - 1666)


Hester (Ester) Sherman b: Bef. April 01, 1606 in Dedham d: Bef. February 28, 1665/66 in Fairfield, CT parents: Edmund Sherman & Joan Makin Married Andrew Ward (1597-1660) d: Bef. October 20...

3/17/2007 1/20/2014

Andrew Ward, of Fairfield MP (1597 - 1659)

Andrew Ward was born about 1597 in Suffolk or Essex County, England. He died in 1659 in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Parents: unknown. Married: about 1628 in England to Hester Sher...

3/17/2007 1/20/2014

John Coit, Sr. MP (c.1592 - 1659)

"John Coit of Gloucester & New London"

John Coit Birth: Circa 1592 - Glamorganshire, Wales Death: Aug 29 1659 - New London, CT Wife: Mary Jenners Children: Joseph Coit, John Coit, Mary Coit, Martha Coit Timeline Emigration...

3/23/2008 9/5/2013

William Chase MP (1607 - 1659)

William Chase Birth: Jan 4 1607 - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England Parents: Aquila Chase, Sr, Martha Jellman In Question , probably NOT Married: Mary Townley In Question Death: May 4 1659 - ...

2/13/2007 4/16/2013

William Aspinwall MP (c.1605 - c.1662)

William Aspinwall (1605 – c. 1662) was an Englishman who emigrated to Boston with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 and played an integral part in the early religious controversies of the Massachusetts Bay Co...

1/31/2009 9/25/2012

George Phillips , b. South Raynham, Norfolk, England abt. 1593, matriculated Cambridge 1613, AM degree from Cambridge 1617, arrived on the Arbella with Gov. Winthrop 2 June 1630, settled in Watertown, ...

7/12/2007 8/26/2012

Elizabeth Phillips MP (c.1603 - 1636)

"Elizabeth /Sargent/"

Daughter in law of Christopher Phillips

5/12/2008 8/26/2012

Rev. Samuel Phillips MP (c.1625 - 1696)

SAMUEL PHILLIPS [#990], b. probably Boxtead, Suffolk, England abt. 1625, d. Rowley, MA 22 Apr 1696,[4] m. Oct 1651 SARAH APPLETON (dau. of Samuel Appleton and Judith Everard), b. Reydon, England abt. 1...

7/3/2007 8/26/2012

Deacon Edward Converse MP (1588 - 1663)

Biographical Sketch From all that has been ascertained respecting the religious character of Edward Converse, we readily infer that he was a man of strongly marked idiosyncrasies. Prompt, clear-heade...

7/12/2007 2/19/2012

Major William Hathorne MP (c.1606 - 1681)


Major William Hathorne arrived in the New World in 1630 on the Arbella. After living in Dorchester, MA, he moved around 1636 to Salem. He became a deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts and gaine...

7/4/2007 2/13/2012

John Pettit MP (c.1608 - 1662)

11/26/2007 9/10/2011

Anne Peters MP (1610 - d.)

7/12/2008 9/10/2011

Henri Pettit MP (c.1584 - 1614)

Notes 1 _UID F210262DAB7FD511A1EE4445535400002494 BIOGRAPHY: It is said that the family originated in Meaux, France, nearParis, and dates to the eighth century. Henry Pettit of Saffron Walden,Essex...

11/26/2007 9/10/2011

Ens. Thomas Bartlett MP (1594 - 1654)

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register,: Volume 40 1886, pg 202

9/19/2007 9/10/2011

John Stearns MP (1631 - 1668)

With his parents, was one of the first settlers of Billerica, Massachusetts. Was Town Clerk for two years and constable in 1658. History of the Andrews Family, published 1890. Resources, (vital recor...

2/1/2007 9/9/2011

Anna Freeman MP (1628 - 1656)


Parents: Isaac & Mary (Barker) Stearns Hannah baptised: 5 October 1628 Nayland, Soffolk Co. England Hannah buried: 17 June 1656 Watertown, New England Hannah married: Henry Freeman 25 December 16...

7/3/2008 9/9/2011

Mary Stearns MP (1604 - 1677)

Mary Barker, wife of Isaac Stearns of Watertown, Arbella Passenger Born Jan 1, 1604 in Stoke-by-Nayland, England, daughter of John Barker and Margaret Walter. She married Isaac Stearns by 1625, and t...

7/12/2007 9/9/2011

Isaac Stearns, Sr. MP (1596 - 1671)

Isaac Stearns' pedigree has not been ascertained, but his wife was the daughter of John and Margaret Barker of Stoke Nayland, Suffolk, England, and the baptism of three of the Stearns children appears ...

7/12/2007 9/9/2011

Anthony Colby MP (1605 - 1660)

Macy-Colby House Anthony Colby bought the house from builder/original owner Thomas Macy (see last paragraph). Source: ' Anthony COLBY was christened/baptized on 8 SEP 1605 in Horbling...

4/27/2007 8/11/2011

Joanna Kempton MP (c.1630 - 1656)

7/4/2007 6/17/2011

John Rawlins MP (c.1628 - d.)

7/2/2008 6/17/2011

Mary Rawlins MP (1592 - 1639)

7/2/2008 6/17/2011

Thomas Rawlins MP (1593 - 1659)

7/2/2008 6/17/2011

Nathaniel Rawlins MP (1626 - 1662)

7/2/2008 6/17/2011

Mary Parker MP (c.1622 - 1651)

7/2/2008 6/17/2011

Thomas Rawlins MP (c.1618 - 1681)

7/2/2008 6/17/2011

Goodith Learned MP (c.1594 - 1661)

"Judith Gillman", "Goodeth"

She died sometime between 1632 (last record of her) and 1645. Her husband remarried a woman named Jane ---. source documents of a marriage to William Learned. Disconnected 10/13/2015

3/2/2008 6/17/2011

William Learned MP (1590 - 1646)

William Learned of Woburn, MA Born before 1588, possibly as early as 1581. Died March 1, 1645/6, in Woburn, Middlesex Co, Mass, age 55-60. William Learned was married to Goodith Gilman in St. Olave P...

1/17/2008 6/17/2011

Anna Woodbury MP (1626 - 1701)

Daughter of Richard and JoAnna Palgrave. Immigrated from London to Salem, Massachusetts. Married Nicholas Woodbury in 1652 at Beverly, Mass.

11/16/2007 6/17/2011

Mary Wellington MP (1619 - 1695)


See The great migration begins: immigrants to N E Vol I-III; pp1373-2386. Indicates only one wife Anne/Anna UNKN, not harris , 7 children Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, John,Rebecca, Lydia, Bethia Mary dtr of...

6/23/2007 6/17/2011

Ann Palgrave MP (c.1597 - 1669)

"Joanna Palsgrave"

Disambiguation This should be the profile of Anne (Unknown) Palgrave who died 17 MAR 1668 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Her parents and origins are unknown. She probably came from the area near...

6/23/2007 6/17/2011

Dr. Richard Palgrave of Barnham Broom and Charlestown MP (c.1593 - 1651)

"Richard Palsgrave"

Please don't confuse Richard Palgrave of Great Yarmouth with Dr. Richard Palgrave of Barnham Broom and Charlestown . Richard Palgrave of Great Yarmouth (1597-1630) married Joane (Harris) [Palgrave] You...

6/23/2007 6/17/2011

Dr. John Alcock MP (1627 - 1667)

1646 graduate of Harvard College. Married Sarah Palgrave. Buried in Eustis St. Burying ground according to NEHGR. No known grave marker survives. John Alcock, M. A., was born in England early in 16...

5/29/2007 6/16/2011

Sarah Alcock MP (1620 - 1665)

Sarah Palgrave Birth: Nov 29 1620 - Stepney, Middlesexshire, England Death: Nov 29 1665 - Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Parents: Dr. Richard Palgrave, Anne Hanningfield Husband: Dr. ...

11/16/2007 6/16/2011

Gregory Baxter MP (1606 - 1659)

Gregory1 Baxter. Gregory Baxter married Margaret Paddy of Plymouth, Mass. He died on 21 Jun 1659. He emigrated in 1630 probably from Rowton, England in Winthrop's fleet.[ If truly from Rowton then pr...

8/9/2008 6/16/2011

Robert Abell MP (1605 - 1663)

by Carl Boyer, 3rd, Medieval English Ancestors of Robert1 Abell, and its companion work, Medieval English Ancestors of Certain Americans (both Santa Clarita, California, 2001), which together trace the...

3/19/2007 6/16/2011

Elizabeth Goldthwaite MP (c.1610 - c.1671)

Birth: unknown, England Death: unknown Salem Essex County Massachusetts, USA Title: Descendants of Thomas Goldthwaite, and early settler of Salem, Massachusetts : with some account of the Goldthwai...

9/6/2008 6/16/2011

Thomas Goldthwaite MP (1610 - 1683)

[WIP 6/16/2011 Hatte Blejer] Thomas Goldthwaite of Roxbury, passenger on the Arbella THE GOLDTHWAITE FAMILY OF BOSTON. Thomas Goldthwaite, ancestor of all of this name in America, was born in Eng...

8/31/2008 6/16/2011

Thomas Cakebread MP (1615 - 1642)

Thomas Cakebread ca. 1615 - 1642, passenger on the Arabella Grout, Busby, Cutler, and Cakebread families intertwined, as seen from this Grout Family History record: 1610 Anne Cakebread born. [F...

8/6/2008 6/16/2011

John Cable MP (1610 - 1682)

"John Cabell", "Sr."

John Cable, passenger on the Arabella and founder of Springfield, CT [Work in Progress. Hypothesis is that John Cable is the brother of Elizabeth Cable, wife of Jehu Burr. All three arrived on the Ar...

11/26/2007 6/16/2011

Elizabeth Prudden Cable MP (1600 - 1670)

"Cabell", "steadman"

Marriage to sister of John Cable Sr. First child born 1631. John Cable made Jehu Burr and John Burr overseers of his estate calling them kinsmen. The Burrs arrived in Winthrop's fleet in 1630 and set...

12/29/2007 6/16/2011

Jehu Burr, Sr. MP (1596 - 1672)

"John", "Jehue Burr"

Jehu Burr (1596-1672) was born in England and was the son of Jonathan Burr & Esther Stedman. Find A Grave Memorial # 33486808 notes: "As the founder of an important and honored family, it would be in...

12/29/2007 6/16/2011

Thomas Alcock MP (b. - 1657)

1609, January 20: Thomas Alcott was born at the Village of Skipton, Skipton Parish (Yorkshire West Riding) England. 1630: Thomas Alcott was the first Alcott in America and arrived with the Reverend W...

5/13/2008 6/16/2011

Anne Alcock MP (c.1586 - 1667)

"Anna Alcock", "Sister to Rev. Thomas Hooker"

Wife of George Alcock. Born 1586 in Marchfield, Leicestershire, England. Had famous brother, Rev. Hooker. Daughter of Thomas Hooker and Susannah Pym. She died Mar. 29, 1667 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massach...

5/14/2008 6/16/2011

Dea. George Alcock MP (1605 - 1640)

George Alcock (1605 - 1640) , son of John Alcock (1550 - 1610) and Alice Alrich (1568 - 1633), was born 25 March 1605 in Cambridge, England; and died at the age of 35 on 30 December 1640 in Roxbury, Su...

4/23/2007 6/16/2011

Thomas Dudley MP (1605 - 1630)

Birth: 1605, England Death: unknown THOMAS, eldest known child of Gov. Thomas Dudley by his 1st wife, was born say 1605; matriculated Emmanuel College, Cambridge Easter 1624, A.B. January 1626/7, A...

10/3/2007 6/16/2011

Mercy Woodbridge MP (1621 - 1691)

Born September 27, 1621, Oakley, Northampton, England Died July 01, 1691, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts Parents Thomas Dudley, Dorothy Yorke Reverend John Woodbridge Married: May 20, 1639, Northamp...

6/30/2007 6/16/2011

Sarah Dudley MP (1620 - 1659)

"Sarah Keayne", "Sarah Judkins"

Immigrated June 12, 1630 on ship Arbella with Gov. Winthrop. Admitted with husband Benjamin Keayne to First Church, Boston, JUNE 1639. Divorced from Keayne, circa 1647. Then married, 2nd, Thomas Pacy b...

3/21/2007 6/16/2011

Gov. Simon Bradstreet MP (c.1602 - 1697)

"Simon Bradstreet (Governor)"

Gov. Simon Bradstreet. Born on 18 Mar 1603/4 in Horbling, Lincolnshire, Eng.5 Simon died in Salem, MA, on 27 Mar 1697; he was 93.5 Occupation: magistrate. Simon, of Cambridge, Ipswich, Boston, was a ...

3/7/2007 6/16/2011

Anne Dudley Bradstreet, 1st American poet MP (1612 - 1672)

"poet", "Mrs. Anne Bradstreet", "!st American Poet"

Anne Bradstreet (c. 1612 – September 16, 1672) was an English-American writer, the first notable American poet, and the first woman to be published in Colonial America. Her work was very influential ...

3/7/2007 6/16/2011

Rev. Samuel Dudley MP (1608 - 1683)

Samuel DUDLEY HUSBAND: [F3778]. Samuel DUDLEY. Born in (1610-S?)(30 NOV 1608_S1,S2,S4) at (Northampton-S?)(Canon’s Ashby, Northamptonshire-S4), England; son of Thomas DUDLEY [F7556] and Dorothy Y...

4/29/2007 6/16/2011

Patience Denison MP (1614 - 1690)

Patience, born about 1616, is the daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke Dudley. On 18 October 1632 she married Major-General Daniel Denison (Dennison) in Newtowne, Middlesex MA. They had...

10/3/2007 6/16/2011

Dorothy Dudley MP (1582 - 1643)

Dorothy Dudley's maiden name is sometimes spelled York and sometimes Yorke. Katharine Newbury Manierre gave her dates as "B. 1582 - D. July 31, 1693, Roxbury, Mass." This would mean she was 110 years...

3/7/2007 6/16/2011

Gov. Thomas Dudley MP (1576 - 1653)

The current image is of his son Joseph Dudley, which is attributed to Sir Peter Lely. The former picture, of which there are several black & white copies in the Media Tab, is said to be a reverse of th...

3/7/2007 6/16/2011

Anne Wilbur or Wilbore MP (1598 - 1656)

"Husband surname: Wilbore"

Ann Smith, not Ann Bradford was the wife of Samuel Wildbore According to the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in "American Ancestors", Volume 112, pp. 108/109 Ann Bradford is not the wif...

7/7/2009 6/16/2011

Samuel Wilbore, "The Immigrant" MP (1597 - 1656)

"Wildbore", "Wilbour", "Wilbor", "Wilbur", ""The Immigrant"", ""the Immigrant""

Ann Bradford was NOT the wife of Samuel Wildbore According to the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in "American Ancestors", Volume 112, pp. 108/109 Ann Bradford is not the wife of Samuel...

10/19/2007 6/16/2011

Captain John Johnson MP (c.1588 - 1659)

Captain John Johnson's parents are unknown. The surname of his second wife is unknown. Roxbury Cooke on Mayflower Families gives Johnson family genealogy The genealogical website of a cousin, o...

3/2/2007 6/16/2011

Margery (Margaret) Johnson MP (c.1580 - 1655)

Margery ?, Captain John Johnson's second wife married him some time after 1628 which his last child with Mary Heath was born and before 1630 when he and Margery and his surviving children emigrated to ...

3/2/2007 6/16/2011

John Masters MP (1581 - 1639)

John Masters and his young family arrived in the American Colonies as a party in the Winthrop fleet, the "Great Immigration". They likely arrived aboard the flagship "Arbella" on 6-22-1630. John ...

2/21/2007 6/16/2011