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John Throckmorton, I MP (1601 - 1683)

1621, March 20- Apprenticed to his Uncle, Robert Debney, alderman of Norwich, England for 7 1/2 years from Christmas 1620 to the mystery and art of a scrivner. 1630, December 1- Embarked at Bristol, ...

3/1/2007 10/14/2017

John Sanford (c. 1605 – 1653), was an early settler of Boston, Massachusetts, an original settler of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and a governor of the combined towns of Portsmouth and Newport, in the R...

2/25/2007 9/1/2017

Hannah Jones MP (1629 - 1658)

Hannah Heath, baptized on 5 Nov 1629 inNazeing, Essex, England, was the daughter of William HEATH (1591 - 1652) and his 2nd wife Mary Perry. She died 28 Nov 1658 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Uni...

7/3/2008 3/10/2017

John Perry, Sr., of Roxbury MP (1614 - 1642)

John Perry, immigrant ancestor, came to Roxbury, probably coming over in the Lion in 1632. He was made freeman March 4, 1633. He died September 21, 1642. New England Families by Cutter

8/11/2007 12/15/2015

John Curtis MP (bef.1629 - bef.1730)

John came to New England on the Lion with his parents in 1632. Boston, MA: Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston, 1630-1822 (Thwing Collection). Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Bosto...

8/20/2007 11/8/2015

Robert Shelley, of Boston MP (c.1587 - bef.1637)

Robert Shelley Birth:  1587, England Death:  1637 Boston Suffolk CountyMassachusetts, USA Parents: unknown Born by about 1587 based on estimated date of marriage. Came to Massachusetts Bay ...

11/28/2007 6/9/2015

James Penniman, of Boston & Braintree MP (1599 - 1664)

"Pennyman", "1"

Nine or ten children of record. James Penniman, the emigrant ancestor of the Penniman family in America, was one of the settlers of the town of Braintree, Massachusetts, having gone there from Boston...

5/7/2008 2/23/2015

Baptized Lavenham, Suffolk, 30 October 1575, son of Thomas and Rose (Trippe) Hammond. Husbandman from Lavenham, Suffolk who came to Massachusetts Bay in 1631 & settled in Watertown. Died in Watertown 8...

3/20/2007 11/23/2014

Samuel Pierce MP (c.1639 - 1678)

Pearce genealogy: being the record of the posterity of Richard Pearce, an ... By Frederick Clifton Pierce Pg. 38 Richard20 Pearce, Jr., (Richard19) b. 1590; m. in England Martha ___. He resided i...

7/16/2008 10/30/2014

Robert Bartlett Birth: Circa 1612 - England Death: Mar 14 1676 - Northampton, Massachusetts Parents: John Bartlett, Joane Bartlett (is this proven?) Wife: Anna family Parents: unknown ...

2/20/2009 9/13/2014

Florence Hicks MP (1610 - c.1660)

"Florence (Fordham) Carman Hicks"

The general belief was that Florence Fordham was the daughter of Rev. Robert Fordham, who with John Carman went to Long Island and signed the Indian treaty for the roughly 200,000 acres that comprise m...

2/17/2007 8/27/2014

John Carman MP (c.1606 - 1654)

John and Florence are said to have landed with John Elliot and Robert Fordham on the ship Lyon in 1632. John and his brother in law Robert Fordham purchased land from the Indians to start a colony in H...

2/17/2007 8/27/2014

Phyllis Hills MP (1611 - 1648)

Phyllis Lyman chr.12 Sep 1611 High Ongar, Essex, England d.bef Dec 1648 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut (probably) Parents: Richard Lyman (1580 - 1640) & Sarah Lyman (____ - 1642) Married: Wi...

8/3/2007 8/25/2014

Sarah Lyman MP (c.1591 - bef.1643)

Sarah Birth: England Death: 1642 Hartford, Hartford Colony, Connecticut Burial: Unknown family Spouse: Richard Lyman (1580 - 1640) Children: Richard Lyman (____ - 1662)* Wi...

3/13/2007 8/25/2014

John Browne, of Rehoboth MP (1584 - 1662)

'John Browne lived from 1583/85 - 1662. The same site says that he was born on 29 June 1600 in Swan Hall, Hawkedon, Suffolk, England, but that has to be an error since he married in 1611 or 1613 and da...

4/15/2007 5/19/2014

Samuel Wakeman MP (1603 - 1641)

grave Biographical Summary: Samuel Wakeman , Roxbury, came in the "Lyon," in 2 November 1631; freeman, Massachusetts, August 7, 1632; probably removed to Cambridge; deputy, May, 1635; constable f...

9/21/2007 4/12/2014

John Brown, of Hawkedon & Watertown MP (bef.1601 - bef.1636)

Biography John Brown, baptized at Hawkedon, October 11, 1601, son of John, elder brother of Richard Browne, arrived in the "Lion," September 16, 1632; settled in Watertown; was admitted freeman Septe...

3/20/2009 4/11/2014

Sergeant John Perkins, Sr. MP (1579 - bef.1654)

John Perkins, of Ipswich Birth & Baptism: 1583 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England[9,10] and was baptized there on 23 December 1583. Death: in Ipswich, Essex co., MA sometime between 28 March 16...

2/23/2007 1/12/2014

Roger Tyrrell, of Milford MP (1616 - 1682)

"Roger Tyrrell"

Roger Tyrrell arrived America (Boston) 14 Sept 1632 from Nanzy, Essex, England on the ship Lyon, and landed at Watertown--now Cambridge, Mass. and was married there. After tarrying awhile in Boston and...

6/8/2007 10/30/2013

Dorothy Browne MP (c.1583 - 1674)

"Dorothy (Beauchamp) Browne"

Burial: Brown Lot, located in "The Ancient, Historical Littleneck Cemetery", in Riverside, East Providence RI. ****This part of Swansea MA is now Riverside, East Providence RI (next to Barrington...

4/15/2007 9/19/2013

She was the second wife of William Heath. They married 29 Jan 1622/23 in Gilston, Hertfordshire. Mary Perry of Sawbridgeworth; she accompanied her husband to Roxbury in 1632, and was admitted to Roxb...

7/3/2008 5/10/2013

Elizabeth Goodwin MP (bef.1591 - aft.1632)

Born in Mar 1591/2 in Shalford, Essex England to Robert & Bridget (Allgar) White. Married (in Shalford, Essex, 7 November 1616, William Goodwin, as his 1st wife. She died before January 1669/70. They h...

3/7/2007 4/1/2013

William Goodwin MP (bef.1591 - 1673)

""Elder" William Goodwin", "William Gooden"

His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. William settled first at Newtown (Cambridge), MA (freeman Nov. 6, 1632; deputy to General Court May 1634), then at Hartford, CT 1636, Hadley, MA 1659...

3/7/2007 4/1/2013

Elizabeth Crow MP (1620 - 1717)

ELIZABETH, only known child of William & Elizabeth (White) Goodwin, was born say 1620. She married by about 1640 John Crow of Hartford (probably as his second wife, since his eldest daughter Esther w...

2/17/2007 4/1/2013

Alice Watson MP (1609 - 1643)

"Prentice", "Bredda"

References "Valentine Prentice", in Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), III:1525. ...

3/17/2008 3/21/2013

Capt. Thomas Willett MP (1605 - 1674)

Captain Thomas Willett,1605-1674, was the principal early settler of Wannamoisett (present-day Riverside and northern Barrington). As a trusted friend of the natives he bought large tracts of land from...

4/15/2007 3/11/2013

Lydia Wight MP (1610 - c.1676)


For Lydia, his wife, see Town Records of Medfield, Massachusetts where her second marriage as widow of James, is mentioned and she is stated to have been the sister of John Eliot, the Apostle. -=====...

8/20/2007 3/4/2013

Sarah Camp MP (1599 - 1645)

"Kempe", "Sarah Elliott"

Came on the Ship Lion with the Rev. John Eliot. "Nicholas Camp was one of the founders and freeholders of that plantation and a member of the First Church of Milford". His wife, Sarah Camp, was t...

2/20/2007 2/20/2013

Nicholas Camp, Sr. MP (c.1597 - c.1655)


Nicholas Camp, freeplanter of Milford, CT Baptized probably April 1597 Nazeing, Co Essex, England. Married: (1) Sarah (UNK); (2) Edith (UNK) Tilley, widow of John of Windsor, CT; (3) on July 14, 1652...

3/14/2007 2/20/2013

Bartholomew Heath MP (1615 - 1681)

Much of the Information I have about this line of Heaths is derived from "Bartholomew Heath of Haverill, Massachusetts, and Some of His Descendants," Valerie Dyer Giorgi, Santa Maria, CA, 1994. Proge...

7/28/2007 1/31/2013

Richard Pearce, of Portsmouth MP (c.1615 - 1677)

Pearce genealogy, being the record of the posterity of Richard Pearce, an early inhabitant of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, who came from England, and whose genealogy is traced back to 972. With an intr...

1/17/2007 1/30/2013

Immigrated, perhaps with wife, in 1632 on the “Lyon” (or Lion); settled 1st in Charlestown, then in Ipswich. Rose in ranks of the militia from Lt to Col & served in King Philip’s War. Will was probated...

7/17/2007 1/29/2013

Ozias Goodwin MP (1596 - 1683)

Relationship Notes: The Town Records of Hadley, MA for Dec. 19, 1661 includes an entry in which a grant to Osias GOODWIN is renewed under certain conditions, and that William GOODWIN performed these ...

1/18/2007 1/12/2013

Abigail Benjamin MP (c.1601 - 1687)

from Find A Grave Memorial# 35998107 Abigail Eddy was baptized at Cranbrook, Kent, October 1601, daughter of Rev. William Eddy of that parish; She married, by about 1620, John Benjamin (1595-1645). T...

12/18/2008 1/12/2013

The passenger list also shows a Richard Benjamin (bc 1602 in England). Richard was a younger brother of John. Richard settled in Watertown, MA, along with the Benjamin Family. About 1637/8 he married A...

8/9/2008 1/12/2013

Valentine Prentice, Jr. MP (c.1599 - 1633)

Source: Prentice Net family website Valentine1 Prentice, of Roxbury, MA has roots which have been traced back to the early 1500s in England. Born about February, 1598/9 in Felsted, Essex Co., Engla...

3/17/2008 1/3/2013

Capt. John Valentine Prentice MP (1628 - 1691)

"Prentis", "John Prentis"

Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700, page 601 married (1) Esther/Hester Nichols in 1652 in New London, CT and she died January 1679/80; (2) her cousin Esther Nichols, daughter of Caleb aft...

9/24/2007 1/3/2013

Sgt. John White of Hatfield MP (c.1623 - 1676)

"John Bock White"

Sgt. John White was christened on 28 Dec 1623 Messing,Essex,England and was buried on 15 Sep 1665 in Hatfield, age about 35. He married Sarah Bunce of Hartford. She died on 20 Jun 1676 in Hatfield. She...

5/6/2008 12/12/2012

Mary White MP (aft.1602 - bef.1683)

"Mary Levit", "Mary Lurt", "Mary Leavitt", "Levett White", "Levett Levett"

Born to William & Margaret Levett in Shalford, Essex, England. Died between 1666 & 1683 in Hartford CT. Married John White (1595-1683) 8 children. Children of John White & Mary Levett: Mary White...

3/7/2007 12/12/2012

'Elder' John White of Hartford MP (1600 - 1684)

"John N. White"

Birth: About 1597, son of Robert and Bridget (Allgar) White of Messing, Essex [NEHGR 55:22-31]. Biographical Summary #1: John White is referred to as "Elder John White," having been one of the firs...

3/7/2007 12/12/2012

Capt Nathaniel White MP (c.1629 - 1711)

Nathaniel WHITE (AFN: 8W1N-8C) was born 1627/1629 in Messing, Essex, England and died 27 Aug 1711 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut. Burial: Aug 1711 Riverside Cem., Middletown, CT Parents: Joh...

3/22/2008 12/12/2012

Dorothy Royle MP (1615 - 1694)

The Heald-Chaffee Genealogy incorrectly gives Dorothy's surname as Andross. (This is another spelling of the name Andrews/Adrus). The Hale and Andrews family were allied families. They may have arriv...

3/6/2007 12/7/2012

George Farley of Billerica MP (1615 - 1693)

George 1615-27 Dec 1693, b. in England, d. at Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. In 1639 he departed England for religious reasons, boarding the ship Lyon and landing in either Charleston or R...

12/10/2008 12/6/2012

Daniel Brewer, Sr. MP (c.1600 - 1646)

Summary born about 1600 Parents and origins unknown Death 28 Mar 1646 Roxbury, MA Married Joanna ____ by 1625 and she died 7 Feb 1688/9 Children: Daniel, Anne, Joanna, Nathaniel and Sarah S...

7/7/2007 12/5/2012

John Benjamin, of Watertown MP (c.1585 - 1645)

John Benjamin circa March 12, 1585 in Chalvington, Heathfield, Sussex, England Died June 14, 1645 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Married: Abigail Eddye 1619 in Cranbrook, Kent, England ...

7/9/2007 12/5/2012

William Heath, Jr MP (1591 - 1652)

Added by Elwin Nickerson II- Arrived In the "LYON" From London in 1632. Resided in Roxbury, Massachusetts. See Heath Family Tree for intermarriages and connections with the Cheney and Johnson familie...

7/3/2008 11/4/2012

William Curtis. Born circa 1592 in Nazeing, Essex, England. William was baptized in Nazeing, Essex, on 12 Nov 1592. William died on 8 Dec 1672 in Roxbury, MA. He was a farmer.. William was in Roxbury...

8/19/2007 10/12/2012

Rev. John Eliot MP (1604 - 1690)

"the Indian apostle"

John Eliot (c. 1604 – 21 May 1690) was a Puritan missionary to the American Indians. His efforts earned him the designation “the Indian apostle.” English education and Massachusetts ministry ...

3/13/2007 10/3/2012

Sarah Elliott MP (c.1600 - 1673)

"Sarah Eliot"

Sarah Elliot, second wife of William Curtis of Roxbury, MA On 6 Aug 1618 William second married Sarah Eliot, daughter of Bennet Eliot (-Nov 1621) & Lettice Agar, in Nazeing, Essex, Eng. They married ...

3/14/2007 10/3/2012

Deacon Jacob Eliot MP (1606 - 1651)

8/20/2007 10/3/2012

Gen. Daniel Denison MP (1612 - 1682)

Daniel Denison came w/father to New Eng in 1631. Following is from New Eng Historical & Genealogical Register Apr 1892 written by himself: "I was the eldest of the 3 brothers that was brought to New En...

10/3/2007 9/12/2012

William Denison MP (1571 - 1653)

Find a Grave # 9327690 ; William Denison Birth:  Feb. 3, 1571, England; Death:  Jan. 25, 1652; Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA Here lyes interred ye body of William Denison, Maste...

5/22/2007 9/12/2012

William Phillips, of Taunton MP (1588 - c.1654)

"William Phillips of Taunton"

His ancestry is unknown. Richard Ripley, whose information is often unreliable, says William Phillips (son of Christopher Phillips and Agnes Abram) was born 12 May 1588 in Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshi...

4/9/2008 9/7/2012

Capt. William Pearce MP (1596 - 1641)


Pearce genealogy, being the record of the posterity of Richard Pearce, an early inhabitant of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, who came from England, and whose genealogy is traced back to 972. With an intr...

12/8/2010 4/25/2012

Capt. Richard Olmstead, of Norwalk MP (1611 - 1687)

"Cpt. Richard Olmstead", "Immigrant"

Richard Olmstead Born about 20 Feb 1611 in Fairstead, County Essex, England Son of Richard Olmstead and Frances Slany Married 1) ?Elizabeth (Haugh) Whittingham? 2) Magdalen, widow Smith Fathe...

8/4/2007 2/28/2012

John Watson, Sr., of Roxbury MP (aft.1605 - c.1671)

Sources "John Watson", in Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), III:1947ff. Origin: ...

1/4/2009 2/25/2012

Richard Pearce, of Providence MP (1590 - 1666)

"Richard Stanley Pearse; Richard Pierce", "Azrika Pearce"

Azrika and his family were the first of this lineage to come to America from Bristol, England. It was at this time the spelling of the name in this lineage was changed from Percy to Pearce and Peirce. ...

3/7/2007 1/18/2012