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Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch

3/12/2008 8/21/2020

Links: Wikipedia Peerage Geneall

8/19/2007 8/21/2020

Magdalene Sibylle Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottort By marriage Duchess of Mecklenburg-Güstrow Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia in Deutsch

6/18/2007 7/27/2020

Anne de Foix Queen consort MP (1484 - 1506)

Links: Wikipedia She was born the daughter of Gaston II de Foix, Count of Candale and Benauges and Catherine, Infanta of Navarre. Her mother Catherine was the youngest daughter of Gaston IV of ...

8/26/2007 7/27/2020

Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein MP (1870 - 1948)

"Thora / Princess Helena Victoria"

Name/title: Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena Princess(Prinzessin) von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg Unmarried and without issues HH Princess Helena Victoria of the United K...

9/6/2007 7/27/2020

Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein MP (1872 - 1956)

"Princess Marie Louise"

Franziska Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christina Helena Princess(Prinzessin) von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg. HH Princess Marie Louise of the United Kingdom on 17 July 1917. By Marri...

9/6/2007 7/27/2020

9/20/2007 7/27/2020

Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld MP (1786 - 1861)

"Wettin", "Ernestiner", "von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld"

Victoria Mary Louise Prinzessin von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld . By marriage: Fürstin zu Leinigen 1803, Duchess of Kent and Strathearn 1818. Mother of Queen Victoria. Remarried (?) Prince Edward, Du...

4/20/2007 7/27/2020

Princess Helena of the United Kingdom MP (1846 - 1923)


Name/title: Helena Augusta Victoria Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Princess of the United Kingdom. As a result of her marriage, she was styled as Princess(Prinzessin) Helena von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg...

9/4/2007 7/25/2020

Viktoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie von Hessen und bei Rhein, Herzogin, Marchioness of Milford Haven MP (1863 - 1950)

"Victoria Mountbatten Marchioness of Milford Haven"

Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie of Hesse and by Rhine, By marriage Victoria Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #195...

9/6/2007 7/25/2020

Princess Alice of the United Kingdom MP (1843 - 1878)


Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #1365 + # 1442 Find a Grave Parsons Genealogy

8/13/2007 7/25/2020

Source: aka Ferdinande Henriette (Princess) of STOLBERG-GEDERN (maiden name) source:

1/27/2008 7/25/2020

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Jan 4 2017, 23:33:18 UTC

8/27/2009 7/25/2020

Irene Luise Maria Anna von Hessen und bei Rhein, Prinzessin von Preußen MP (1866 - 1953)

"Hohenzollern", "Irene of Hesse and by Rhine", "Princess Henry of Prussia"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch

9/6/2007 7/25/2020

Theodora of Greece and Denmark, Princess, Margravine of Baden MP (1906 - 1969)

"Πριγκίπισσα Θεοδώρα της Ελλάδας και Δανίας", "Theodora of Greece and Denmark"

Wikipedia: English: Deutsch: . references P.v.Gebhardt: AT des Reichspräsidenten Generalfeldmarschalls Paul v.Beneckendorff u. v.Hindenburg. AT berühmter Deutscher, Leipzig, 1933-1935

4/19/2007 7/25/2020

Cecilia of Greece and Denmark, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhein MP (1911 - 1937)

"Πριγκίπισσα Καικιλία της Ελλάδας και Δανίας", "Cecilie of Greece and Denmark"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #2701 Wikipedia Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark (Greek: Πριγκίπισσα Σεσίλια της Ελλάδας και Δανίας) (22 June 1911 – 16 November 1937) ...

4/19/2007 7/25/2020

Margarita of Greece and Denmark, Princess zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg MP (1905 - 1981)

"Πριγκίπισσα Μαργαρίτα της Ελλάδας και Δανίας", "Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark von Griechenland"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Johann the Younger #2699

4/19/2007 7/25/2020

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark MP (1914 - 2001)

"Πριγκίπισσα Σοφία της Ελλάδας και Δανίας", "Sophie of Greece and Denmark", "Sophie von Hessen"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

4/19/2007 7/25/2020

1/27/2008 7/25/2020

Anna Queen consort of Bohemia-Hungary MP (1503 - 1547)

"Anna Jagiellonka of Bohemia and Hungary"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find A Grave Wikipedia Anna, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary, also sometimes known as Anna Jagellonica (Buda (now Budapest), Hungary, July 23, 1503 – Prague, Bohem...

8/26/2007 7/24/2020

Profil Pfoto: Marie Eleonore als kind neben ihrer Mutter. Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

7/31/2008 7/24/2020

Stammliste Reuß F2 Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

9/3/2007 7/24/2020

Alice of Battenberg, Princess of Greece and Denmark MP (1885 - 1969)

"Alice Mountbatten", "Mother Superior Alice-Elizabeth"

Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Marie Princess of Battenberg, HSH Princess Alice of Battenburg. On marriage HRH Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark Royal house House of Battenberg (Cadet branch ...

4/19/2007 7/24/2020

Sophia Dorothea Ulrike Alice of Prussia, Queen consort of the Hellenes MP (1870 - 1932)

"Sophia Dorothea Ulrike Alice"

Wikipedia: English Deutsch

4/20/2007 7/24/2020

es.wikipedia... ; en.wikipedia... ; Infanta Beatriz of Spain, Princess di Civitella-Cesi (Doña Beatriz Isabel Federica Alfonsa Eugenia Cristina María Teresa Bienvenida Ladislàa de Borbón y Battenberg) ...

6/11/2007 7/24/2020

Full name Spanish: Doña María Cristina Teresa Alejandra María de Guadalupe María de la Concepción Ildefonsa Victoria Eugenia de Borbón y Battenberg Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Infa...

6/6/2007 7/24/2020

Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, Queen of Spain MP (1887 - 1969)

"Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg"

Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg (Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena), By Marriage Queen Consort of Spain Royal house House of Battenberg (Cadet branch of the House of Hesse-Darmstadt) Links: T...

5/5/2007 7/24/2020

Bridget Size MP (c.1816 - 1878)

Bridget Carroll (H56 mtDNA HAPLOGROUP) Husband: Patrick Size Children: Bridget Evans, John, Pat William and Patrick J. Arrived in South Australia Date: 7th July 1840 Vessel: William Nic...

4/29/2014 7/22/2020

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Empress of India MP (1819 - 1901)

"Welf", ""the grandmother of Europe""

Victoria Alexandrina Princess of Hanover. HM Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom on 20 June 1837. Crowned Queen of the United Kingdom on 28 June 1838 at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, Eng...

4/20/2007 7/22/2020

Elizabeth Pearson (c.1826 - d.)

"Grearson", "Grierson"

Alternate spelling may have been Grierson, as there were Graysons in the area at the same time who used both spellings. It appears that Elizabeth must have died no later than 1868 because Winlock mar...

4/1/2019 7/20/2020

Sofia Jaakontytär Sauru (1673 - 1762)

Lapuan seurakunnan arkisto - Rippikirja 1667-1667, jakso 85, sivu 160: Alanurmå, Sauru, Leskelä; Kansallisarkisto: / Viitattu 24.12.2018 Lapuan seurakunnan arkisto > Pää- ja rippikirjat > Rippikirja ...

12/21/2018 7/15/2019

Ellen Ivarsdotter Barstad MP (b. - c.1712)

5/29/2009 12/26/2016

Aaltjen Onnink Wilterdink (1738 - 1799)


In 1748 woonden op Onninkhuijsken: Hendrik age 59 & wife Geesken age 44 are living with daughters Aaltjen age 9 and Derksken age 5 and Son Berent age 1.

7/22/2014 8/27/2016

John Adams of Plymouth Colony MP (bef.1600 - c.1633)

"Arrived Plymouth Colony", "Fortune", "1622", "John the Plymouth Pilgrim"

MTDNA Haplogroup H (as per Karen ) Great Migration Begins Vol. I; Died between Jul 1 and Oct 24,1633; Plymouth Colony, Its History & People, 1620-1691, by Eugene Aubrey Stratton: Arriving in 16...

3/22/2008 5/7/2016

Peer Leinonen, H:o Helga , Son Påhl, Dr Brijta, Son Henrich Paltamo > rippikirja, 1731-1737 > 135: Hyrylänmäki IK181 IAa:2 Pehr Leinonen, Hust. Helga Rusatar , Son Påhl, Son Henrich, Son Pehr, Dot...

11/8/2008 4/19/2016

Princess Estrid Margrethe Svendsdatter Jelling, of Denmark MP (997 - 1074)

"Ástrídr Sveinsdóttir"

Estrid Margrethe Sveinsdatter, Dronning av Danmark. - lists her possible mother as Gunhild of Wenden She is NOT listed as a daughter from the marriage of Sweyn Forkbeard and Sigrid 'the Haughty '...

3/3/2007 9/21/2015

Sweyn II Estridson, King of Denmark MP (1019 - 1074)

"Svein Estridsson", "Sweyn II of Denmark", "Sveinn Ástríðarson", "Svend den Yngre", "Svend Estridson", "Sweyn II", "Sven Estridsen", "Svend", "Estridsson", "den kvinnsamme", "Svein", "Sven", "Sweyn Ulfsson of Denmark"

Svend Estridsen/Svend den Yngre Links: The Peerage Geneall Kings of Denmark Wikipedia: English Dansk Biografi på dansk

3/3/2007 9/21/2015

Elizabeth Helena Catharina Grove (1883 - 1957)

"van der Sandt", "Oosthuizen", "Grove"

Baptism Record #10 on left of image DN TAB 1099/1957 DEPOT TAB SOURCE MHG TYPE LEER

9/22/2012 10/22/2014

Marie Lombard, SM/PROG MP (c.1659 - 1718)

"Maria Lombard", "Couteau", "Lombard", "Lombaard"

Marie Couteau in Boucher The name Couteau (Coustaut, or Coutaud) is not unknown at Pontaix; there were also Couteaus at Die to the east and at Romans-sur-lsere to the north-west. Marie Couteau’s plac...

2/16/2007 9/29/2014

Maria Kickers, SM/PROG MP (1655 - 1723)

"Cornelis", "Cornelisz"

Note: Maria Kickers had nothing to do with Jan Coenraadsz Visser ( she is probably confused with Maria Kikkert, an unsourced partner of Jan Coenraad Visser in SAG). During her divorce proceedings, and ...

2/18/2007 9/29/2014

Birgitte (1599 - 1689)


06.11.1679: Forkynnes kjøpebrev datert Kvalbein 11.01.1679 på 0.5 pund korn i Lille Ege fra Berete Fotland, Nils Hansen Fotland og Asbjørn Dranga til Sakarias Hansen Slettebø: DNA Genealogy Direk...

1/16/2011 9/9/2014

Margaret LouEllen Damm (1873 - 1956)

On 1920 Census, identifies herself as widowed but I believe her husband was still alive, as my grandmother (born 1926) remembers him. Definitely estranged. -- Sabrina Lowther 1920 Census Mitochondr...

11/2/2009 7/8/2014

Elizabeth Hoover (c.1829 - c.1900)


5/25/2010 5/12/2014

Teresa Ann Carter (deceased)

5/5/2014 5/5/2014

Pearl Terry (c.1887 - c.1927)

5/4/2014 5/4/2014

Sarah 'Sallie' Fogle (1767 - 1802)

"Sallie Hammett"

Sarah Hammett Fogle was killed by her husband Adam Fogle in 1802. He was charged with her murder and convicted of voluntary manslaughter. He served two years in a state penitentiary and committed suici...

3/15/2008 5/2/2014

Maria Liimatainen (1759 - 1808)

mtDNA H2a1 Rautalammin kastetuissa 15.4.1759 29.4.1759 Pyhälax Henr: Limatain Anna Oxain Maria Pyhälahdessa, Rautalampi RK -1773-1780. Sivu 141. vanhempineen. -1781-1794 . Sivu 157. - Ylived...

11/9/2012 4/29/2014

Marte Knudsdotter Brekke MP (1673 - 1753)

Marte Knudsdotter , ukjend opphav, gift på Brekke (Nordbrekke) i Oppstryn, seinare overført til Sunnylven. Død:

5/19/2011 11/19/2013

Else Halvorsdatter MP (1725 - 1783)

DNA genealogy Else tilhørte sannsynligvis mtDNA H (undergruppe ukjent, bare HVR1 testet). Flere etterkommere i direkte morslinje kan teste for verifikasjon av linjen og slektsforskningen.

8/23/2009 11/12/2013

Chaya Chudnovsky (1881 - 1972)

Lived at 709 Mercy St., Philadelphia PA

1/22/2011 6/12/2012

Mande Lalić (Klaričić) MP (c.1690 - d.)

"Madalena. Magdalena. Mandalina. Mandina", " Magda", " Manda. Mande"

H2a2 Haplogroup H2a is found most frequently in Eastern Europe, and at a low frequency in Western Europe. Unlike its parent branch H2, H2a’s geographical distribution extends to Central Asia. HVR...

12/14/2009 6/8/2012

Belonged to the mtDNA Haplogroup H1c1.

8/27/2008 10/14/2011

Sarah Anne Patton (1797 - c.1844)

3/11/2011 9/27/2011

? Milardović (Ančić) (c.1860 - d.)

Mitochondrial haplogroup H is a predominantly European haplogroup that originated outside of Europe before the last glacial maximum. Today, about 40% of all mitochondrial lineages in Europe are classif...

12/6/2007 9/22/2011

mtDNA Haplogroup: H13a1a1a (children inherit mtDNA only from their mother)

7/8/2011 9/15/2011

Kristi Larsdotter Flatråker MP (c.1680 - d.)

Kristi Larsdotter har ukjend opphav, gift på Flatråker i Tysnes, Hordaland.

2/18/2009 7/8/2011

Anna Roarsdotter Totland MP (c.1655 - 1714)

Anna Roarsdotter , ukjend bakgrunn, gift til Totland. Skifte Anna død 1714. Kildeinformasjon: Hordaland fylke, Sunnhordland sorenskriveri, Skifteprotokoll Aa 3b , 1712-1717, oppb: Statsarkivet i Be...

10/24/2008 7/8/2011

Ingeleiv Larsdotter Giskemo MP (1673 - 1749)

Ingeleiv Larsdotter har ukjent opphav. Ho vart gift på Giskemo, Ørskog. Ingeleiv og Iver hadde bare eit kjent barn, dattera Marte. DNA-genealogy Ingeleiv tilhørte trolig mt-haplogruppe H. Informa...

9/7/2008 5/28/2011

Anna Andersdatter från Nösemark, Sverige. Ekteskap Anna og Amund gift 18 september 1830. Anna oppgitt til 20 år, født 1810. Kildeinformasjon: Østfold fylke, Aremark, Ministerialbok nr. III 1 (1814-...

5/1/2011 5/1/2011

Napoléon I, emperor of the French MP (1769 - 1821)

"His Imperial Majesty", "The Corsican", "The Little Corporal"

Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century...

3/20/2007 4/6/2011

Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of All the Russias MP (1872 - 1918)

"Alix", "Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice von Hessen und bei Rhein", "Saint Alexandra the Passion Bearer", "Alicky", "Sunny", "Princess Alix", "Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse)", "Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) vene: Аликс", "принцесса Виктория Алиса Елен..."

Wikipedia : Deutsch , English Alexandra Feodorovna (6 June 1872 – 17 July 1918) born Princess Alix Viktoria Helene Luise Beatrix of Hesse and by Rhine, was Empress of Russia as the spouse of Nicholas...

5/4/2007 4/6/2011

Doubravka of Bohemia MP (c.940 - 977)

"Dobrawka", "Dąbrówka"

Dobrawa w Wikipedii po Polsku Dobrawa on Wikipedia in English Dobrawa (Czech: Doubravka) was a Bohemian princess member of the Přemyslid dynasty and by marriage Duchess of the Polans. According t...

3/17/2007 4/6/2011

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh MP

"Prince Philip", "Duke of Edinburgh", "The Duke of Edinburgh"

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

"Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG KT OM GBE AC ONZ QSO GCL PC AdC(P) (born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark 10 June 1921) is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. He is the Commonwealth realms' lon...

4/18/2007 4/6/2011

Links: Geneall --------------------------------- Marie Antoinette was "Helena CRS" (based on the 400-marker test). According to these articles by Jehaes et al, European Journal of Human Gen...

11/4/2007 4/6/2011

Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France MP (1755 - 1793)

"Marie Antoinette", "Queen Marie Antoinette"

Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna Archduchess of Austria von Habsburg-Lothringen By marriage Queen Consort of France - to Louis XVI Executed after the French Revolution 16. 10. 1793 Links: ...

6/4/2007 4/6/2011