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Great Migration: Passengers of the Arbella, 1630

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  • John Waterbury, of Stamford (bef.1621 - 1658)
    Biography John Waterbury was baptized on 30 Dec 1621 in All Saints Church. Sudbury, Suffolk, England. John emigrated to New England in 1630 with his parents William and Alice . They settled in Wa...
  • William Waterbury (bef.1594 - d.)
    Biography Uncertain Origin A William Waterbury was baptized on March 14, 1593/4 in St. Peter's Church, Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Anderson believes this may well be William, the immigrant, but the...
  • Capt. Jeremiah Jagger, Sr (1602 - 1658)
    Biography Jeremiah Jagger was born probably about 1600-1610 in England or Holland.[1] Jeremiah Jagger married Elizabeth and is said to have come to America in 1630 in the ship Arbella, one of Gov...
  • Ann Cole (1596 - bef.1647)
    Samuel Cole married Anne (Unknown) by about 1622 (if she was the mother of all his children).[1]They had the following children:[1]# Catherine c1622, married Edmund Gross# Elizabeth c1624, married Edwa...
  • Samuel Cole (1590 - 1667)
    ==Samuel Cole (settler)== Samuel Cole (c. 1597–1666/67) was an early settler of Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, arriving with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. He was an innkeeper and confectioner, a...

Note from the Chase Chronicles - July - October, 1930

"John Winthrop begins his journal of the voyage of the Arbella on
March 29, 1630:

"Riding at the Cowes, near the Isle of Wight, in the Arbella, the ship three hundred and fifty tons whereof Capt. Peter Milbourne was master, being manned with fifty-two seamen and twenty-eight pieces of ordnance..... upon conference it was agreed that (in regard it was uncertain when the rest of the fleet would be ready) these four ships should consort together; the Arbella to be Admiral, the Talbot Vice-Admiral, the Ambrose Rear Admiral, and the Jewell a Captain; and accordingly articles of consortship were drawn between the said captains and masters.; whereupon Mr. Cradock took leave of us, and our captains gave him a farewell with four or five shot ...... About ten of the clock we weighed anchor and set sail."

Winthrop tells us that Lady Arbella and the gentlewomen dined in the great cabin. They slept there also. Besides the Lady Arbella there were the wives of Phillips, Coddington, Dudley, Bradstreet and Nowell, and two daughters of Sir Tichard Saltonstall. We know these two daughters were attended by a maid, because it was reported the maid --

"fell down at the grating by the cook room, but the carpenter's man, who occasioned her fall unwittingly, caught hold of her with incredible nimbleness, and saved her; otherwise she had fallen into the hold."

At least this was the excuse they gave to account for the close proximity.

The men of quality occupied the round house. They were Governor Winthrop, Sir Richard Saltonstall Deputy Governor Thomas Dudley, Coddington, Bradstreet, Nowell, the Reverend George Phillips, and Charles Fiennes, brother of Lady Arbella.

For seventy-five days the ship sailed westward through gales, cold, fog and fair weather. Winthrop gives a novel cure for sea-sickness. He says the wind was north, a stiff gale with fair weather.

"In the afternoon less wind, and our people began to grow well again. Our children and others, that were sick and lay groaning in the cabins, we fetched out, and having stretched a rope from the steerage to the mainmast, we made them stand, some on one side and some on the other, and sway it up and down till they were warm , and by this means they soon grew well and merry."

A passage across the Atlantic in 1630 was an affair of great discomfort and suffering. Passengers were confined to narrow quarters, lived on short rations, and were without the common conveniences of life.

Recording the events of April 17, Winthrop writes:

"This day our captain told me, that our land men were very nasty and slovenly, and that the gun deck, where they lodged, was so beastly and noisome with their victuals and beastliness, as would endanger the health of the ship. Hereupon after prayer, we took order, and appointed four men to see to it, and to keep that room clean for three days, and then four others should succeed them, and so forth on."

All the passengers on the Arbella were not saints. On April 3, Winthrop wrote:

"After supper, we discovered some notorious lewd persons of our Company, who in time of our fast had committed theft, and done other villainies, for which we have caused them to be very severely punished."

No one on the Arbella could have taken a bath or washed linen during the trip. The only water for such luxuries was what the ocean supplied, and the means for heating that was lacking. The ladies who occupied the great cabin were packed at night like sardines in a box. In some of the other vessels an epidemic of smallpox broke out, but the Arbella came through fairly free from illness.

On June 12, 1630, the ship anchored off Salem. Governor Endicott came on board and took the ladies and gentlemen to the shore. Winthrop wrote:

"We supped with a good venison pasty and good beer and at night we returned to our ship but some of the women stayed behind. In the meantime most of our people went on shore, which lay very near us, and gathered stores of fine strawberries." How welcome strawberries must have been to the passengers surfeited with salt meat."

The Winthrop Fleet consisted of eleven ships sailing from Yarmouth, Isle of Wright to Salem. Some sailed April 8, arriving June 13, 1630 and the followng days, the others to sail in May, arriving in July. The total count of passengers is believed to be about seven hundred, and presumed to have included the following people. Financing was by the Mass. Bay Company.

The ships were the Arbella flagship with Capt Peter Milburne, the Ambrose, the Charles, the Mayflower, the Jewel, the Hopewell, The Success, the Trial, the Whale, the Talbot and the William and Francis.

Sailed April 8 1630: Ambrose, Arbella, Hopewell, Talbot,

Sailed May 1630: Charles, Jewel, Mayflower, Success, Trial, Whale, William and Francis

Winthrop wrote to his wife just before they set sail that there were seven hundred passengers. Six months after their arrival, Thomas Dudley wrote to Bridget Fiennes, Countess of Lincoln and mother of Lady Arbella and Charles Fiennes, that over two hundred passengers had died between their landing April 30 and the following December, 1630. That letter traveled via the Lyon April 1, 1631 and reached England four week later.


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  106. Cooke, Margaret
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  149. Finch, Abraham of Yorkshire ( ?) Watertown
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  160. Foxwell, John
  161. Freeman, Samuel of St. Anne, Blackfriars, London Watertown
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  163. Freeman, Henry
  164. French, Thomas of Assington, Suffolk Boston and Ipswich
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  166. French, Thomas Jr.
  167. French, Alice
  168. French, Dorcas
  169. French,Susan
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  195. Goulworth, John
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  212. Hawke, ____
  213. Hawkins, John
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  215. Hesselden, Francis
  216. Hoames, Margaret
  217. Hoffe, Atherton
  218. Hopwood, Edward
  219. Horne, John Salem
  220. Hosier, Samuel of Colchester, Essex Watertown
  221. Howlett, Thomas of county Suffolk Boston
  222. Hudson, William prob of Chatham, Kent Boston
  223. Hudson, Mrs. Susan
  224. Hudson, Francis
  225. Hudson, William
  226. Hulbirt, William Boston and Northampton
  227. Hutchins, Richard
  228. Hutchinson, George of London Charlestown
  229. Hutchinson, Mrs. Margaret
  230. Hutchinson, Thomas of London Charlestown
  231. Ijons/Irons, Matthias prob of Roxwell, Essex Boston
  232. Ijons, Mrs. Anne
  233. James, Edmond of Earls Barton, Northants Watertown
  234. James, Mrs. Reana
  235. James, Thomas of Earls Barton, Northants Salem
  236. James, Mrs. Elizabeth
  237. James, William of Earls Barton, Northants Salem
  238. James, Mrs. Elizabeth
  239. Jarvis, John Boston
  240. Johnson, Davy Dorchester
  241. Johnson, Francis of London Salem
  242. Johnson, Mrs. Joan
  243. Johnson, Isaac of Clipsham, Rutland Boston
  244. Lady Arbella Johnson Sister to Charles Fiennes, dtr of Thoma & Bridget, Earl & Countess of Lincoln Died Aug 1630
  245. Johnson, John Roxbury
  246. Johnson, Mrs. Margaret
  247. Johnson, Richard Charlestown
  248. Johnson, Mrs. Alice
  249. Jones, Bethia Boston
  250. Jones, Edward of Chester, mercer Charlestown
  251. Kidby, Lewis of Groton, Suffolk Boston
  252. Kidby, Mrs.
  253. Kidby, _____
  254. Kidby, Edward
  255. Kingsbury, Henry of Groton, Suffolk Boston
  256. Kingsbury, Mrs. Margaret
  257. Kingsbury, Henry Jr.
  258. Kingsbury, Thomas
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  270. Knower, George of London Charlestown
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  272. Lamb, Edward Watertown
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  275. Lamb, Thomas Jr.
  276. Lamb, John
  277. Lamb, Samuel
  278. Lamb, Roger
  279. Lawson, Henry
  280. Learned, William prob of Bermondsey, Surrey Charlestown
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  282. Leatherland, William Boston
  283. Legge, John Lynn
  284. Lockwood, Edmond of Combs, Suffolk Cambridge
  285. Lockwood, Mrs. Elizabeth
  286. Lockwood, ____
  287. Lockwood, Robert of Combs, Suffolk Watertown
  288. Lynton, Richard prob from London Watertown
  289. Lynton, Mrs.
  290. Lynton,Anna
  291. Lynton, Lydia
  292. Lynn, Henry Boston
  293. Lynn, Mrs. Sarah
  294. Masters, John Watertown
  295. Masters, Mrs. Jane
  296. Masters,Sarah
  297. Masters, Lydia
  298. Masters, Elizabeth
  299. Masters, Nathaniel
  300. Masters, Abraham
  301. Matson, Thomas of London, gunsmith Boston
  302. Matson, Mrs. Amy/Ann
  303. Mayhew, Thomas of Tisbury, Wilts Watertown, Martha's Vineyard
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  305. Mayhew, Thomas Jr.
  306. Miller, Alexander prob the servant of Israel Stoughton
  307. Millett, Richard
  308. Mills, John prob of Lavenham, Suffolk Boston
  309. Mills, Mrs. Susan
  310. Mills, Joy
  311. Mills, Mary
  312. Mills, John
  313. Mills, Susanna
  314. Mills, Recompense
  315. Morey, Roger of Dorsetshlre Salem
  316. Morley, Ralph of London Charlestown
  317. Morley, Mrs. Katherine
  318. Morris, Richard prob of London Boston
  319. Morris, Mrs. Leonora
  320. Morris, Thomas prob of Nottingham Boston
  321. Morris, Mrs. Sarah
  322. Morton, Mary
  323. Moulton, Thomas Charlestown
  324. Moulton, Mrs. Jane
  325. Mousall, Ralph prob of London Charlestown
  326. Mousall, Mrs. Alice
  327. Munt, Thomas prob of Colchester, Essex Boston
  328. Munt, Mrs. Dorothy
  329. Nash, Gregory, Charlestown
  330. Nash, Mrs.
  331. Needham, Ann
  332. Nicolls, _____
  333. Norton, George From London, aboard the Talbot, bound for Salem. Ref: Pope. 36 pg 108
  334. Nowell, Increase of London Charlestown
  335. Nowell, Mrs. Parnell Gray
  336. Odlin, John (see Audley)
  337. Page, John of Dedham, Essex Watertown
  338. Page, Mrs. Phoebe Paine
  339. Page, John Jr.
  340. Page, Daniel
  341. Painter, Thomas Boston and Hingham
  342. Painter, Mrs. Katherlne
  343. Palmer, Abraham of Canterbury, Kent Charlestown
  344. Palmer, Mrs. Grace
  345. Palsford, Edward
  346. Palsgrave, Richard prob of London. (From Stephney, Middlesex. 36 pg 112) Charlestown
  347. Palsgrave, Mrs. Anne
  348. Palsgrave, John
  349. Palsgrave, Anna
  350. Palsgrave, Mary
  351. Palsgrave, Sarah
  352. Parke, Robert prob of Bures, county Suffolk
  353. Parke, Mrs. Martha Chaplin
  354. Parke, Thomas
  355. Parke, Elizabeth
  356. Parke, _______
  357. Parke, _______
  358. Parker, Robert Boston
  359. Patrick, Capt Daniel Watertown
  360. Patrick, Mrs.
  361. Pelham, William Boston
  362. Pemberton, James Charlestown
  363. Pemberton, Mrs. Alice
  364. Pemberton, John Boston
  365. Pemberton, Mrs. Elizabeth
  366. Penn, James Boston
  367. Penn, Mrs. Katherine
  368. Penn, William of Birmingham, Warwick Charlestown
  369. Penniman, James of Widford, Essex Boston
  370. Penniman, Mrs. Lydia
  371. Perry, Isaac Boston
  372. Peters, Anne Pettit Salem
  373. Phillips, Rev. George of Raynham, Norfolk Watertown
  374. Phillips, Mrs. Daughter of Rev Sergeant
  375. Phillips, Samuel
  376. Phillips, Abigail
  377. Phillips, Elizabeth
  378. Phillips, John Dorchester
  379. Phillips, Mrs. Joan
  380. Phillips, John Whose home where William Shurtleff was killed by lightning 1666 Plymouth
  381. Pickering, John prob of Suffolk Cambridge
  382. Pickering, Mrs. Esther
  383. Pickering, George
  384. Pickering, John
  385. Pickering, Joan
  386. Pickworth, John
  387. Pierce, John Dorchester
  388. Pierce, Mrs. Parnell
  389. Pierce, Experience
  390. Pierce, Mercy
  391. Pierce, Samuel
  392. Plaistow, Josiah of Ramsden Crays, Essex Boston
  393. Pollard, Mrs. Anne from Saffron Walden. Essex, as a girl, nine or ten on passage, died 105 years old
  394. Pond, John of Groton, Suffolk Boston
  395. Pond, Robert of Groton, Suffolk Dorchester
  396. Pond, Mrs. Mary
  397. Porter, John Prob of Bromfield, Essex Roxbury
  398. Porter, Mrs. Margaret
  399. Porter, _____
  400. Porter, _____
  401. Porter, _____
  402. Porter, _____
  403. Pratt, Dr. Abraham of London, surgeon, Lost at sea with wife off coast of Spain 1644 Roxbury
  404. Pratt, Mrs. Jane
  405. Pynchon, William, of Writtle, Essex (From Springfield, Essex, aboard the Arabella, bound for Dochester, Springfield, MA. Ref: Savage. 36 pg 52) Dorchester
  406. Pynchon, Mrs. Agnes wife, died on arrival
  407. Pynchon, John age 5
  408. Pynchon, Anne age 12
  409. Pynchon, Mary age 7
  410. Pynchon, Margaret age 7
  411. Rainsford, Edward Dorchester
  412. Rainsford, Mrs.
  413. Ratcliffe, Philip probably of London Salem
  414. Rawlins, Thomas Roxbury
  415. Rawlins, Mrs. Mary
  416. Rawlins, Thomas
  417. Rawlins, Nathaniel
  418. Rawlins, John
  419. Rawlins, Joan
  420. Rawlins, Mary
  421. Reade, Thomas, of Wickford, Essex Salem
  422. Reade, Mrs. Priscilla
  423. Reading, Joseph Boston
  424. Reading, Miles Boston
  425. Reeder, ____
  426. Revell, John
  427. Reynolds, Robert prob of Boxford, Suffolk Boston
  428. Reynolds, Mrs. Mary
  429. Reynolds,Nathaniel
  430. Reynolds, Ruth
  431. Reynolds, Tabitha
  432. Reynolds, Sarah
  433. Richardson, Ezekiel of Westmill, Herts Charlestown
  434. Richardson, Mrs. Susanna
  435. Royse/Ryse, Robert prob of Exning, Suffolk Boston
  436. Royce, Mrs. Ellzabeth
  437. Ruggles, John prob of Glemsford, Suffolk Boston
  438. Ruggles, Mrs. Frances
  439. Ruggles, ______
  440. Ruggles, Jeffrey of Sudbury, Suffolk
  441. Ruggles, Mrs. Margaret
  442. Sales, John of Lavenham, Suffolk Charlestown
  443. Sales, Mrs.
  444. Sales, Phoebe
  445. Saltonstall, Sir Richard of London Watertown
  446. Saltonstall, Richard Jr.
  447. Saltonstall, Samuel
  448. Saltonstall, Robert
  449. Saltonstall, Rosamond
  450. Saltonstall, Grace
  451. Sampson, Robert (From Kersey, Suffolk, aboard the Arabella, bound for Boston. Ref: Winthrop. 36 pg 157)
  452. Sanford, John prob of High Ongar, Essex Boston
  453. Saxton, Rev. Giles of Yorkshire Charlestown
  454. Scott, Robert Boston
  455. Seaman, John Watertown
  456. Seely, Robert Watertown
  457. Sergeant, _____
  458. Sharp, Robert of Roxwell, Essex Boston
  459. Sharpe, Thomas of London, leather-seller Boston
  460. Sharpe, Mrs.
  461. Sharpe, ____
  462. Sharpe, Thomas
  463. Shut, _____
  464. Simpson, _____
  465. Smead, ___ of Coggeshall, Essex
  466. Smead,Mrs. Judith
  467. Smead, William
  468. Smith, ____ of Buxhall, Suffolk
  469. Smith, Mrs
  470. Smith, ____
  471. Smith, ____
  472. Smyth, Francis prob of Dunmow, Essex Roxbury
  473. Smyth, Mrs.
  474. Squire, Thomas ? Possibly a title ?
  475. Stearns, Isaac of Stoke Nayland, Suffolk Watertown
  476. Stearns, Mrs. Mary Barker
  477. Stearns, John
  478. Stearns, Abigail
  479. Stearns, Elizabeth
  480. Stearns, Hannah
  481. Stileman, Elias of Saint Andrew Undershaft, London Salem
  482. Stileman, Mrs. Judith Adams
  483. Stileman, Elias Jr.
  484. Stoughton, Israel of Coggeshall, Essex Dorchester
  485. Stoughton, Mrs. Elizabeth
  486. Stoughton, Thomas of Coggeshall, Essex Dorchester
  487. Stoughton, Mrs.
  488. Sumner, William of Bicester, Oxford Dorchester
  489. Sumner, Mrs. Mary West
  490. Sumner, William Jr.
  491. Swaddon, Philip Watertown
  492. Swanson, Anna
  493. Talmadge, William of Newton Stacey, Hants Boston
  494. Talmadge, Mrs. .
  495. Taylor, Gregory Watertown
  496. Mrs. Achsah Taylor,
  497. Taylor, John of Haverhill, Suffolk Boston
  498. Taylor, Mrs.
  499. Taylor, _____
  500. Timewell, William
  501. Tomlins, Edward of London Lynn
  502. Turner, Nathaniel prob of London Saugus
  503. Turner, Robert prob of Southwark, Surrey Boston
  504. Tyndal, Arthur of Great Maplestead, Essex (Aboard the Arabella, Bound for Boston. Ref: Winthrop. 36 pg 45) Boston
  505. Underhill, Capt John of Holland Boston
  506. Underhill, Mrs. Helen
  507. Vassall, William of Prittlewell, Essex Dup on Blessing Charlestown
  508. Mrs. Anne Vassall,
  509. Vassall, Judith
  510. Vassall, Francis
  511. Vassall, John
  512. Vassall, Anne
  513. Wade. Thomas
  514. Walker, Robert of Manchester, Lancashire Boston
  515. Walker, Mrs. Sarah
  516. Wall, ______
  517. Wall, Mrs.
  518. Ward, Thomas prob of Bedingham, Norfolk Dedham
  519. Warren, John of Nayland, Suffolk Watertown
  520. Warren, Mrs. Margaret
  521. Waterbury, William of Sudbury, Suffolk Boston
  522. Waterbury, Mrs. Alice
  523. Waters, John of Nayland, Suffolk Charlestown
  524. Waters,Mrs. Frances
  525. Waters, Mary
  526. Waters, ____
  527. Waters, ____
  528. Weaver, _____
  529. Webb, Richard of Nayland, Suffolk Cambridge
  530. Webb, Mrs. Elizabeth
  531. Weed, Jonas Watertown
  532. Weillust, Joist of Holland Boston
  533. Weldon, Robert Charlestown
  534. Weldon, Mrs. Elizabeth
  535. Weston, Francis Salem
  536. Weston, Mrs. Margaret
  537. Weston, Lucy
  538. Wilbore, Samuel Boston
  539. Wilbore, Mrs. Anne
  540. Wilkinson, Mrs. Prudence Charlestown
  541. Wilkinson, Sarah
  542. Wilkinson, John
  543. Wilkinson, Elizabeth
  544. Williams, Thomas Charlestown
  545. Williams, Thomas als Harris?
  546. Williams,Robert
  547. Wilsby, __
  548. Wilson, Rev John of Sudbury, Suffolk Boston
  549. Wilton, David Dorchester
  550. Wing, Elizabeth
  551. Winthrop, John of Croton, Suffolk Boston
  552. Winthrop, Henry Child, Accidental drowning
  553. Winthrop, Stephen
  554. Winthrop, Samuel
  555. Woods, William Boston
  556. Woolrich, John probably of London Charlestown
  557. Woolrich, Mrs. Sarah
  558. Wormewood, _____
  559. Wright, Richard of Stepney, Middlesex Boston
  560. Wright, Mrs. Margaret
  561. Wright, Elinor
  562. Wright, Robert of London Boston

See the Unsolved page for names not listed here


  • The Winthrop Fleet of 1630_: (An Account of the Vesselseake, Robert Fien English Homes from Original Authorities) by Charles Edward Banks.

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